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Canada’s BLACK PESTILENCE’s Chaotic Black Metal N’ Roll Returns With “The Devil’s Connection” Off “Chaotic Wisdom” Out Sept 2023

L-R – Daniel Toews – Guitar, Valax – Bass & Vocals, Davey Hellfire – Drums
Photo Credit – Wikked Twist Media

In the winter of 2008, Black Pestilence emerged from the frozen, windswept prairies of Canada, conjured by bassist/vocalist Valax. Initially, Black Pestilence was a one-man studio project, but years afterward, it evolved into a three-piece band and remains in that form. Over time, Black Pestilence has become known for an instantly recognizable sound that combines black metal, punk rock, and noise. To date, the band has released six full-length albums and two EPs. This impressive discography expands this year with “Chaotic Wisdom”, which further expands on lyrical themes including LaVeyan Satanism, current events, social issues, and the glorification of the epicurean lifestyle. Valax shares his thoughts on the first single off the album, “The Devil’s Connection”:

“The Devil’s Connection addresses the advantages of having an open mind. As esoteric as some scenarios might be, it will allow one to adapt to any situation. ”

According to Valax, fans will get the same infectious sound this band is known for but with a different style of production. On this album, it sounds a bit darker and more analog. For example, they used various different mic techniques for recording the guitars which added a very different overall sound. Each member of the trio spent more time recording their parts which results in a much better performance than the last album.

Their forthcoming album “Chaotic Wisdom” is due out on September 8, 2023, and available for pre-order at

Track Listing:
1. Mortal Rift (3:29)
2. A Life of Evil (3:06)
3. The Devil’s Connection (3:29)
4. Chaos and Carnality (3:18)
5. Aspect of Darkness (3:06)
6. Infernal Might (feat. Mark Russell) (2:35)
7. Animus (5:50)
Total Length: 24:53

“A recent discovery that has tickled the excitement nerves in my jaded and encrusted ear drums is Calgary’s Black Pestilence. Their take on black metal incorporates old-school thrash and punk and if you listen closely you can hear the smatterings of plain ol’ rock ‘n’ roll and swaths of noise and is a sound that has been explored and nurtured since the band formed as a one-man project in 2008. The band’s handlers claim those fans of Toxic Holocaust, Impaled Nazarene, Municipal Waste, Midnight and Cradle of Filth unconcerned with genre boundaries will enjoy Black Pestilence and we have to say the nail has certainly been hit on the head in that regard. Additionally, fans of image and theatrics will find value in the band’s aesthetic which owes to a collision of black metal, goth rock and Judas Priest’s wardrobe and fashion sense. ” – Decibel Magazine

“Hail the Flesh is a nice, quick, in and out style album. There’s no messing around, there’s no overly extended bridges or songs that overstay their welcome. This is a 9 track album that only spans 34 minutes of constant, hard hitting riffs, blasts, and downright aggressive and dominative vocals. Even the final track on the album, “Ephemeral”, which nearly reaches 7 minutes in play time feels fresh the whole way through. ” – Metal Injection

“an album that really has a surprisingly wide range within the black/thrash/punk style so if you love that sort of black and roll aggressive metal, then “Hail The Flesh” will be an album for you.” – The Rockpit

“Calgary, Canada’s Black Pestilence bring a fresh take to the sound, though. Hail The Flesh, the band’s sixth full-length album is a blackened crossover punk-thrash album. It sounds old school, yet very 2000s at the same time…. Municipal Waste, Impaled Nazarene, Toxic Holocaust fans take notice.” – Heavy Music Headquarters

“They really don’t have another gear beyond ‘top’ which makes for a splitting headache of heavy but one that satisfies. After all there are only 9 tracks and as Godless spits and snarls, Frauds to the Throne exudes filthy groove, My Will to Power rages hard and Ephemeral drags the suffering out, the over-riding thought is Black Pestilence have impressed.” 8/10 – Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“Honestly, anyone with the remotest interest in Black ‘n’ Thrash, Black ’n’ Roll or even just plain old Thrash is going to love this album. It is a blisteringly addictive listen. The skilfully fluid ways that all these genres are melded is both brilliant and compelling as well as being lyrically inspiring.” –

“First things first, it’s not every day you hear black metal as fun as this! That is partly because of the exciting thrash and not-so-serious punk influences, but also because the songwriting is very strong. ” 4/ 5 – The Independent Voice

“dirty, punky Black/Thrash that occasionally makes feedback noises and consistently slaughters everything in its path.” 4/5 – The Metal Crypt


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