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Come Face To Face With The Infamous Dracula In AxMinister Video “Vlad the Impaler… Forests of Impalement” Off New EP “vir fortis” Out May 2023

Track Listing:
1. The Age of Napoleon… The Rise – 17:06
2. Vlad The Impaler… Son Of The Dragon – 7:02
3. Vlad The Impaler… Forests of Impalement – 4:45
EP Length: 28:53

EP Credits:
All songs written and performed by AxMinister
Produced/Mixed/Mastered at Monolithic Productions by Tyler Williams
Member of SOCAN – yes
MAPL – Canadian Content

EP and Live Band lineup:
Nicholas Klaus – Vocals/Bass
Steve MacLeod – Guitar
Bas Von Bismark – Drums

AxMinister is a heavy metal trio from Toronto, Canada. Their sound is true to the traditional metal stylings of some of the biggest metal bands in history. They have their fifth studio release coming in May and they invite metalheads around the world to dive into epic stories and epic riffs. The upcoming EP “vir fortis” is a three-track stunner of a record that gets lyrical content from Vlad The Impaler and Napoleon, its history delivered with thunder. The first single “Vlad the Impaler… Forests of Impalement” is a smoldering look at the Romanian hero. The band shares some details about the single and EP:

“The single chronicles the horrifying experience of impalement, and the ravenous joy Prince Vlad relished from his forests of impalement. The artwork for the album is oil paintings by our drummer Bas. Bas is sort of obsessed with Napoleon Bonaparte, and there are at least two more songs about the French Emperor to be released in the coming years.”

AxMinister leads listeners through history with “vir fortis” as they examine the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, and the story (along with the myth) of Vlad the Impaler. Their songs are historically accurate and they aim to tackle three things: History, self-improvement, and the ecclesiastical realm. According to them, they need to tell the world that great men have walked before them, great power lies within your souls, and that there is something bigger than yourself. Live your life any way you please, but remember, you will one day be held accountable.

Your history lesson awaits, the video for “Vlad the Impaler… Forests of Impalement” can be seen and heard via its premiere on Bravewords HERE.

“vir fortis” is out on May 11, 2023. It is recommended for fans of Megadeth, Manowar, and Judas Priest.

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L – R – Bas – Drums, Nick – Vocals/Bass, Steve – Guitar
Photo Credit – Maribeth Chabot – Shootingstarr Rock & Roll Photography

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“From the drop of the first note, AxMinister pull their ax from stone, brandishing it mightily and powerfully as they dish out shredding sharpened riff after sharpened riff. Thrown in to the mix are face melting solos as well as ever present charging drumming as well as very solid very infectious vocals. Each of the five tracks present within this release are woven together well to provide you with a cohesive and well rounded sound that you will have a hard time getting out of your head. With The Crucible Of Sin, AxMinister gift you with five highly addictive and highly entertaining tracks that you keep coming back to.” – Cadaver Garden (2018)

“this EP (The Crucible of Sin) is just some good ol’ fashioned beer and pretzels Heavy Metal in the vein of bands like Manowar” – Metalcrypt (2018)

“The Crucible of Sin is a great thrash/traditional metal album, showing strong influences from Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica to full effect.” – Hellbound (2018)

“an exciting piece of Thrash Metal. It has a unique touch to it that allows the EP to be memorable, whilst the guitars make it very enjoyable.” – Noizze UK (2018)

“The stair-step cultural guitar to snare combinations for “The Trials of Hercules” brings out the Manowar fan in us all – while the speedy double kick locomotive aspects to closer “Sanctus Equitus Mortis” surely keep the ears pinned for a closer…It’s clear that you have a solid set of musicians and keen songwriting abilities – so if you want something a bit more dramatic and adventurous in your thrash airings, AxMinister could be that difference maker for you.” – Dead Rhetoric (2018)

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