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Cirith Ungol: Cult Heavy Metal Outfit to Release New Full-Length, “Dark Parade”, October 20th on Metal Blade Records

Photo by Peter Beste

Tim Baker – vocals
Jimmy Barraza – guitar
Greg Lindstrom – guitar
Rob Garven – drums
Jarvis Leatherby – bass

New Track Streaming + Pre-Orders Available

Stream CIRITH UNGOL’s “Velocity (S.E.P.)” HERE

Cult heavy metal outfit CIRITH UNGOL will unleash their sixth full-length, Dark Parade, on October 20th via Metal Blade Records today unveiling the record’s cover art, track listing, and first single!

Few bands in the history of the heavy metal underground have a story as remarkable, improbable, or uplifting as that of CIRITH UNGOL. Formed in Ventura, California in the early 1970s, CIRITH UNGOL created a sound the world had never experienced before. Rather than passively channeling their influences, the band was driven to forge an altogether heavier, darker, more apocalyptic sound. It was obscure and arcane, mysterious and eccentric, epic and expansive, but most of all, unfailingly, bone-crushingly heavy, dark, and doom-filled.

Wasting no time to ride their molten wave they started with their 2020 studio comeback Forever Black, CIRITH UNGOL started writing songs for Dark Parade as soon as Forever Black was released. Then, like everyone else, CIRITH UNGOL were hamstrung by the global pandemic, struggling through illness, seclusion, grief, and depression in their quest to create dark, vibrant art. And like the greatest warriors, they persevered, working on one song at a time – distractions be damned. The first track composed was the crushing “Relentless,” which reinforced their confidence and clarity of vision. The rest of the album came naturally, fueled by personal misery and the tragedy of worldwide collapse.

Band members lost close relatives and we struggled as best we could through the pandemic which ravaged the earth’s population and economies,” drummer Rob Garven notes. “As horrifying as it was, it was the perfect backdrop for our doom-laden message of a world on the edge of destruction.”

With all eight demos finished — which are included on the expanded edition of the album — CIRITH UNGOL started recording Dark Parade in October 2022. The end result is an unrelenting triumph of pessimism and pain; a charred vista rooted in the crunch-and-crash templates of classic doom metal and NWOBHM but delivered with contemporary production and perspective. The album is propulsive and insistent, reflecting the band’s love for metal, instinct to destroy, and disgust for mankind.

From the majestic eight-minute-long “Sailor On The Seas Of Fate,” which starts with a reflective arpeggio and builds into a pounding, near-tribal volley before segueing into a bleak, slow burn of retribution and agony, to the final three movements of the “Dark Parade” saga (comprised of “Dark Parade,” “Distant Shadows,” and “Down Below“), CIRITH UNGOL‘s latest album offers a metallic soundtrack of societal decay and environmental collapse that foreshadows nothing less than total extinction.

The first single from Dark Parade is opening track “Velocity (S.E.P.),” a compact, mid-paced blast of crunching riffs and deft hooks that act as a microcosm for much of the doom-laden album. “While talking with [vocalist] Tim [Baker] and Rob about what kind of song was needed, a decision was made to stop doing the galloping chugs, as done many times on previous albums, and start doing down-picking chugs while keeping some sort of tie to the CIRITH UNGOL sound,” reveals guitarist Jimmy Barraza. “Straying toward a Sabbath or Priest vibe is not far off and happens subconsciously.

The track is about promises made and debts paid. Faust and Robert Johnson both knew what to expect on their visit to the Crossroads – great rewards and great loss. A bit of suffering in Dante’s Inferno will always remind us that the earthly pleasures we seek always come at a price. Sell your soul, take the deal, suffer the consequences.

It’s about what happens when we sell that which we hold dear,” Baker notes. “Our soul — if such a thing exists — our dignity, pride, and whatever else we have that will help seal the deal in an endless pursuit of money, power, glory and dominion over others.”

Watch CIRITH UNGOL’s “Velocity (S.E.P.)” visualizer at THIS LOCATION.

Dark Parade Track Listing:
01. Velocity (S.E.P.)
02. Relentless
03. Sailor on the Seas of Fate
04. Sacrifice
05. Looking Glass
06. Dark Parade
07. Distant Shadows
08. Down Below

Dark Parade will be available on digipak-CD, digitally, and LP in the following color variants:

• Special edition LP (slipcase w/ hot-foil embossing, 2xLP incl. demos of the entire album, 12″ booklet, 2 posters, art print, tote bag – ltd. 1000)
• 180g Black vinyl (EU excl.)
• Olive Green Marbled vinyl (EU excl. – ltd. 700)
• Charcoal Marbled vinyl (EU excl. – ltd. 500)
• Pale Grey W/ Black Smoke vinyl (EU excl. – ltd. 500)
• Gold “Black Dust” vinyl (Metal Blade Store EU excl. – ltd. 300)
• Fog Marbled vinyl (US excl.)
• Grey / Black Marbled vinyl (US excl.)

Find pre-orders at:

CIRITH UNGOL will play a special record release show on October 20th at The Roxy in West Hollywood, marking the band’s first Los Angeles live appearance in thirty-five years. The performance will commemorate The Roxy’s 50th anniversary and find the band playing Dark Parade in its entirety followed by a full set of classic material. Additionally, the set will be filmed and recorded for a future live release.

10/20/2023 The Roxy – West Hollywood, CA * Record Release Show [Tickets]

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WATAIN – Release Live Album “Die In Fire – Live In Hell” To Commemorate Their 25th Anniversary!

To commemorate their 25th anniversary as a band, ruthless Swedish black metal collective WATAIN has announced the release of a live album titled Die In Fire – Live In Hell (Agony And Ecstasy Over Stockholm)which will be released on November 3rd, 2023 through Nuclear Blast Records.

After 25 years of madness and mayhem that manifested in seven studio albums, WATAIN‘s intense and much talked-about live rituals remain in a league of their own. Experience the raw power and fiery precision captured perfectly on this live recording from a sold out show that took place in October 2022 in Stockholm, and features fan favourites from albums such as Casus Luciferi, Lawless Darkness, The Wild Hunt, Trident Wolf Eclipseand of course the band’s latest offering, The Agony And Ecstasy of Watain, as well as the BATHORY cover ‘The Return Of Darkness And Evil‘. The audio was recorded by Jamie Elton and mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio.

With all artwork created by vocalist and front man Erik Danielsson, Die in Fire – Live in Hell is not only a sonic but also a visual reflection of WATAIN‘s touring cycle for The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain, and beyond that a symbol of gratitude for their loyal followers worldwide! Die in Fire – Live in Hell is a very personal release dedicated to all those who have joined WATAIN on their path of lawless black metal darkness during the past 25 years.

WATAIN have shared a first single from Die In Fire – Live In Hell, the epic ‘Before The Cataclysm (Live In Stockholm 2022)‘. Below you can watch a music video for this track, which was directed by Johan Bååth (Opus Diaboli, I’m in the Band).



WATAIN – Die In Fire – Live In Hell

1. Ecstasies in Night Infinite (Live)
2. Black Salvation (Live)
3. The Howling (Live)
4. Black Flames March (Live)
5. Reaping Death (Live)
6. Devil’s Blood (Live)
7. Serimosa (Live)
8. Not Sun nor Man nor God (Live)
9. Before the Cataclysm (Live)
10. The Return of Darkness and Evil (Live)
11. Nuclear Alchemy (Live)
12. Malfeitor (Live)

Die In Fire – Live In Hell is available in the following formats:

Digital Album


Vinyl (2LP w/ 8 page booklet)

  • 1 LP transp. yellow, 1 LP transp. red
  • 1 LP gold , 1 LP oxblood – band exclusive

Coinciding with the release, WATAIN will play two very special anniversary shows at UKK in their hometown Uppsala on Friday, November 3rd and Saturday, November 4th. The first night was sold out within minutes, so a second one was added and a few tickets are still available here:

Photos by Allan Larsen

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Dååth Release New Original Single “The Silent Foray” Featuring Per Nilson of Scar Symmetry

Image concept by Alex Morgan Imaging

Dååth line-up:
Eyal Levi – Guitar –
Sean Z – Vocals –
Krimh – Drums –
Jesse Zuretti – Orchestration, synth, guitar –
Dave Marvuglio – Bass –
Rafael Trujillo – Lead Guitars –

Check out Dååth‘s latest original single “The Silent Foray” featuring Per Nilson of Scar Symmetry HERE. The new digital single was mixed by Jens Bogren and mastered by Tony Lindgren with cover art being handled once more by Adrian Baxter.

Dååth is currently in the mastering phase of their upcoming Metal Blade Records debut full length album, which is due out in 2024. More details coming soon! The band is also pleased to announce that they have completed their lineup by adding Rafael Trujillo as lead guitarist.

Photo by Radka Klein – Nachtfrost Visuals

Founding member and guitarist Eyal Levi comments on the band’s latest single and the addition of lead guitarist Rafael Trujillo:

Two pieces of great news in the Dååth camp today:

First, we released a new song called The Silent Foray. I used our original demos from 1999 as a primary inspiration while writing this one. I think fans of The Hinderers and Futility will love it, especially the final third, where the synth and guitar layering create this epically lush and creepy climax. Overall, it’s just a slamming song with great riffs, great vocals, and a fantastic guest solo by Per Nilsson. It’s streaming everywhere. CHECK IT OUT!

Second, we have completed our lineup by adding Rafael Trujillo on lead guitar. Back in the summer of 2022, while searching for lead guitarists to feature on No Rest No End, Krimh sent me an Instagram clip of some Austrian guitarist with the same last name as the Metallica guy and told me that we should see if he would do it. Skeptical as I always am, I watched it and had my mind blown. As soon as I heard his playing, I wanted him in the band. So we asked him to contribute a guest solo to No Rest No End, which came out great.

It was so easy to work with him that we collaborated on our The Philosopher cover, which also went great. At that point, we were 2 for 2 with Rafael, and I knew we could work together. Time for the real test: We asked him to help finish writing a song from the upcoming album. His first ideas were all I needed to hear. We were 3 for 3. The rest is history.

You’ll hear his work all over the new album. His style fits us perfectly. He gets it. No matter what state the demos are in, he gets where we’re going with it, and that’s massive! Our classical backgrounds helped us connect musically. He has a history of playing with some of the all-time tech death greats, and he’s incredible at just about any genre you can throw at him. Perfect for this band. Like the rest of us, he has 3 million things going on simultaneously, so he fits right in.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I hope you enjoy The Silent Foray and share it with everyone you know.”

Rafael added:

Exciting News!

I’m thrilled to share that I’ve officially joined Dååth as their lead guitarist! Over the past year, I’ve collaborated with these fantastic musicians and even had the opportunity to contribute to the upcoming album. It’s an absolute honor to be a part of this band, and I can’t wait to share the music with all of you.

But that’s not all! We’re thrilled to announce the release of our brand-new song, The Silent Foray.

Thank you for your continued support!

Check out Dååth‘s new singles and covers below:
Where the Slime Live (Morbid Angel cover ft. David Davidson) HERE
Purified by Vengeance (original single) HERE
The Philosopher (Death Cover ft. Dan Sugarman and Rafael Trujillo) HERE
No Rest No End (original single) HERE

In other Dååth news, Metal Blade Records recently released the band’s second studio album and Roadrunner Records debut, The Hinderers, which was produced by the band and James Murphy and originally released in March 2007. The now classic album that fused elements of death, thrash, and black metal with technical virtuosity is now available for the first time ever on Vinyl, via Metal Blade Records, in the following colors: Red Smoke, Clear Smoke, and as Gray Black White Marble.

Get your copy HERE.

The Hinderers tracklisting:
01. Subterfuge
02. From the Blind
03. Cosmic Forge
04. Sightless
05. Under a Somber Sign
06. Ovum
07. Festival Mass Soulform
08. Above Lucium
09. Who Will Take the Blame?
10. War Born (Tri-Adverserenade)
11. Dead on the Dance Floor
12. Blessed Through Misery
13. The Hinderers

About the band:
Dååth is an American progressive death metal band based in Atlanta, Georgia. The band began their journey in 1999 and stayed busy for just over a decade before taking a hiatus in 2011. In that time, Dååth released 4 studio albums (Futility – self-released 2004, The Hinderers – Roadrunner Records 2007, The Concealers – Century Media 2009, Dååth– Century Media 2010) and toured throughout the world with band’s like Dark Funeral, Naglfar, Zyklon, Dragonforce, Goatwhore, Chimaira, Throwdown, Dying Fetus, and Devildriver making a lasting impression with the metal community and its many subgenres. Dååth also landed a coveted spot on Ozzfest playing before tens of thousands of fans in outdoor amphitheaters across the US in addition to the infamous and long-running metal tour, Summer Slaughter.

In their time, Dååth managed to create an extensive fanbase worldwide with their unique brand of experimental death metal, which makes it no surprise that the metal community lit up once rumors of the band’s return began to surface online. The metal community only continued to buzz with support as members began making posts teasing new material. The metal world made it clear they were ready for the return of one of the strongest progressive death metal bands of the first part of the 00’s.

Dååth is now back with an updated lineup and stronger than ever, which can be heard in the group’s new single “No Rest No End” that saw digital release by Metal Blade Records on February 22, 2023. The track features guest solos by Rafael Trujillo (Obsidious, ex-Obscura) and Spiro Dussias and was mixed by Jens Bogren (Sepultura, At The Gates, Kreator, Dimmu Borgir), Mastered by Tony Lindgren (Enslaved, Katatonia, Leprous, Wardruna), with Vocal Production by Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Motionless In White, Wage War), and Engineering by John Douglass (Megadeth, Alluvial, The Contortionist).

Dååth followed up the release of “No Rest No End” with a cover of Death‘s “The Philosopher” that features Dan Sugarman of Ice Nine Kills and Rafael Trujillo and was released digitally on April 24, 2023.

On May 30, Dååth released the original single “Purified By Vengeance” that features both Mark Holcomb of Periphery and composer and sound designer Mick Gordon. The track was mixed by Jens Bogren, with Andrew Wade as vocal producer, and John Douglass handling engineering duties.

The band’s latest digital single, a cover of Morbid Angel‘s classic “Where the Slime Live” featuring a guest guitar solo performance by Dave Davidson of Revocation. The track was mixed and mastered by Dave Otero with artwork by Ryan Wolanski.

Follow Dååth:

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Photo credit: Jason Carlson

Terrence Hobbs | Guitar
Derrek Boyer | Bass
Eric Morotti | Drums
Charlie Errigo | Guitar
Ricky Myers | Vocals

New York death metal legends SUFFOCATION unleash their ninth full-length album Hymns From The Apocrypha on November 3rd via Nuclear Blast. The follow-up to …of the Dark Light (2017) and the first release featuring the new vocalist Ricky Meyers, pushes the band to the very edges of extremity and is arguably the group’s strongest-sounding, most sonically punishing album yet. SUFFOCATION have achieved death metal perfection.

Today, the band offers fans the first taste of the album with the ferocious track ‘Seraphim Enslavement’. The menacing music video was directed and edited by Tom Flynn with character design by Kyle Monroe and is the perfect visual pairing to Ricky Myers‘s monstrous vocals.

Derek Boyer comments, “This is my fifth full-length studio album with SUFFOCATION and this album came out SICK! It features all of the brutal, technical, chaotic twists and turns everyone would expect from SUFFOCATION, plus new elements that are out of the normal realm one might expect. This is the sophomore effort of working with Christian Donaldson (who mixed and mastered Live In North America) and he absolutely KILLED IT on this one!!! We can’t wait to bring these songs to the stage and crush everything in our path!”

Ricky Myers states, “We are thrilled to unveil our 11th full-length album, Hymns From The Apocrypha, a creatively composed piece that blends our style of music with lyrical depth and intricate artwork. This album is a testament to our devotion to brutal music, which we display in the video of our single, ‘Seraphim Enslavement‘, a visual journey that complements the album’s concept.

Stream the new single ‘Seraphim Enslavement’, here:

Watch the music video for ‘Seraphim Enslavement’, here:

Pre-order/pre-save Hymns From The Apocrypha here:

Hymns From The Apocrypha – Tracklisting:
1. Hymns From The Apocrypha
2. Perpetual Deception
3. Dim Veil Of Obscurity
4. Immortal Execration
5. Seraphim Enslavement
6. Descendants
7. Embrace The Suffering
8. Delusions Of Mortality
9. Ignorant Deprivation

SUFFOCATION took about a month and a half to record Hymns from the Apocrypha. They holed up at Hobbs and Boyer’s InLine Studio in Long Island. The duo engineered and co-produced with Christian Donaldson (BENEATH THE MASSACRE, INGESTED), who was also re-enlisted to mix and master, with Dominic Grimard (CRYPTOPSY, SHADOW OF INTENT) assisting. With stunning cover art by Greek illustrator Giannis Nakos of Remedy Art Design (VOMITORY, THE CROWN), Hymns from the Apocrypha is characteristically SUFFOCATION. It’s uncompromisingly brutal, artistically gutsy, and aurally heavy. Clearly, SUFFOCATION, as they head into their 35th Anniversary, are at the peak of their potential. Death metal or die!

Hymns from the Apocrypha will be available digitally and in the following formats:

  • CD Jewel
  • Vinyl
    • Brown w/ White Splatter
    • White w/ Brown Corona (Mailorder exclusive, limited to 600)
  • Cassette
    • Smoky Tint (Band exclusive, limited to 200)
    • Gold (Mailorder exclusive, limited to 500)

SUFFOCATION has exclusive Hymns from the Apocrypha merch available at

SUFFOCATION are staying busy this fall with their 6-date ‘Darkness Within Mexico Tour 2023’ followed by their ‘Ancient Unholy Rising Tour 2023‘ with co-headliners legendary death metal band INCANTATION. The 26-date trek will kick off on November 7th in Baltimore and makes its way across North America with performances in Montreal, Seattle, and Houston before its conclusion in Greensboro on December 4th. Joining the bands as openers are SKELETAL REMAINS and STABBING.

Purchase tickets here:

‘Darkness Within Mexico Tour 2023’
10.14.2023 MX Aguascalientes – Korobba
10.15.2023 MX Queretaro – Chihuahuas Bar
10.18.2023 MX Merida
10.19.2023 MX Monterrey – Cafe Iguana
10.21.2023 MX Hermosillo
10.22.2023 MX Mexico City

Ancient Unholy Uprising’ Tour 2023
with co-headliners INCANTATION and support SKELETAL REMAINS and STABBING

11.07.2023 US Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Soundstage
11.08.2023 US Reading, PA – Reverb
11.09.2023 US Brooklyn, NY – Warsaw
11.10.2023 US Providence, RI – Alchemy
11.11.2023 CA Trois-Rivières, QC – Amphithéâtre Cogeco
11.12.2023 CA Montreal, QC – Studio TO
11.13.2023 CA Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace
11.14.2023 US Detroit, MI – The Sanctuary
11.15.2023 US Chicago, IL – Reggies
11.16.2023 US Madison, WI – The Annex
11.17.2023 US Lawrence, KS – The Granada
11.18.2023 US Denver, CO – HQ
11.20.2023 US Richland, WA – Ray’s Golden Lion
11.21.2023 US Seattle, WA – El Corazon
11.22.2023 US Portland, OR – Bossanova Ballroom
11.24.2023 US San Francisco, CA – DNA Lounge
11.25.2023 US San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick
11.26.2023 US Los Angeles, CA – 1720
11.27.2023 US Phoenix, AZ – Rebel Lounge
11.28.2023 US Albuquerque, NM – Launchpad
11.29.2023 US Oklahoma City, OK – 89th Street Collective
11.30.2023 US Dallas, TX – Granada Theater
12.01.2023 US Houston, TX – Scout Bar
12.02.2023 US San Antonio, TX – Paper Tiger
12.03.2023 US New Orleans, LA – Southport Music Hall
12.04.2023 US Greensboro, NC – Hangar 1819

More Information:

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AETHER REALM Reveals New Single, “Should I?”, Featuring Soilwork’s Björn “Speed” Strid

Vincent “Jake” Jones – bass, vocals
Heinrich Arnold – guitar, vocals
Tyler Gresham – drums
Donny Burbage – guitar

photo credit: Bryce Chapman

AETHER REALM Reveals New Single, “Should I?”, Featuring Soilwork’s Björn “Speed” Strid

Listen/Watch the New Visualizer HERE
Stream/Download the Track HERE

UK Tour Supporting Nekrogoblikon and Cage Fight Begins September 13!

North Carolina melodic death metal leaders AETHER REALM will soon hit the road in the UK and Ireland with headliners Nekrogoblikon and fellow support artists Cage Fight! Today, in celebration of the upcoming tour, AETHER REALM have dropped an entirely brand new single, entitled “Should I?”, featuring none other than the iconic Björn “Speed” Strid (Soilwork/The Night Flight Orchestra).

The introspective new single follows acclaimed albums Tarot (2017) and Redneck Vikings From Hell (2020, #16 US Top New Artist Albums), and is chock full of epic bombast and undeniable groove, uniquely mixing melodic soundscapes with southern-fried metal riffage.

Frontman Vincent “Jake” Jones offers:
“‘Should I?’ is a song about doubt. Way back in 2020, right after we put out Redneck Vikings From Hell, AETHER REALM experienced a surge of new fans. However, this was coupled with an increase in the number of “anti-fans” – people that aren’t content to simply not enjoy our music, but feel a strong need to convince other people not to as well. You might call them “trolls” or “haters” or whatever. You know the type. We were also navigating the music industry for the first time – the world of labels and contracts and generally feeling like a small fish in a big pond.

I hadn’t really figured out how to deal with this transition. Some of it was getting under my skin, and I found myself doubting my choices and abilities. At the same time, the skeleton for a new track was coming together. I had been listening to a lot of Soilwork, and I think that showed in the songwriting. I definitely wrote the vocals with Soilwork‘s vocalist Björn Strid in mind but in a vague ‘wouldn’t it be cool if’ way. The lyrics spilled out naturally, taking the shape of the question I ask myself every time someone tells me I should be doing something different than what I’m doing. Heinrich and Donny laid down guitars for a working demo, and we picked it back up in 2023 and started polishing it up. Our boys in Wilderun had just done a tour with Soilwork, and a connection was made. I shot my shot with Björn, and a short time later he responded that he dug the track and would do it.

Tyler and I tracked drums, vocals, and bass with Kile Odell at Top Track Studios and No Heroes Studios respectively. I think it came out pretty great, but I’m sure I’ll hear someone tell me that I should write a different way. I think from now on I’ll probably get some catharsis out of just responding with ‘Should I?'”

Check Out “Should I?” HERE

See below for all AETHER REALM tour dates in the UK and Ireland supporting headliners Nekrogoblikon alongside Cage Fight!

AETHER REALM w/ Nekrogoblikon and Cage Fight:
13/9 – Dublin, IE @ Grand Social* [LOW TICKETS]
15/9 – Glasgow, UK @ Cathouse [SOLD OUT]
16/9 – Leeds, UK @ Key Club [LOW TICKETS]
17/9 – Southampton, UK @ Joiners [LOW TICKETS]
19/9 – Birmingham, UK @ Asylum
20/9 – Nottingham, UK @ Rock City (Beta)
21/9 – Manchester, UK @ Rebellion
22/9 – Bristol, UK @ Thekla
23/9 – London, UK @ Underworld [LOW TICKETS]
*No Cage Fight

Order Latest Album, Redneck Vikings From Hell, HERE!

With Redneck Vikings From Hell, AETHER REALM improves upon their already distinctive sound taking listeners on a stupefying rollercoaster ride of death metal, thrash and even neo-classical shred. In addition to being produced and mixed by Kile Odell (Motionless in White, Cane Hill), mastered by Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, The Contortionist, Scale The Summit) and featuring orchestration by Ben Turk of Gloryhammer, Redneck Vikings From Hell features a treasure trove of fantastic special musical guests, including guitarist/banjoist Wayne Ingram (Wilderun), guitarist Greg Burgess (Allegaeon), Eric W. Brown (Nekrogoblikon, Vale of Pnath, Swashbuckle, Rainbowdragoneyes) and vocalist Josh Rieke of YouTube fame. The album also features contributions from voice actress Erica Lindbeck (Final Fantasy VII remake), harpist Amy Turk (sister of Ben Turk), vocalist Michael Rumple (Ashen Idol, Flood District), vocalist Zach Williams (Dead Eyes) and returning AETHER REALM guest vocalist and sister of Vincent “Jake” Jones, Elly Jones.


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Decibel Books to release ‘The Scott Burns Sessions: A Life in Death Metal 1987 – 1997’ this fall

Decibel Books to release ‘The Scott Burns Sessions: A Life in Death Metal 1987 – 1997’ this fall; first excerpt online now

Decibel Books is proud to announce the publication of The Scott Burns Sessions: A Life in Death Metal 1987 – 1997, a massive 480-page oral history of the celebrated Morrisound recording career of iconic extreme metal producer and engineer Scott Burns. Fans can pre-order their copy now here: – with an expected ship date in late October/early November.

Synonymous with the rise of death metal in the late ’80s and early-to-mid ’90s, Burns was the man behind the boards for the essential works of Death, Cannibal Corpse, Sepultura, Obituary, Deicide, Napalm Death and Terrorizer, turning their raw, chaotic sounds into something not just listenable but legendary.

For an exclusive preview of Scott Burns Sessions, fans can read the first excerpt online, which takes readers inside the control room during the 1991 recording of Death’s landmark Human LP, where Chuck Schuldiner’s completely reconstructed Deathlineup is about to reimagine the genre:

The Scott Burns Sessions: A Life in Death Metal 1987 – 1997 looks individually at over 100 extreme metal albums, by nearly 70 bands, that Burns recorded throughout his career. This lavish hardcover by David E. Gehlke – author of Turned Inside Out: The Official Story of Obituary, No Celebration: The Official Story of Paradise Lost and Damn the Machine: The Story of Noise Records – goes deep inside the hallowed halls of Morrisound Recording for exclusive, detailed, in-studio accounts from Burns and the bands that made death metal history, accompanied by never-before-seen photos from Tampa music scene photographer Tim Hubbard.

“It was awesome to take a trip down memory lane with David and reminisce about all the great bands I was privileged to work with at Morrisound and abroad,”says Burns. “David did a fantastic job capturing the essence of the late ’80s and ’90s death metal scene. I think Tim Hubbard and the other photographers provided excellent pictures that add a powerful visual element to those great stories.”

Packed with tons of rare and never-before-seen photos (highlighted by a glossy 16-page photo section!) as well as a foreword from acclaimed extreme metal producer/engineer Dan Swanö, the 480-page The Scott Burns Sessions: A Life in Death Metal 1987 – 1997is exclusively available for pre-order now via Decibel.

The Scott Burns Sessions: A Life in Death Metal 1987 – 1997 includes new interviews with current and former members of: Cannibal Corpse • Death • Sepultura • Obituary • Deicide • Suffocation • Cynic • Gorguts • Terrorizer • Atheist • Six Feet Under • Malevolent Creation • Exhorder • Pestilence • Massacre • Assück • Coroner • Atrocity • Morgoth • Cancer • Loudblast • Hellwitch • Solstice • Disincarnate • Monstrosity • Sadus • Vital Remains • Demolition Hammer • …and dozens more!

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Carolina Bertelegni – vocals
Alessandro Tuvo – guitar
Alex Pedrotti – guitar
Cristiano Trappoli – bass
Matteo Malchiodi – batteria

Never Obey Again has released an official audio stream for ‘9:45’, fourth single taken from the debut album ‘The End of an Era’ to be released on September 22nd.

The Beginning of A New Metal Era

‘The End of an Era’ combines dramatic and introspective melodies, heavy precise riffs and layers of electronic landscapes which create the perfect scenario to welcome the powerful voice of charismatic frontwoman Carolina.

The Never Obey Again debut album represents the purest and deepest needing of an artistic expression of 5 experienced musicians who found their own space in this piece of work; the record felt like it was created by itself as every little idea fell perfectly into place at first attempt.

The main goal of ‘The End of an Era’ is dragging the listeners into experiencing the song and allowing them to wear the lyrics and the atmosphere of every single track on their own skin.

– debut album for the up’n’coming Italian modern metal band

– recorded at Never Obey Again Studio, Voghera (Italy)

– artwork by Alessandro Tuvo and Alex Pedrotti

– first edition will be released in a 4-panel digipack

– for fans of Evanescence, Halestorm, Linkin Park, In This Moment, Spiritbox, Paramore

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Iodine Releasing Classic, Out of Print Records From Six Going on Seven + Garrison Now Available for The First Time In Over 20 Years




Self-Made Mess is the debut album from Boston’s indie rock/emo band Six Going On Seven. Out of print for over 25 years, this highly influential album helped define a genre that bridged the gap between hardcore influenced emo and indie-rock, with its complex bass and guitar harmonies and sincere vocals. Often referred to as a “band’s band,” Six Going on Seven came up alongside many of the household names we still discuss from the era: Jimmy Eat World, Hot Water Music, and The Get Up Kids, sharing the stage with them and many others.

Originally released on Some Records in 1997 and produced by Brian McTernan at Salad Days Studio, Self-Made Mess is being presented on a limited-edition vinyl pressing with all new artwork and remastered by Jack Shirley (Quicksand, Joyce Manor) at The Atomic Garden.

It arrives via Iodine Recordings on October 27. Get it here.

Today, the band has shared the video for “Sexy Like The Titanic.” Watch it here.

Self-Made Mess was our first full-length, the culmination of three friends woodshedding/gigging around Boston in early days,” the band says. “Follow me here: I drove to Boston in fall of 1994, we played our first show in January of ’95, released a 7” the following year, and made Self-Made Mess in the summer of ’96 — this one was recorded by our friend Brian McTernan after demoing over nine songs the year prior with another great engineer, who abruptly moved to Los Angeles to make a record with The Rolling Sones — true story. Faithful to our live sound, Youth (lost on the young) recorded on a shoestring budget in a small new jersey town (that, a story for another day) — 10 songs remastered for your listening pleasure, enjoy.”

“Sexy Like The Titanic”
“Getaway Car”
“Flu Season”
“Deadpan Cool”
“New Faith in Loss”
“Method Actor”
“Everybody’s Got a Hobby”

“After the Fight”
“Selective Hearing Loss”
“Is That a Threat?”
“Squirrel Bait”
“There’s Only So Much Coffee”
“Our Mild Scoliosis”
“Always Be Closing”
“The Dumbest Angel”
“Favorite Goodbye Fuck”






Garrison were born in Boston during the heyday of the prolific late ’90s post-hardcore scene.

Their cohort featured heavy hitters like Piebald, Cave In, and Converge. Following in the footsteps of bands like Quicksand, Drive Like Jehu, and Texas is the Reason, Garrison drew from many influences to create a hyper-melodic sound that ranged from hardcore to emo — all without fitting neatly into any genre. They executed a complex and unique sound, seamlessly combining technical guitar riffs, melodic vocals, and heavy breakdowns in a way that few bands were able to achieve.

Garrison toured relentlessly, playing regularly alongside iconic bands of the era such as The Get Up Kids, Hot Water Music, Taking Back Sunday, and New Found Glory. Shortly after forming, the band found themselves signed to Revelation Records where they released their debut LP A Mile in Cold Water. The record was well received among fans and critics and made a place for itself as a notable release for the post-hardcore movement. The album opens with “After the Fight,” which immediately hooks you with its melody, fast tempo, and emotional breakdowns, highlighting the band’s hardcore roots and complex style. The LP rises with heavier post-hardcore moments, such as “The Dumbest Angel,” and falls with several softer emo ballads, most notably on the somber closer “Favorite Goodbye Fuck.”

Though Garrison went on to release numerous albums on Revelation Records and Iodine Recordings, A Mile in Cold Water remained their most significant and important release. While Garrison never broke in the same way that many of their peers did, this record clearly paved the way forward for many bands that followed in the post-hardcore and emo scenes.

Produced by Kurt Ballou (Converge) at God City Studio in 2001, Ballou returned in 2023 to completely remix the album to really make these songs shine the way they always intended to sound. Remastered by Jack Shirley (Quicksand, Joyce Manor) at The Atomic Garden. The album is being presented in a special gatefold jacket and features elements of the original art, and new artwork from Dan McCarthy.

The album is available for the first time in 20 years via Iodine Recordings on October 27. Get it here.

Listen to “The Dumbest Angel” here.

Garrison’s original lineup will appear at The Middle East Downstairs in Boston on October 6 with Orange Island. They are also slated to play The Fest in Florida, as well.

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AEOLIAN Share New Song – “The Miracle”

Dani Pérez – Vocals
Raúl Morán – Guitars & Trombones
Gabi Escalas – Guitars
Leoben Conoy – Bass
Pedro Martínez – Drums

Melodic death metallers AEOLIAN are now streaming “The Miracle,” the new single off the band’s forthcoming new album, Echoes of the Future.

Check out the lyric video for “The Miracle”

Stream the song

Listen to the album’s first single “Hominis Obscura” here.

Echoes of the Future closes a trilogy that began with The Silent Witness, which explored the greatness and resilience of nature and the danger to which we submit its fragile balance, and the band’s second release The Negationist, developed in a present-day in which we refuse to see how the human being has affected and threatened that balance.

On Echoes of the Future AEOLIAN embarks on a journey through the next centuries and puts us in the shoes of our counterparts from a not-so-distant future who will guide us on a journey through the difficulties and great dilemmas of humanity to survive on an increasingly inhospitable planet.

Echoes of the Future was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound studio.

Black Lion Records will release Echoes of the Future on November 10. Pre-order the album

1 – Hominis Obscura
2 – Dreams or Reality
3 – The Miracle
4 – Her Grief
5 – Like a Blackened Sun
6 – Into the Flames
7 – Lords of Greed
8 – Echoes of the Future
9 – Chronicles of the Fall

Guests musicians:

Piano on “Her Grief” by Valentín Moldovan

Trumpets on “Echoes of the Future” by Jaume Blàzquez Bonnín

Speakers on Wastelands by Lea Tasala, Justus Toivonen, Katharina Suckfüll and Tony Christopher Martinson

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CELESTE – Release New Single/Video ‘With Idle Hands’

Johan Girardeau – Vocals & Bass
Guillaume Rieth – Guitar
Antoine Royer – Drums
Sébastien Ducotte – Guitar


French extreme metal avant-gardists CELESTE have released a video for their new single ‘With Idle Hands‘, another song from their upcoming new EP Epilogue(s), due out on November 17th through Nuclear Blast Records.

The EP features three exclusive bonus tracks from their most recent album, Assassine(s), released in 2022. Scroll down for the tracklisting and available formats.

With Idle Hands‘ might be the most tender song CELESTE have ever written, and its English title and lyrics set it apart from anything the band has done previously. The vocals for this track have been contributed by Tim from US shoegaze metal band GRIVO.



OUT: 17 November 2023

01. Il Se Vide Lentement
02. Plisse Les Yeux Jusqu’au Sang
03. With Idle Hands

Available Formats:
Digital Album
LP (Black & White Marbled)



Having played more than 500 shows around the world, including appearances at several prestigious extreme music festivals, theaters and venues (Hellfest, Roskilde, Copenhell, SummerBreeze, Brutal Assault, Roadburn, Psycho Las Vegas…), with one EP and six albums under their belt, CELESTE have succeeded in creating their own musical atmosphere and are today considered to be one of the most important bands of the “French Avant-Garde Black-Metal” scene.Check out the previously released music videos from ASSASSINE(S):

‘Nonchalantes De Beauté’:
Des Torrents De Coups‘:
De Tes Yeux Bleux Perlés‘:
Le Coeur Noir Charbon‘:
Elle répète froidement‘ :



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Weekend Metal Fix – Stryper and Theatre of Tragedy Now Streaming

Hey Metalheads,

Get ready for a headbanging weekend like no other! Thunderflix is here to satisfy your metal cravings with two epic additions to our lineup. 🎶

Stryper – To Hell with the Devil Live from SpiritHouse

Witness a Rock Revelation! – Stryper, the legendary masters of rock with a heavenly twist, take you on a jaw-dropping journey. Experience their iconic album “To Hell with the Devil” performed live at SpiritHouse like never before.

Theatre of Tragedy – The Last Curtain Call

Gothic Metal Legends Unleashed! – Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster with Theatre of Tragedy’s final, farewell concert. “The Last Curtain Call” captures their haunting melodies, and we’ve got a bonus treat for you – dive into the making-of documentary, exclusive interviews, and behind-the-scenes rehearsals. It’s the ultimate farewell gift from this iconic band.

But wait, that’s now all. We’ve got a few limited edition official Total Thrash swag packs for the taking. To enter the drawing, simply tag us on Instagram or Facebook with your favorite band featured in this increcidbile doc. Three winners will be announced on September 30th.

We can’t blast it enough—thank you for your relentless support and invaluable feedback. We’re honored to have you headbanging on this epic journey with us.

Stay tuned, as we’ve got a ton more sonic mayhem on the horizon.

Horns up,

Your Thunderflix Crew

Let Me Hear You Stream!


Music News


Photo Credit: @blackcardfilms

Mark Whelan – Guitar, Vocals
Andrew Budwey – Guitar
Pat Merson – Bass
James Davis – Drums

The musical ensemble known as Fuming Mouth, hailing from the New England has cultivated a auditory panorama that resides at the nebulous crossroads between the realms of death metal and hardcore. Their inaugural offering, “The Grand Descent,” unleashed upon the world in 2019, stood as a monolithic behemoth, followed swiftly by the 2020 EP, “Beyond The Tomb.”

In the annals of time, Fuming Mouth graced the stage of the America’s Hardcore festival last year, and now, they stand on the precipice of releasing their eagerly anticipated sophomore album. Aptly titled “Last Day Of Sun,” this album was meticulously crafted in collaboration with Converge’s own Kurt Ballou. A concept album that delves headfirst into the enigma of mortality, the inspiration for this was birthed during the trials of battling cancer. In a poignant statement, Whelan, reflects, “What started as a fictional concept album became incredibly real. I was facing certain death, but as I kept writing the album it’s theme became clear. You could die tomorrow. The album’s thematic essence crystallized with uncanny clarity: Tomorrow is not guaranteed, so seize today.”

The offering from this forthcoming masterpiece, titled “The Silence Beyond Life,” resounds with an ethos distinct from Fuming Mouth’s prior compositions. The guitar riffs, dense and weighty as an anchor in the abyss, envelop the listener in an atmosphere shrouded with foreboding. Within the shadows, hints of triumphant melodies emerge, evoking memories of the nineties’ golden age of Swedish death metal. It is a marvel, an embodiment of the profound significance woven into its creation—an anthem that resonates with the fragility of existence.

FUMING MOUTH is back! After years of uncertainty and dire circumstances, the revered and critically praised New England death metal perpetrators have overcome overwhelming obstacles to return this fall for the long-awaited release of their second, full-length album, Last Day of Sun, that’s due out November 3rd from Nuclear Blast.

Following a devastating diagnosis of leukemia in late 2021, vocalist/guitarist Mark Whelan spent nearly a year battling cancer through chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, and emerged in remission in 2022. Now cancer free, the beloved frontman returns rejuvenated with renewed determination, perspective and creativity in a new lease on life and the band’s most crucial and ferocious record yet. Commenting on the incoming record, Whelan says:

What started as a fictional concept album became incredibly real. I was facing certain death, but as I kept writing the album it’s theme became clear. You could die tomorrow. Seize the day.

Today, FUMING MOUTH has revealed the record’s first single, ‘The Silence Beyond Life,’ and coinciding video. Adding about the song, Whelan states:

‘The Silence Beyond Life’ is our most melodic and heaviest song to date drawing influence from God Macabre, Gorement, and other melodic Swedish death metal acts of the time like Therion and Cemetary. It’s a song about trying to live while longing to die and overcoming that.

Stream ‘The Silence Beyond’:

Pre-order Last Day of Sun:

‘The Silence Beyond Life’ Music Video:

Last Day of Sun Track List:
1. Out of Time
2. Respect and Blasphemy
3. The Silence Beyond Life
4. The Sign of Pain
5. Leaving Euphoria
6. I’ll Find You
7. Disgusterlude
8. Kill the Disease
9. Last Day of Sun
10. R.I.P. (Rest in Piss)
11. Burial Practices
12. Postfigurement


A fiery, resurrected rage barrels its way out of hell’s erupting chasms with blistering fury; Fuming Mouth has returned. Lead singer, guitarist, and founder Mark Whelan emerges triumphant after a life-threatening battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, rekindling the inferno of their music with Fuming Mouth’s second full-length album, Last Day of Sun.

What initially began as a full-on, fictional concept album underwent a profound transformation into a concept-reality hybrid, largely influenced by Whelan’s harrowing conflict with his health and anear brush with death. Just three weeks away from recording the album, Whelan was struck with a devastating cancer diagnosis. While bravely fighting the illness, he rewrote melodies, drum sections, and lyrics, infusing the music with his personal journey of struggle and hope.

The recording sessions began in October 2022, with Grammy Award winning Kurt Ballou of Converge at his studio, God City, inSalem, Massachusetts. Ballou reached out to Whelan after his battle with cancer and encouraged him to get back to their previously scheduled recording session.Working closely with Ballou in both engineering and production, the band found a wonderful and collaborative experience, as Ballou invested himself wholeheartedly in shaping their sound and vision. Salem itself also helped shape the album, as the Halloween Season had begun. Droves of tourists and residents mixing with people in costume made the streets of Salem seem like Last Day of Sun had come to life. The city where the Witch Trials took place presented the perfect setting for the album to be recorded.

At the genesis of this record, there was no other artist that could have captured the album’s essence better than Mariusz Lewandowski, with whom the band had already established a creative relationship through his work on the cover art of The Grand Descent. Tragically, Mariusz passed away while working on the album artwork, presenting the band with an immense obstacle to overcome. In tribute to his spirit and legacy, they joined forces with the talented artist Stefan Todorovic who crafted an evocative album cover depicting a Faustian city crumbling amidst the gray and sandy storms of the apocalypse. A colossal monster blocks the sun and hovers above the city as it burns, smoky buildings topple to the ground; all a visual representation of the chaos and darkness that permeates the album.

Fuming Mouth stands resilient, a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Amidst the carnage and depression lies a flicker of hope – a beacon of light that emanates from within. But as the last rays of the sun cast their shadow, the question remains. Will the people in Last Day of Sun survive? Will their worst inhibitions play out, will they rip each other to shreds, will they give up? Will everything they’ve built have been for not? Will they find a way to overcome, or will their panic lead to failure?