“Crafting The Cosmos: James Monteith on TesseracT’s Sonic Alchemy, Revealing The Secrets Behind The Band– Exclusively On Metal Lair!”

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Written By Douglas Kindt & Christy Lee

Fifteen years in the making, the saga of TesseracT unfolds like a finely orchestrated symphony, with each member—guitarists Acle Kahney and James Monteith, drummer Jay Postones, vocalist Daniel Tompkins, and bassist Amos Williams—contributing their unique prowess to the atmospheric djent realm. From celestial harmonies to roaring rhythms, their discography reads like a divine manifesto, seamlessly blending aggression with introspection in a way that defies convention. Now, with the unveiling of their 2023 effort, “War of Being,” the quintet proves once again why they reign supreme in prog-metal’s upper echelons. ‘War of Being,’ from virtual realms, to literary escapades.

TesseracT released War of Being September 15th 2023. This isn’t just an album—it’s a whole interactive experience. Dive into the sci-fi odyssey with their accompanying game, available on Steam. Lead singer Daniel Tompkins not only lends his voice to the music but also leads the charge as director and designer of the game, showcasing his passion for both music and gaming. And if that’s not impressive enough, bassist Amos Williams is crafting a novel inspired by the same captivating universe. Talk about turning passions into masterpieces!

In a chat with James Monteith, we delve into the depths of their creative process and what lies ahead for the ground breaking collective.

Hey there! Doug and Christy from Metal Lair, thrilled to be here chatting with James Monteith from TesseracT. Thanks a ton for carving out some time from your packed schedule to hang out with us.

ML: Which bands are your main influences?

JM: Across the band there are a wide range of influences, but for simplicity we’ll go with meshuggah, Pink Floyd and Duran Duran.  

ML: What made you guys decide to be the one djent band where the bass was as prominent and audible as the guitars?

JM: Bass is as important an instrument as guitars and should be given it’s space in heavy music as it is in other genres. Justice for metal bass!

ML: You can hear every note of the bass. How do you get your tones to mesh so well?

JM: Many hours of crafting tones.

ML: What is the bands writing process? Do you write your stuff on midi?

JM: For the most part the writing is done by Acle in his home studio, but all members contribute ideas and get involved with song development. On WOB a few ideas came from wine fuelled jam sessions.

ML: Do you write drums or riffs first?

JM: It varies but usually riffs.

ML: How have you come up with such a percussive style?

JM: Listening to lots of Meshuggah. 

ML: What is your creative process for figuring out the “aesthetic”of a release, both visually and sonically?

JM: Exploring far extremes of the human psyche.  

ML: How do you get such a crazy stuccato pause in your playing?

JM: Valuing tightness in the same way shredders value speed.  

ML: What are your favorite songs to play?

JM: Smooth operator by Sade and Carry On Wayward Sons by Kansas. But out of TesseracT songs all of them are fun to play.  

ML: Whats the most difficult song to Perform?

JM: Eden, Singularity or Eclipse.  

ML: What led the band to choose a tesseract as your logo, and what was the significance behind the connection?

JM: It’s an artistic interpretation of a Tesseract designed by Amos. We think it’s cool!

ML: What advice would you give bands that are starting out and trying to more traction for shows, tours and general audience?

JM: Be yourselves, don’t buck to trends, get your hussle on, and make sure to enjoy all the good moments as much as possible 

ML: As your latest album, “War of Being,” continues to captivate audiences with its passion and ambition, fans are eager to know what lies ahead for TesseracT

JM: So are we… Let’s see what happens.

ML: Where do you see yourselves ten years from now?

JM: Realising our stage production dreams 

ML: Fan Question –  What is the story behind Legion? There’s a lot of religious tones behind it so l’m wondering if it has any relation to the meaning behind the lyrics

JM: The story is however the listener interprets it. However as some people often confused for Jesus, I can confirm that the song is not about me.

ML: Any last words to your fans?

JM: Thanks for your support, we can’t wait to see you in Australia!!

Thank you so much! Its been a real pleasure! As our conversation with TesseracT comes to an end, we’d like to extend our heart felt gratitude for James Monteith for sharing his insights, experiences and passion with us. We’re left inspired by the bands dedication to pushing the musical boundaries. Keep rocking! We cant wait to see what incredible music you guys bring to the world next.

Buy War of Being Here:

“Natural Disaster”
“The Grey”
“War Of Being”

TesseracT Tour Dates:
4 MAY 2024 SAT
The Croxton Bandroom
Thornbury, Australia
5 MAY 2024 SUN
The Croxton Bandroom
Thornbury, Australia
7 MAY 2024 TUE
Lion Arts Factory
Adelaide, Australia
9 MAY 2024 THU
Magnet House Night Club
Perth, Australia
11 MAY 2024 SAT
Aliwal Arts Centre
Singapore, Singapore
13 MAY 2024 MON
Bangkok, Thailand
15 MAY 2024 WED
MoM Livehouse
North Point, Hong Kong
16 MAY 2024 THU
The Wall Live House
Taipei, Taiwan
18 MAY 2024 SAT
Shibuya City, Tokyo, Japan
19 MAY 2024 SUN
Shibuya City, Tokyo, Japan
27 JUN 2024 THU
Jera On Air 2024
Ysselsteyn, Netherlands
27 JUL 2024 SAT
RADAR Festival 2024
Stretford, United Kingdom

Tesseract Online:

Website Facebook X Instagram YouTube Spotify Bandcamp

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