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Brutal death metal force Nemesism unleash their world-burning self titled debut EP

Hailing from Las Vegas and featuring band members with experience in the ranks of Guttural Secrete and Cerebral IncubationNemesism are a brand new brutal death metal strike force looking to push the limits of the genre. Combining complex, creative song writing and deft technical dexterity with brain melting extremity and bone shattering power, Nemesism strive to deliver the ultimate in challenging, all consuming brutality. 2023 begins with their first, self titled EP and the bar has already been set for the months to come…

The Nemesism EP comprises five tracks of shocking intensity, beginning with the raging thunder of ‘Mindful Abomination’ and concluding with the devastating detonation of single ‘Delusions Of Morality’. Each element of the band unit plays a vital part in creating the magnificent, malignant maelstrom that is the Nemesism sound – the intricate bass lines that writhe and twist between the juddering earthquake guitar riffs, the stunning drum work that switches between rhythms and tempos in the moment between one breath and the next and the barbaric, primal roars of violence unleashed. Nemesis will drag you, screaming, into a metallic maze of shadows, populated by monsters, from which there is no escape. The nightmare ends when they say it ends…and until then you’ll just have to hang on and hope.The masterful songs that make up this first EP have been given visceral, vivid blood and muscle by the expert recording, mixing and mastering skills of Ryan Wechta (Cerebral Incubation, Guttural Secrete, Invirulant etc) and the artwork which provides the enticing gateway to this realm of madness has been created by Bahrull Marta (AsagraumCentinexIlldisposed etc) – making Nemesism a complete and flawless payload of death. Feed your unending hunger for the extreme on January 31stwhen Nemesism emerge from the darkness, armed with an arsenal of weapons that take the brutal arts to a whole new level.

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