Chris McMahon’s Abrupt Exit from Thy Art Is Murder: A Social Media Saga”

Australian extreme metal titans “Thy Art is Murder” officially announced McMahon’s departure from the Band and revealed that they had replaced his contributions on the new album with those of a new vocalist. Godlike was released today (Friday, September 22) via Human Warfare, with CJ‘s replacement having “finished re-recording vocals on the new album earlier this week”.In their statement, Thy Art Is Murder stated that this decision had been brewing for a while, alleging that McMahon had threatened to harm the band if they didn’t endorse his extreme views.

McMahon has commented on his dismissal from the group, adding that he only found out about it through their statement.

“I just woke up and saw the news. Yes this is how I found out. And yes it’s not the whole story. I’ll be going live tomorrow at 5PM Sydney, Australia time,” McMahon wrote, ending the post with, “Burn everyone to death.”

The latter part of McMahon’s post is in reference to the initial anti-trans comments he made in the first place. He’d reportedly reposted a video that was originally shared by political commentator Matt Walsh where a mother asked her child if they were a boy or a girl, and the child answered “both.” McMahon proceeded to comment that the mother “should be burned to death” for accepting the response [via MetalSucks].

This ongoing saga promises to continue, with McMahon planning an Instagram live session at approximately 3 a.m. EST. It’s bound to be an event worth keeping an eye on.

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