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Black Metallers ALDAARON’S New Album Arcane Mountain Cult Out Now!

Band Line Up:
Morkk- Drums
Voldr - Vocals, Guitar
Thol - Bass
Ioldar- Vocals, Guitar

Aldaaron came to light in the year 2004 in the obscure forests of the Alps.

Drawing its inspiration from the mysticism of Nature and from an idealised and distant past, the music of Aldaaron is the union of furious epic melodies and atmospheric parts.

The lyrics express the solitude, sadness and might that some can feel standing alone on a mountaintop or walking by night in a winter forest, communing with the spirit of the age-old woods and the eternally snow-covered summits.

Aldaaron return with their brand new album Arcane Mountain Cult! out now through released Paragon Records.

Once again, they continue down their dark path with harsh Pagan Black metal, where Supreme Silence left off. Their music is violent one moment and atmospheric the next, with all elements blending seamlessly. The imagery the band projects fits in their music perfectly! They truly stand alone in the French and worldwide scene!

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Buy Arcane Mountain Cult Here

1. Arcane Mountain Cult
2. The Antagonist
3. Pride & Sorrow
4. Adorned with Frost - part I
5. Adorned with Frost - part Il

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