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EVERGREY Joined by Jonas Renkse of Katatonia on New Single “Cold Dreams” + Official Video Unveiled!

Photo credit: Patric Ullaeus

Heavy Darkness Veterans EVERGREY Unveil Official Video for New Single “Cold Dreams” feat. Jonas Renkse of KATATONIA | Watch HERE

New Album, Theories of Emptiness, out this Friday, June 7, 2024 via Napalm Records | Secure Your Copy HERE

New EU Tour Dates Announced

Theories of Emptiness takes the Swedes’ music to a whole
 new level (…).”
– Metal Hammer Germany (Soundcheck #1) –

“appears as an early candidate for the honorary title of “hard rock album of the year”, as well as perhaps their best album ever.” 
– Sweden Rock (Soundcheck #1) –

“Another work of art between melancholy, lightness and complexity”
 – Rock Hard Germany (Soundcheck #1) –

“Evergrey are perfection personified.” 
– Powerplay (UK, album of the month) –

“…might be the band’s best work at the end of a very productive decade.”
– Decibel (US) –

EVERGREY, Gothenburg’s pioneering masters of darkness, have unveiled a new official video for “Cold Dreams” from their upcoming fourteenth studio album, Theories of Emptiness, set for release this Friday, June 7 via Napalm Records. This sonic majesty cut from the new album showcases an out-of-this-world vocal performance by band leader and vocalist Tom Englund, alongside a guest appearance by Jonas Renkse (KATATONIA) and Englund’s daughter, Salina – contributing lush backing vocals that enhance the song’s dynamics and highlighting another intense facet of the album.               

Theories Of Emptiness stands as the distinguished successor to their worldwide chart-topping release, A Heartless Portrait(The Orphean Testament), and is leaving critics breathless all over the world. Seamlessly blending dark, emotive themes with complex progressive elements and melodic heavy metal, the album is already making waves, ranking #1 in the soundcheck charts of German Rock Hard, German Metal Hammer, Aardschok and Sweden Rock. With Theories Of Emptiness, EVERGREY have crafted an absolute masterpiece and goose-bump generator, solidifying their legacy as they continue to shape metal history after 30 years in the industry. 

Tom Englund on “Cold Dreams”:             
“’Cold Dreams’ is probably the darkest piece of music on Theories of Emptiness. Its somber power is quite overwhelming. It’s a composition that honestly leaves me feeling a bit uneasy. To have Jonas Renkse of Katatonia singing words describing fates that we both encountered makes it even more special and intriguing. Jonas’ unique voice of sadness spreads like a disease and to hear him growl, again, is just fucking great! 
To balance the darkness, we decided to bring in some angelic qualities, and at the time of composing, I couldn’t imagine anything more suiting than my daughter Salina Englund’s voice. We cannot wait to hear what you feel after these 6 minutes and 46 seconds of soul searching. Enjoy!”

Watch the gripping official video for “Cold Dreams” HERE!

Theories of Emptiness was produced by Tom S. Englund and Jonas Ekdahl, and was mixed by Adam “Nolly” Getgood (ex-Periphery), who worked closely with the band from the start – bringing out the vividness of the album’s overall sonic profile. Rounding out the album’s production, mastering was helmed by Thomas “Plec” Johansson (Soilwork, The Night Flight Orchestra, Onslaught, The Gems, Eleine and many more).

Theories of Emptiness follows its chart-topping and critically acclaimed predecessor, 2022’s A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament), which entered charts worldwide at #3 in Sweden (Metal), ranked #5 on the Top New Artist Albums charts in the United States, entered #7 in Finland and #12 in Germany.

Pre-order your copy of Theories of Emptiness HERE!

Theories of Emptiness tracklisting:
1. Falling From the Sun
2. Misfortune
3. To Become Someone Else
4. Say
5. Ghost of My Hero
6. We Are the North
7. One Heart
8. The Night Within
9. Cold Dreams
10. Our Way Through Silence
11. A Theory of Emptiness

“For us, progression is paramount”, states Tom S. Englund when discussing the eleven track opus, Theories of Emptiness“We’re dedicated to ensuring that our music remains innovative and avoids stagnation. With each album, we strive to introduce something new — a unique flavor, a different key or chord, fresh voices in our writing, or innovative production techniques.” In fact, no stone has been left unturned. Tracks are created to balance each-other mutually: from the aggressive tones of “Misfortune“ contrasting the light-hearted opening of “To Become Someone Else“, to the ballad “Ghost of My Hero“ leading into the furious riffs of “We Are the North“. Album opener “Falling From the Sun” and “Say” interweave heaviness with mesmerizing keyboards and unpredictable instrumental parts, as also heard on “The Night Within“.  Ending on a quiet note, Theories of Emptiness depicts exactly what emptiness is about, first with the immersive “Our Way Through Silence“, and then with “A Theory of Emptiness” which, with timid piano, makes us rationalize our innermost feelings. Navigating realms of darkness and light, Theories of Emptiness takes listeners on a carefully balanced roller coaster ride – showcasing EVERGREY‘s ever-evolving sound in 2024 and beyond.             

Tom Englund adds:
“Our new album is soon to be yours! We can’t wait for that to happen, there are so many new and refreshing elements on it as well as respect paid to every part of our past. We have just refined what we always have done and tried to make it as contemporary as we possibly could to please ourselves and our sonic expectations. With the presence of Adam ”Nolly” Getgood, we felt fired up, hungry and eager to do our utmost to ensure that we would write the best songs we possibly could – I really feel we have achieved that. Sound quality wise we feel that it is on par with the best the world has to offer today. It is a brave statement that I will stand behind for the rest of my life. Taking EVERGREY into a new cycle feels just as when I did it the first time. We are more motivated than ever, and with a lot of touring to be announced very soon, we cannot wait to come and play this new music for you.
Finally, we need to mention that we couldn’t be prouder to announce our guest vocalist for this album. Jonas Renkse has graced KATATONIA’s music with his unique atmosphere for decades. Now we in the band and the fans of EVERGREY get to experience the same and we couldn’t be more excited! You might even get to hear Jonas growl for maybe the first time in many years… 
Much love, Tom”

Theories of Emptiness will be available in the following formats:           
– Deluxe Bag
 incl. 1CD Digisleeve, 1CD Cardboard Sleeve with 2 Bonus Tracks, Pendant, Patch Album Artwork, Sunglasses with band logo, Artprint DIY Puzzle, all packed in exclusive cotton bag – Napalm Records Mailorder exclusive (strictly limited to 400 copies worldwide)
– 1LP Die Hard Gatefold PURPLE/WHITE SPLATTER incl. 24pp booklet, record butler – Napalm Records Mailorder exclusive (strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide)
– 1LP Gatefold TRANSLUCENT – Napalm Records Mailorder exclusive (strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide)
– 1LP Gatefold BLACK
– Digisleeve
– Digital Album

Deluxe Bag – Napalm Records Mailorder exclusive (strictly limited to 400 copies worldwide)

EVERGREY Live 2024:
Latin America Tour 2024
11.06.24 MX – Mexico City / Foro Veintiocho
13.06.24 CO – Bogota / Ace of Spades
14.06.24 PE – Lima / Teatro Kantaro
16.06.24 CL – Santiago / Club Chocolate
18.06.24 AR – Buenos Aires / El Teatrito
20.06.24 BR – Brasilia / Toinha
22.06.24 BR – Sao Paulo / Carioca Club
23.06.24 BR – Limeira / Mirage

Emptiness Over Scandinavia
Support: Cyhra
12.09.24 SE – Göteborg / Pustervik
13.09.24 SE – Örebro / Frimis
14.09.24 SE – Stockholm / Naten
15.09.24 NO – Oslo / Parktreatret
17.09.24 DK – Copenhagen / Pumpehuset
18.09.24 SE – Malmö / Babel
19.09.24 DK – Kolding / Godset
20.09.24 SE – Skövde / Valhall
21.09.24 SE – Helsingborg / The Tivoli
24.09.24 FI – Helsinki / Ääniwalli
25.09.24 FI – Tampere / Olympia
27.09.24 SE – Östersund / Rock Fest
28.09.24 SE – Lulea / Rockfest
30.09.24 SE – Eskilstuna / Lokomotivet
01.10.24 SE – Uppsala / Katalin
02.10.24 SE – Kristianstad / Bilijardkompaniet  

Emptiness Over Europe               
Special guest: Klogr       
+ Virtual Symmetry (02.11.2024 – 01.12.2024)                   
+ Tba support (03.12.2024 – 22.12.2024)              

02.11.24 NL – Apeldoorn / Brain Storm Festival
03.11.24 DE – Herford / Kulturwerk
05.11.24 DE – Bochum / Zeche
06.11.24 DE – Siegburg / Kubana
07.11.24 CH – Sarnen / Urrock Musik Festival
08.11.24 CH – Monthey / Pont Rouge
09.11.24 ES – Barcelona / Sala Boveda
10.11.24 ES – Madrid / Revi Live
11.11.24 PT – Lisbon / RCA Club
12.11.24 PT – Porto / Hard Club Room 2
13.11.24 ES – Mos / Sala Rebullion
14.11.24 ES – Valladolid / Porta Caeli
15.11.24 ES – Vitoria-Gasteiz / Urban Rock Concept
16.11.24 FR – Nantes / Le Ferrailleur
17.11.24 FR – Paris / Petit Bain
19.11.24 DE – Würzburg / Posthalle
20.11.24 DE – Hannover / Musikzentrum
21.11.24 DE – Leipzig / Hellraiser
22.11.24 DE – Hamburg / Bahnhof Pauli
23.11.24 DE – Weissenhaeuser Strand / Metal Hammer Paradise
24.11.24 DE – Berlin / Lido
25.11.24 PL – Poznan / 2Progi
26.11.24 PL – Crcow / Kwadrat
29.11.24 BG – Sofia / Mixtape 5
30.11.24 GR – Thessaloniki / Principal Club Theater
01.12.24 GR –  Athens / Kyttaro Live
03.12.24 RS –  Belgrade / Dorcol Platz
04.12.24 HR – Zagreb / Mochvara Club
05.12.24 BH – Banja Luka / Sports Hall Obilicevo
06.12.24 HU – Budapest / Barba Negra
07.12.24 DE – Burglengenfeld / VAZ Pfarrheim
08.12.24 AT – Dornbirn / Conrad Sohm
10.12.24 DE – Munich /  Backstage Halle
11.12.24 DE – Mannheim / 7er Club
12.12.24 DE – Trier / Mergener Hof
13.12.24 BE – St. Niklaas / De Casino 
21.12.24 DE – Andernach / Live Club
22.12.24 NL – Helmond / Cacaofabrik

EVERGREY on their upcoming EU tour: 
“We are so extremely happy to announce our European tour, it’s a long one and we are coming pretty much everywhere! We also have 10 more dates to be announced for Europe this year! With us as special guest we have KLOGR and you should go and check them out immediately, as well as our friends in Virtual Symmetry opening the first month of the tour! We cannot wait, now go get your tickets and we will see you in the fall!”

08.08.24 UK – Catton Park, Derby / Bloodstock Open Air
17.08.24 RO – Caransebes / Gugulan Rock Open Air
31.08.24 GR – Rethymno, Island of Crete / Rethymno Rocks Open Air
02.11.24 NL – Podium Gigant, Apeldoorn / Brainstorm Open Air
07.11.24 CH – Sarnen / Urrock Musik Festival
22.-23.11.24 DE – Weissenhäuser Strand / Metal Hammer Paradise       

Tom S. Englund – Vocals, Guitar
Henrik Danhage – Guitar
Rikard Zander – Keyboard
Jonas Ekdahl – Drums
Johan Niemann – Bass
EVERGREY online:
Napalm Records

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Kingcrow Announce New Album with Hard-Grooving Single “Kintsugi”

Photo by Riccardo Nifosì

Embark on a journey of resilience and reinvention with KINGCROW as they soar to new progressive heights on their upcoming eighth album Hopium. Catch the high-flying Italian prog-metal band as they display their eagle eye for poignant lyrics and grooving melodies on the album’s powerful lead single, “Kintsugi”. 

Watch the video for “Kintsugi”

Hopium is out August 23 on Season of Mist.

Pre-order & pre-save:

Hopium continues Kingcrow’s steadfast commitment to exploring the depths of emotion, a trait that has solidified their standing in the hearts of music enthusiasts across the globe. With “Kintsugi”, listeners are invited into a world where imperfections are not merely accepted but celebrated with golden seams of strength.

Drawing inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken pottery, “Kintsugi” beautifully parallels life’s ability to recover from adversity, a theme that’s intricately woven throughout Hopium. The single is an anthem for anyone who has ever faced defeat, only to rise again with a renewed sense of purpose and beauty.

The music video for “Kintsugi” was masterfully crafted by Riccardo Nifosì and Devilnax.

Cover Art Devilnax

Tracklist1. Kintsugi (3:53) [WATCH]
2. Glitch (3:56)
3. Parallel Lines (6:46)
4. New Moon Harvest (3:30)
5. Losing Game (5:28)
6. White Rabbit’s Hole (6:55)
7. Night Drive (5:48)
8. Vicious Circle (4:21)
9. Hopium (8:24)
10. Come Through (Bonus Track) (4:21)
Total runtime: 53:27

Country: Italy
Genre: Progressive Rock
FFO: Caligula’s Horse, Leprous, The Pineapple Thief, Haken

The first incarnation of the band  was originally founded in Rome, Italy, by brothers Diego Cafolla (guitars) and Manuel Thundra Cafolla (drums) under the name of “Earth Shaker”.

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “Raven” and driven by a will of change, the band’s name was soon altered into KINGCROW and a couple of self-produced demos/albums where recorded under the KINGCROWmoniker: Something Unknown(2001), Insider (2004) and Timetropia (2006).

In the early months of 2010 the band finished recording their new album “Phlegethon” that was released in June of the same year under the “Scarlet Records” label.

It was considered on an international level as a relevant masterpiece and was classed as one of the elite progressive metal albums of the year. It has been near the top of the “album of the year” charts in some international prog-rock websites. Phlegethon promotion lasted for about two years and a half.

During the same year, the band recorded the new album “In Crescendo” that was released in February 2013 by the American label “Sensory Records.

The band toured  along with Pain Of Salvation in North America  in April and May, 2013. In 2015 the band released the album “Eidos” and toured Europe as Headliners. Meanwhile KINGCROW signed a management deal with GlassVille Music, house of very well known progressive acts like Pain Of Salvation and Riverside among others.

The band recorded the new album titled “The Persistence”.

The album was released on September 7th via Sensory Records and received great reviews and ended on a lot of “best of 2018” lists on magazines and webzines.

The upcoming album “Hopium” marks another step forward in pushing boundaries remarking the restless progressive  attitude of the band in incorporating countless influences into a personal sound.

Describing the band today is quite a difficult task, but one could state that the influence of different kinds of music, from progressive rock , ambient music, alternative rock and metal are all present in the music of KINGCROW.

With each release KINGCROW has taken a step further away from their original roots and is regarded today as one of the most exciting bands that Italy has to offer.
Diego Marchesi – Vocals
Diego Cafolla – Guitars, Keys, Backing Vocals
Ivan Nastasi – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Riccardo Nifosì – Bass, Backing Vocals
Thundra – Drums, Percussions

Recording Studio
Sound Under Pressure (Rome, Italy)

Production Credits
Produced by Diego Cafolla & Thundra Cafolla
Sound Engineer – Diego Cafolla

Mixed by Giampiero Ulacco at Holofram Studios (Francavilla al Mare, Italy)

Mastered by Marco Vannucci at Spitfire Mastering Studio (Italy)

Guest Musicians
Vikram Shankar – Piano solo on “Hopium”

Pre-save & Pre-order:

Links/Follow Artist:
Official Website:
Apple Music:

Available Formats:
Digital Download
CD Digipak
12″ Vinyl Gatefold – Black

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Sanguisugabogg Share “Permanently F**ked” Video




Ohio’s notorious, boundary-pushing, and bloodsucking death metal outfit Sanguisugabogg — Cody Davidson, drums; Drew Arnold, guitars/bass; Devin Swank, vocals; and Ced Davis, guitars/bass — have shared the video for the brand new and gloriously irreverent single “Permanently Fucked.” The video finds the band in performance mode… with some bloody imagery woven throughout. 

Watch it here

“The meaning of the song is a drastically blown out of proportion way of showing how much you love someone,” the band states. “We got inspiration of the song from the 2018 horror film Pet where Dominic Monaghan’s character volunteers himself as a vice for Ksenia Solo’s character so she can torture and humiliate them and they’re bound to their cage so she doesn’t free the urge to murder someone instinctively and doesn’t get arrested or imprisoned for killing people.”

This is the first taste of new music since last year’s 2023’sHomicidal Ecstasy. That album followed 2021’s Tortured Whole. The band continues to slice up uncompromising, in-your-face, and not-for-the-weak death metal that siphons inspiration from early to mid-’90s and early ’00s death metal and brutal death metal/grindcore presented in their own style with a unique twist that pleases every style of metal maniac.

Sanguisugabogg are touring Europe this month. Dates are below.

6/5 — Gdask, PL — Mystic Festival
6/6 — Wolfsburg, DE — Juha oST
6/7 — Hamburg, DE — Headcrash With Acranius
6/8 — Leeuwarden, NL — Into the Grave
6/9 — Kassel, DE — Goldgrube
6/11 — Martigny, CH — Sunset Bar
6/12 — Padova, IT — Sherwood Festival
6/13 – Ljubljana, SI — Kino Siska
6/14 — Hradek Kralove, CZ — Rock for People
6/15 — Bratislava, SK — FUGA
6/17 — Wiesbaden, DE — Schlachthof With Necrotted
6/18 — Utrecht, NL — De Helling
6/19 — Oberhausen, DE — Kulttempel With Speed
6/20 — Copenhagen, DK — Copenhell
6/21 — Grafenhainchen, DE — Full Force
6/22 — Bourbon, FR — Rock in Bourbon
6/23 — Dessel, BE — Graspop
6/24 — Strasbourg, FR — La Laiterie
6/25 — Paris, FR — Balaclan
6/27 — Viveiro, ES — Resurrection Fest
6/28 — Bilbao, ES — Groove
6/29 — Clisson, FR — Hellfest


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WORMED Crush the Cosmos on New Single “Protogod”


Prepare yourself earthlings; a monumental wave of technical death metal is hitting the cosmos today. Wormed are releasing the next transmission off their highly anticipated fourth album Omegon. “Protogod” packs so much galactic force that it could break the space-time continuum. 

Listen to “Protogod”:    

Omegon comes out July 5 on Season of Mist

Pre-order & Pre-save:

On Omegon, Wormed writhe deeper into their nesting ground of brutal, brain-crushing sci-fi. Their new album continues the intergalactic legend of shadowy hacker Krighsu as he battles against civilizations from across all dimensions in search of the mysterious Omegon, a cosmic substance that defies the grasp of mere mortals. 

“Protogod” comes screaming across the cosmos, beckoning anyone who’s adventurous enough to have their mind blown. Eerie, dissonant riffs crush through an asteroid field of blast beats. With his bottomless death growl, Phelgeton summons enough dark force to swallow all the stars from the sky.  

1. Automaton Virtulague (4:13) [WATCH]
2. Pareidolia Robotica (4:56)
3. Protogod (4:48) [LISTEN]
4. Pleoverse Omninertia (3:44)
5. Malignant Nexus (1:58)
6. Virtual Teratogenesis (4:28)
7. Aetheric Transdimensionalization (4:53)
8. Gravitational Servo Matrix (4:25)
9. Omegon (7:31)
Total runtime: 41:00

Country: Spain (ES)
Genre: Brutal/Technical Death Metal

Space – the final frontier. Yet, when WORMED reach out into the void, the results sound far more like a dark space opera inhabited by bizarre aliens, genetically and technically evolved meta-humans struggling for power and survival in galactic empires. Now, the nano-technological war has been unleashed in the void to defeat the last sower of human life, Krighsu!

Odd-time signatures, avalanches of breaks and complex rhythmical as well as melodic patterns will excite every aficionado of extreme technicality, while growls down-tuned strings and double-bass assaults will more than satisfy extreme metal connoisseurs. While being outstandingly skilled musicians WORMED are avoiding any self-indulgent show of prowess for its own sake. Instead, the five-piece from Madrid clearly lays its emphasis on creating atmospheric songs, which develop and grow along the underlying story.

Originating from Spain’s capital Madrid in 1998, WORMED immediately made an impact in the death metal scene with the release of their ‘Floating Cadaver in the Monochrome’ MCD (1999). Following a promo CD under the title ‘Voxel Mitosis’ (2001), the first studio album ‘Planisphaerium’ received high acclaim by critics and fans alike in 2003. In the wake of their debut full-length, the Spanish received invitations to international festival shows and touring around the globe. WORMEDperformed in Japan alongside GORATORY and VOMIT REMNANTS and afterwards hit Europe with MALIGNANCY and DESPONDENCY.

A creative hiatus, partly due to line-up changes and filled with re-issues of their previous released as well as the single ‘Quasineutrality’ (2010) finally ended, when their sophomore album ‘Exodromos’ came out in 2013. On their third full-length ‘Krighsu’ (2016), the fast-rising Spanish Sci-Fi tech death prodigies are telling a dystopian cosmic story with lyrics and music joined into an overarching concept. Its intense brutality, dissonant dynamic riffing, and tremendous heaviness combined with an amazing futuristic concept, which introduced the character Krighsu – last human in the cosmos, harvested top reviews and saw WORMED headlining in the US and co-headlining in Europe.

In the summer of 2019, WORMED brought their ultra-technical cosmic sonic onslaught to new heights on their 4-track EP ‘Metaportal’, released through Season of Mist. Praised as a monstrously satisfying addition to their catalogue, the EP bridged the gap between their previously released 2016 ‘Krighsu’ and their newest project. Atmospheric yet faithful to the skull-crushing mindboggling textures they’ve given fans over the years, ‘Metaportal’ allowed WORMED to come to terms with the loss of Guillermo Calero in 2018 and move forward.

On ‘Omegon’, WORMED’s upcoming 2024 release, they continue the story of Krigshu, a timeline hacker entangled in manipulation by cosmic forces. As viciously as the aggression they bring on their technically impressive instruments, Krigshu battles his way to unlock the mysteries of Omegon, a mysterious cosmic substance holding ultimate power. With 9 tracks of ultimate interstellar chaos, a story unfolds and WORMED prove yet again that they reign supreme on the technical death metal genre.

Phlegeton – Vocals
Migueloud – Guitars
D-Kazar – Guitars
Guillemoth – Bass
V-Kazar – Drums

Recording Studio
BlackStorm Studios (Karrantza, Basque Country)

Production Credits
Ekaitz Garmendia – Producer & Sound Engineer
Mixed & Mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves (Queens, NY, USA)
Editing by Simon Da Silva at The Empty Hall (Madrid, ES)

Cover Art
Phlegeton – “Phlegeton Art Studio

Stream & Order:

Follow Wormed
Official Website:
Apple Music:

Available Formats:
Digital Download
CD Digipak
12″ Vinyl Gatefold – Black
12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – White
12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Transparent Blue
12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Blue, Black & White Marbled

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DRAGONFORCE Release New Song, “A Draco Tale”, in Honor of New Brawl Stars Game Character “Draco”

Photo Credit: Travis Shinn

Grammy-Nominated Power Metal Band DRAGONFORCE Releases Exclusive New Song, “A Draco Tale”, in Honor of New Brawl Stars Game Character “Draco” | Watch the Music Video NOW
Order the Latest Album, Warp Speed WarriorsHERE

Power metal legends DRAGONFORCE have teamed up with Brawl Stars, a hit multiplayer mobile game with over 1 billion downloads, to celebrate a brand new character entering the game with an electrifying new song “A Draco Tale” and music video! Rocking his way into the Brawl Stars universe starting today, Draco is the game’s first guitar-wielding Legendary Brawler. With Draco’s love for heavy metal, extreme sports and Dungeons & Dragons, DRAGONFORCE’s new exclusive original track is the perfect headbanging song to welcome this dragon-rider in the most epic, heavy metal way.
DRAGONFORCE co-founder Herman Li, famed for lightning-fast guitar solos inspired by video game soundtracks, is a lifelong gamer who has amassed an impressive Twitch following. The collaboration came about as the game team at Supercell, the company behind Brawl Stars, are huge fans of DRAGONFORCE and invited the band to announce the addition of a new character. The song blends DRAGONFORCE‘s high-octane sound with the chaos of Brawl Stars and is being released on the game’s YouTube channel, which boasts 16.5M subscribers. The epic music video features the five-piece band and special animations of the new character Draco – make sure to check it out below!
Herman Li says: 
“Brawl Stars is a hectic, fast-paced game that I love playing in my spare time so when the developers asked us to record a new song about a heavy metal-loving character, we jumped at the chance. I think Brawl Stars fans are going to love this new Legendary Brawler.”
Drew Haycock, Supercell community manager, adds:
“I’ve personally been a fan of DRAGONFORCE for almost 20 years now and was stoked when they said they’d record a new song for Draco. Working with the band was an awesome experience and it was incredible seeing them do their thing at the video shoot! They were hyped about the project from the start and are the perfect band to bring Draco’s quirky charm into the musical world.”

Watch the Music Video for “A Draco Tale” HERE:

Get Your Copy of the Latest Album, Warp Speed WarriorsNOW!

Warp Speed Warriors Tracklist:
1          Astro Warrior Anthem
2          Power of the Triforce
3          Kingdom of Steel
4          Burning Heart
5          Space Marine Corp
6          Doomsday Party
7          Prelude to Darkness
8          The Killer Queen
9          Pixel Prison
10        Wildest Dreams (DragonForce’s Version) – bonus track on select formats

Warp Speed Warriors is available in the following formats:
2CD Deluxe Box incl. Bonus Jewel Case CD with 5 bonus tracks, wristband (embroided), poster flag (100x70cm), gaming coin keyring/pendant (with leathercord), packed in a gym bag (Napalm Records Mailorder exclusive) – strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide – SOLD OUT!
1LP Gatefold TURQUOISE marbled Vinyl incl. slipmat, record butler (Napalm Records Mailorder exclusive) – strictly limited to 200 copies worldwide – SOLD OUT!
1LP Gatefold PURPLE Vinyl (Napalm Records Mailorder exclusive) – strictly limited to 400 copies worldwide – LAST COPIES!
1LP Gatefold ORANGE Vinyl (Retail UK exclusive) – strictly limited to 300 copies
1LP Gatefold BLACK Vinyl
1CD Digisleeve incl. 1 Bonus Track
Digital Album incl. 3 Bonus Tracks

31.07.2024 RO – Braşov / Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2024
02.08.2024 SE – Rejmyre / Skogsröjet
03.08.2024 DE – Wacken / Wacken Open Air
04.08.2024 NL – Amsterdam / Melkweg
06.08.2024 DE – Saarbrücken / Garage Saarbrücken
07.08.2024 DE – Würzburg / Posthalle GmbH
08.08.2024 AT – Feldkirch / Poolbar Festival 2024
09.08.2024 DE – Karlsruhe / Substage
10.08.2024 DE – Cologne / Live Muic Hall
12.08.2024 PL – Krakow / Studio
13.08.2024 SI – Bratislava / Majestic Music Club
14.08.2024 DE – Regensburg / Eventhall Airport
16.08.2024 DK – Horsens / Jailbreak 2024
17.08.2024 DE – Sulingen / Reload Festival 2024
18.08.2024 SE – Vallamand / Rock The Lakes 2024

Formed in 1999, DRAGONFORCE has captivated audiences worldwide with their highly successful records and iconic singles, including the platinum-selling hit “Through the Fire and Flames” – the ultimate challenge for gamers on the legendary “Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock”. Renowned for their epic compositions that expand the boundaries of heavy metal, on their highly anticipated new full-length, DRAGONFORCE explore a wider range of varying musical styles than ever before, evolving their sound throughout the exciting musical journey.

Herman Li – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Sam Totman – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Marc Hudson – Vocals
Alicia Vigil – Bass, Backing Vocals
Gee Anzalone – Drums, Backing Vocals


Herman Li online:

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SABATON – ‘The Tour To End All Tours’ in cinemas on October 11th!

This year SABATON releases ‘The Tour To End All Tours‘ concert film in partnership with All Things Live! The film will hit theatres on October 11, 2024, and tickets will be released on August 26, 2024.

Titled ‘Sabaton – The Tour To End All Tours‘, this concert film holds a special place in SABATON´s hearts. It was recorded at the sold-out Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, where thousands of fans gathered to watch the band. For those who know SABATON well, you’ll understand the profound significance of this concert. When they first performed in the Netherlands six years after the formation, they played to a small crowd – only a handful of people. Reflecting on this incredible contrast from then to now truly blows SABATON´s minds!

Now, SABATON invite you to embark on a heavy metal journey like no other and celebrate the largest tour to date! ‘Sabaton – The Tour To End All Tours‘ will throw you straight into the heart of their explosive live performance. If you’re looking for energy, pyrotechnics and heavy metal with a side of history, look no further! SABATON´s got you covered.

Watch the trailer for ‘Sabaton – The Tour To End All Tours’ here:

Pär Sundström says: “In 2023, we embarked on our biggest tour ever, and in Europe alone, we covered over 50,000 kilometres with a dedicated team of 170 amazing people, 9 buses, 12 trucks, and even a tank! “The Tour To End All Tours” was an unforgettable journey for each of us – unique, thrilling, and deeply eye-opening. We wanted to share this extraordinary experience with everyone, especially those who couldn’t attend our live shows for whatever reason.”

“Coming from humble beginnings, performing at the sold out Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam was a surreal and monumental achievement for us. We hope you enjoy the Sabaton experience and we’re confident you won’t be disappointed! October 11th. Mark that date on your calendar,” Pär adds.

Gather your fellow metalheads, and prepare for the metal event of the year!
For more detailed information on this project, visit!

In the more than two decades since their launch, Swedish metallers, SABATON, have achieved quadruple-platinum sales, headlined major festivals and sold-out arena concerts across the globe, and earned a legion of loyal fans by carving out a reputation as one of the hardest working bands in rock.  SABATON combines standout stage design and production with epic concept albums, linking real-life historical war events with classic kick-ass metal. To date, the band has released ten studio albums, amassed six Gold, two Platinum, and one four-times-Platinum awards, seen eight of its albums score Top 10 international chart status, and six claim the Top 5. The band has earned eight Metal Hammer/Golden Gods Awards nominations, taking home the award for “Breakthrough Artist” in 2011 and “Best Live Band” in three different years, and a Grammis nomination (Swedish equivalent to the U.S. GRAMMY) as Best Heavy Metal band. SABATON has also accumulated more than two billion streams across all streaming platforms.

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Heilung Announce Live at Red Rocks

Photo credits: @sik_imagery (top), @sik_imagery(bottom right)  @thetinfoilbiter (bottom left)

Heilung invoked the spirits of the old world for the first time at the historic Red Rocks Amphitheatre back in 2021. Today, they’re announcing Lifa Iotungard, a live album that captures that unforgettable night under the starry Colorado sky on CD and vinyl. 

Watch the video of their live performance of “Traust”:

Lifa Iotungard comes out on CD and vinyl on August 9, 2024.    

Pre-order & Pre-save:

Recorded live at Red Rocks in October 2021, Lifa Iotungard captures Heilung’s sacred ritual. As torches blazed and drums echoed between the sandstones, a sacred space was created, linking the hearts of the present with the spirits of the past.

“Remember that we all are brothers”, Heilung recite during their opening ceremony. “All people, beasts, trees, and stones and wind. We all descend from the one great being”.

“Traust” unfolds in a powerful surge of throat singing, primordial rhythms and mystic chants. This song – which first appeared on their second studio album Futha – transports listeners back to a time where the veil between worlds was thinnest. Christopher Juul, Maria Franz, Kai Uwe Faust, and their battalion of warriors, equipped with the lore of ages, cast a spell that reverberates through the bones of the Earth itself.

1. Opening Ceremony (1:03)
2. In Maidjan (12:30)
3. Alfadhirhaiti (7:23)
4. Krigsgaldr (9:04)
5. Hakkerskaldyr (3:33)
6. Svanrand (3:31)
7. Norupo (5:42)
8. Othan (10:21)
9. Traust (9:41) [WATCH]
10. Elddansurin (7:25)
11. Hamrer Hippyer (13:32)
Total runtime: 37:06

Style: Live Amplified History

HEILUNG don’t play shows. They perform a ritual. Every performance begins with Kai Uwe Faust leading Christopher Juul, Maria Franz and the rest of the Nordic collective in an ancient prayer. Soon after, the audience is swept into rapture, swayed by incense and throat singing, primordial rhythms, subtle electronic textures, a mesmerizing light show, an army of warriors and bursts of fire.

Since they began in 2015, Heilung have been paving melodic paths to the past with their unique and mystifying sound. Evading all conventional genre tags and the confines of any specific labels, the group aptly self-describes their sound as “amplified history,” emphasizing their ability to connect modern society with the rudiments of humanity’s beginnings through music.

“Our ancestral Nordic civilizations did not just pop up, exist and disappear in isolation”, says Faust, a throat singer and one of Heilung’s three composers. “With singing these primordial songs we want to give tribute to these cultures, reconnect to the beginnings and remember that we all, from East to West, from past to present, are connected through the exchange of ideas and inspiring each other”.  

While Heilung features authentic and archaic instrumentation that ranges from rattles and ritual bells to human bones and throat singing, their captivating brand of music is far from primitive. Producer and founding member Christopher Juul implements subtle electronic elements that elevates the musical atmosphere and provides a more in-depth and layered soundscape.

Indeed, Heilung’s success has been unprecedented, achieving milestones in its few short years of existence that many do not see in a lifetime. The collective already had rapidly been growing a buzz upon the self-release of their first full-length Ofnir in 2015, but their dizzying upward trajectory really took off from the moment they set foot on the stage at Castlefest in 2017 for the now-legendary debut of their live ritual. Luckily for those who were not fortunate enough to bare witness to this magical event, the full ceremony was captured on film, having since been viewed by tens of millions of fans across the globe.

As Heilung trekked across Europe and brought their mystifying experience to new audiences, talk of this new band and their stunning ceremony made way to Season of Mist label owner Michael Berberian, who quickly offered the band a record contract after seeing their undeniable musical impact for himself.

By 2019, Heilung launched their second full-length record, Futha, which contrasted the masculine and battle-heavy themes of their debut with a feminine counterpart that celebrated fertility and female energy. Upon the first week of the record’s release, it graced the Billboard charts with coveted numbers, debuting at #3 on the Heatseekers Charts and #4 on the Billboard World Music Chart, placing on a total of seven Billboard charts while meeting critical-acclaim from the press on a global scale.  

Their music has even appeared in places that extend far beyond typical concert venues. From hit television series like Game of Thrones and Vikings to video game giants like Conqueror’s Blade VII: Wolves of Ragnarök and Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II to the blockbuster Robert Eggers film The Northman, Heilung’s music has risen far above the underground and has transcended into a greater world. Even a global pandemic couldn’t slow down Heilung’s success; it only strengthened them and gave them the gift of time to complete work on their third album. In English, Drif translates as “Gathering”. The music embodies this philosophy by tying together the beginning of civilization with today’s modern society.   

Heilung now perform their rituals all over the world. They sold out their first North American tour in 72 hours. Upon returning to the United States in 2021, they were greeted by another sold-out crowd, this time at the historic Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. This performance will be released on vinyl, CD and Blu-ray in 2024, along with another performance at the Apollo Theatre in Hammersmith, London.  

During the lead-up to the new LIFAs, Heilung will embark on headlining tours of Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Along the way, they will cast their spell over more of the world’s biggest stages, including Roskilde Festival, Download Festival and Glastonbury. But no matter where they are, Heilung always begin their performance with a humbling reminder of where we all come from.     

“Remember, we are all brothers. All people, beasts, tree and stone and wind, we all descend from the one great being that was always there, before people lived and named it, before the first seed sprouted.” 

Available Formats:
Digital Download
2CD Digipak
2×12″ Vinyl Gatefold – Black
2×12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Crystal Clear
2×12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Crystal Clear and Black Marbel
2×12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Silver
2×12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Gold and Orange Mixed
2×12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Red Rocks Sand-Filled

Kai Uwe Faust
Christopher Juul
Maria Franz

Official Website:

Pre-order & pre-save LIFA Iotungard:

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As I Lay Dying Release First Music in Five Years, Announce European Tour

AS I LAY DYING fans – the wait is finally over!

Well into their two-decade career and with seven albums under their belt, the Grammy nominated five piece metalcore unit is back with a bludgeoning, unmissable new anthem, “Burden”, out now via Napalm Records. Premiering with a high energy music video, “Burden” boasts gripping energy, charging in with the band’s trademark breakneck intensity, soaring choruses and ingenious guitar soloing.

This track is just a taste of what’s to come from the band’s next official release, and further bolsters the proven line-up of vocalist Tim Lambesis and guitarist Phil Sgrosso alongside recent newcomers Ryan Neff, Nick Pierce and Ken Susi. “Burden” was co-produced by Phil Sgrosso and Hiram Hernandez, mixed by Aaron Chaparian and mastered by Ted Jensen. 

The track release coincides with today’s announcement of AS I LAY DYING‘s 2024 European headline tour, beginning this fall! The “Through Storms Ahead Tour” kicks off on November 15, 2024 in Würzburg, Germany and will trek through several more countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Sweden and Norway, coming to an end on December 15 in Oberhausen, Germany. The tour will feature support from Caliban, Decapitated and Left to Suffer. Tickets for this unrelenting line-up go on sale this Friday, May 24 at 11:00AM CET – don’t miss your chance to witness these unforgettable performances. For tickets, merchandise and more information, visit

See below for the new music video, tour information and what the band has to say about both!

Watch the “Burden” Music Video

AS I LAY DYING’s Phil Sgrosso says about the track and video:

“It’s a pretty special moment for us to finally share some new music! ‘Burden’ was originally inspired by a guitar melody I wrote years ago on an old demo, thinking that it was lost for good in the demo abyss. It wasn’t until Tim dug it up and was inspired to shape a new song idea for it. The collaboration process with our co-producer Hiram Hernandez and new members brought new life to not only the song but the band as a whole, as we faced this new creative chapter together. Musically, we feel that ‘Burden’ represents a familiar part of our melodic history combined with a modern sense of energy and aggression. We really pushed ourselves to expand our musical capabilities in every department. We look forward to the addition of ‘Burden’ into our live show as well as introducing more music we’ve been working hard on over the past few years. Stay tuned.

It was a phenomenal experience working with Tom Flynn on the video for ‘Burden’. We were fans of his creative approach to modern music videos and could sense his high level of enthusiasm to deliver a video that would match the intensity of the song. He completely knocked it out of the park capturing the band performance and shaping a captivating concept which we will expand further into the release of our second single release…”

Sgrosso adds about the European tour:

“Europe has become a second home to us so we always look forward to returning for a ‘go big and go hard’ headline tour. Traveling alongside us will be Germany’s very own Caliban, Poland’s finest death metal legends Decapitated, and the pummeling Left to Suffer. Each show will be a night to celebrate heavy music with the fans, let’s make it a memorable one together.”

Stream & Download “Burden”

Single artwork by Corey Meyers

After headlining the 2024 IMPERICON FESTIVAL TOUR in six cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland earlier this year, AS I LAY DYING are pleased to unveil another European headline tour for November and December 2024.

After headlining the 2024 IMPERICON FESTIVAL TOUR in six cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland earlier this year, AS I LAY DYING are pleased to unveil another European headline tour for November and December 2024. They will be joined by label mates DECAPITATED as well as CALIBAN and LEFT TO DIECALIBAN will perform second to last at all shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland while DECAPITATED will have the same billing for all other shows.

Tickets On Sale Now
Ticket link:

15.11.24  DE  Würzburg – Posthalle
16.11.24  CZ  Prague – Sasazu
18.11.24  SE  Gothenburg – Film Studios
19.11.24  NO  Oslo – Rockefeller
21.11.24  FI  Helsinki – Kulttuuritalo
23.11.24  SE  Stockholm – Fållan
24.11.24  DK  Copenhagen – Amager Bio
25.11.24  DE  Berlin – Huxleys 
26.11.24  PL  Warsaw – Progresja
27.11.24  HU  Budapest – Barba Negra
28.11.24  AT  Vienna – Gasometer
29.11.24  DE  Munich – Zenith
30.11.24  IT  Milan – Alcatraz
01.12.24  IT  Rome – Orion
03.12.24  CH  Zürich – Xtra
04.12.24  FR  Lyon – Transbordeur
05.12.24  ES  Barcelona – Razzmatazz
06.12.24  ES  Madrid – Riviera
08.12.24  FR  Paris – Trianon
09.12.24  DE  Saarbrücken – E-Werk
10.12.24  BE  Brussels – AB
11.12.24  NL  Amsterdam – Melkweg 
13.12.24  DE  Hamburg – Inselpark Arena
14.12.24  DE  Leipzig – Haus Auensee
15.12.24  DE  Oberhausen – Turbinenhalle


As I Lay Dying Online:

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Mayhem Festival Set To Announce Their Return Next Week

Rumors are circulating about the potential return of the Mayhem Festival sometime during the week of May 27. In the realm of hard rock and metal, this hints at a resurgence in popularity for these genres.

The Mayhem Festival, a traveling heavy metal festival held in the summer, debuted in 2008 and subsequently became an annual fixture throughout the United States. Occasionally, a lone date in either Montreal or Toronto, Canada, was added to most editions.

The festival’s Instagram story recently featured an intriguing image of a Skeletor-esque face alongside the caption “Announcement Next Week,” accompanied by Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth.” The original post has sincevanished.

While speculation about its return has surfaced over the years, no concrete plans materialized until a brief reprise in 2020, when Ash Avildsen and the Sumerian Records team took on the challenge of resurrecting the festival, alongside managing other events like The Summer Slaughter Tour.

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Powerwolf Deliver The Most Elaborate Video in the Band’s History. New Album, Wake Up The Wicked, out July 26

Photo Credit: VDPictures

Today, POWERWOLF presents the long-awaited first single from their upcoming studio album, Wake Up The Wicked, out July 26, 2024 via Napalm Records. “1589” tells the story of Peter Stump, who lived near Cologne, Germany in the 16th century and is known today as the “Werewolf of Bedburg”. After being defamed as a werewolf, the farmer confessed to several murders under torture, and was cruelly executed on October 31, 1589. This morbid story has fascinated people all over the world ever since and has been picked up by National Geographic, among others.

For the video for “1589”POWERWOLF traveled to England to stage Stump’s fate in the dark woods in a cinematic way. With carefully selected locations, countless actors and crew members and impressive special effects, it marks the most elaborate music video production in the band’s history to date – and thus offers a worthy first taste of what fans can expect with Wake Up The Wicked

Experience the Cinematic Video for “1589” 
Directed & produced by Adam Barker 

POWERWOLF is undoubtedly one of the most successful current heavy metal bands worldwide. Headline and premium slots at premier rock and metal festivals like Wacken, Hellfest and Graspop, as well as massive sold-out arena shows have further solidified the Wolfpack’s standing at the very top of the scene. POWERWOLF‘s high quality releases are steadily praised by critics and fans alike, building upon the successful reach of their songs and impressive official music videos, which have been streamed tens of millions of times across platforms to date.

Wake Up The Wicked – the highly anticipated successor to the extremely successful previous studio album, Call Of The Wild (2021) – will be released just in time for the award-winning band’s first ever full North American tour, starting in August 2024, followed by their biggest European headline tour to date, the Wolfsnächte 2024. Wake Up The Wicked is once again produced by the outstanding Joost van den Broek at Sandlane Recording Facilities and marks a new benchmark and undisputed career highlight for the band. The new album is hard, surprising and full of variety. While staying true to their established, loved sound, POWERWOLF go one step further and showcase a different facet of their deft musical and technical skills. 

20 years after their formation in 2004, POWERWOLF are expanding their repertoire with the highest quality and adding many future live hits to their extraordinary discography. Wake Up The Wicked is yet another statement cementing the status of the band as a leading force in the world of heavy metal!

Wake Up The Wicked Tracklisting:
Bless ’em With the Blade
Sinners of the Seven Seas
Kyrie Klitorem
Heretic Hunters
Viva Vulgata
Wake Up the Wicked
Joan of Arc
We Don’t Wanna Be No Saints

Pre-Order your version of the new album, Wake Up The Wicked

Attila Dorn – vocals
Falk Maria Schlegel – organ
Charles Greywolf – guitar
Matthew Greywolf – guitar
Roel van Helden – drums


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PALLBEARER – Album “Mind Burns Alive” Out Today!

PALLBEARER’s highly anticipated new album, Mind Burns Alive, is out now. To mark the release, the band has unveiled a video for the title track, which was directed by Dan Almasy, who has created all of the videos for the album.

PALLBEARER’s highly-anticipated new album, Mind Burns Alive, is out now via Nuclear Blast Records.

To mark the release of Mind Burns Alive, the band has unveiled a video for the title track, which was directed by Dan Almasy, who has created all of the videos for the album.

This album is for everyone who has ever felt overcome by life’s negative turns, for those who have watched people you care about degrade into the shadows of themselves, for those who search for something to believe in, and come up wanting,” vocalist/guitarist Brett Campbell shares. “This world is hard; it will eat you up, and we must lift each other up in order to make it through.Mind Burns Alive is available digitally, and on a variety of physical formats, including limited-edition vinyl, and CD, as well as a companion merch collection.



Pallbearer kick off their “Temporary Spaces” North American tour on June 6, with a European trek, joining Baroness and Graveyard, following later this year. Three additional European festival performances were previously announced: The Copenhell Metal Cruise (Copenhagen, DK to Oslo, NO) from Oct. 25 to 27, Hell’s Ball Belgium (Kortrijk) on Nov. 10, and Helldorado in Eindhoven, NL on Nov. 16.

1. Where The Light Fades
2. Mind Burns Alive
3. Signals
4. Endless Place
5. Daybreak
6. With Disease

(all with Baroness and Graveyard except where noted)
October 25 – 27 Copenhagen, DK Copenhell Metal Cruise *
October 29 Gothenburg, SE Trägår’n **
October 30 Stockholm, SE Fållan **
October 31 Copenhagen, DK Amager Bio
November 2 Berlin, DE Huxleys Neue Welt
November 3 Krakow, PL Klub Studio **
November 6 Milan, IT Live Club
November 7 Zurich, CH X-TRA
November 9 Paris, FR L’Olympia
November 10 Kortrijk, BE Hell’s Balls Belgium *
November 11 Wiesbaden, DE Schlachthof
November 13 Munich, DE Theater Fabrik
November 14 Hanover, DE Capitol
November 16 Eindhoven, NL Helldorado *
November 17 Cologne, DE Carlswerk
November 18 Luxembourg, LU Rockhall
November 20 London, UK O2 Forum Kentish Town
November 21 Bristol, UK Marble Factory
November 22 Manchester, UK New Century Hall
November 24 Dublin, IE The Academy
November 25 Belfast, IE Limelight 1
November 26 Glasgow, UK SWG3 Galvanizers
November 28 Nottingham, UK Rock City

*-Festival performances
**-Baroness and Pallbearer only

June 6 Memphis, TN Growlers *
June 7 Murfreesboro, TN Hop Springs *
June 8 Birmingham, AL Zydeco *
June 9 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade *
June 11 Durham, NC The Fruit #
June 12 Asheville, NC Euology at Burial Beer Co. #
June 14 Baltimore, MD Metro Gallery #
June 15 Lancaster, PA Tellus360 #
June 16 Philadelphia, PA Underground Arts #
June 18 Hamden, CT Space Ballroom #
June 20 Brooklyn, NY Music Hall of Williamsburg #
June 21 Boston, MA The Sinclair #
June 22 Montreal, QC Theatre Fairmount #
June 23 Toronto, ON Velvet Underground #
June 25 Milwaukee, WI Vivarium #
June 26 Chicago, IL Thalia Hall #
June 27 St. Paul, MN Turf Club #
June 28 Lawrence, KS The Bottleneck #
June 29 Little Rock, AR The Hall &
July 11 St. Louis, MO Off Broadway ^
July 13 Denver, CO Gothic Theatre ^
July 15 Calgary, AB Dickens ^
July 16 Edmonton, AB The Starlite Room ^
July 18 Vancouver, BC Rickshaw Theatre ^
July 19 Seattle, WA Substation ^
July 20 Portland, OR Star Theater ^
July 23 Sacramento, CA The Starlet Room ^
July 24 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall ^
July 26 Santa Cruz, CA The Catalyst ^
July 27 San Diego, CA Brick By Brick ^
July 28 Los Angeles, CA Teragram Ballroom ^
July 29 Phoenix, AZ Crescent Ballroom ^
July 30 Albuquerque, NM Sister Bar ^
August 1 Dallas, TX Trees ^
August 2 Austin, TX Parish ^
August 3 Houston, TX White Oak Music Hall ^

*- w/ Rwake & The Keening
# – w/ REZN & The Keening
& – w/ Rwake, REZN & The Keening
^ – w/ Inter Arma & The Keening

Pallbearer Online:

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Wage War Share “TOMBSTONE” Visualizer And It Really Slaps!




 — Briton Bond [lead vocals], Cody Quistad[rhythm guitar, clean vocals], Seth Blake [lead guitar], Chris Gaylord [bass], and Stephen Kluesener [drums] — have entered their world domination era. Last month, the Florida band has announced its fifth album STIGMA, which arrives digitally on June 21 via Fearless Records, while the physical version will land in stores on September 6. Pre-order it here.

Today, the band has shared “TOMBSTONE.” Listen here.

The band has also dropped the visualizer. Watch it here

“Metal riffs meet country western tropes in our new track ‘TOMBSTONE,'” the band explains. “A final showdown with an enemy.  One fight. Two dogs unleashed.”

From its ominous, tension-building opening seconds through the deadly breakdowns, Wage War go hard on “TOMBSTONE.” It’s got vocals that sound like screamer Briton Bond gargled with a razor blade cocktail, thick and groovy riffs that’’ll have you nodding your head, and battering ram percussion. “TOMBSTONE” finds Wage War, unleashing a hellacious anthem that brings the heavy artillery from start to stomp to finish.


Preorder Stigmata Here:

Traveling a constant forward trajectory at lightspeed, Wage War not only push their own sound forward, but they also propel heavy music into new territory. The Florida quintethave always tempered a pummeling metallic onslaught with unshakable melodies. A near-decade grind naturally brought Wage War to this point. They have unleashed a string of fan favorite albums, including Blueprints [2015], Deadweight [2017], Pressure [2019], and Manic [2021]. Beyond looks from SPINModern DrummerAmerican SongwriterRevolverGuitar World, and more, KERRANG! hailed the latter as “their greatest album yet,” and DORK raved, “It’s an embracing of being metalheads, popheads and just fans of good songs. On more than one occasion, there’s an earworm poking its head up through the dirt.” They also put up numbers, tallying hundreds of millions of streams boosted by the likes of “Stitch,” “Low,” “Manic,” and “Circle The Drain.” On their fifth full-length offering STIGMA [Fearless Records], Wage War outfit their signature style with industrial grit and electronic sheen, leveling up into the future in the process with singles such as “MAGNETIC” and “NAIL5.”