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Descend Into Darkness With ETHEREAL VOID’s Death Metal Single “The Voiceless”; New Album “Gods of a Dead World” Out May 2023

Behold Ethereal Void, a triad of malevolence hailing from the dark corners of Ontario, Canada. Their macabre melodies blend together the harmony of death metal with a sinister groove and progressive flair, all in worship to the gaping maw of the void. Born from the emptiness beyond time and space, they defy the norms of mortal ears with a sound that defiles all that has come before. They are ready to unleash their third album “Gods of a Dead World”, which promises to be unlike anything they have done before. They are now streaming their second single “The Voiceless” and share the background of the track:

“Conceptually, this song is about a mass exodus of people from another realm, silently venturing onward to an unfathomable destination. It is definitely one of the more chaotic songs on the album, countered by what could generously be called a thrashy riff in the chorus. The theme is a little more abstract, dealing with a mass exodus of people in a different existential realm.”

Ethereal Void are inspired by the darkness alive within humanity and within the universe as a whole. Throughout their discography, they explore the concepts of entropy, decay, void, and ruin. This third album diverges from their first two and they expect that it will be a welcome change for existing fans. It is more raw, visceral, and primitive than before.

“Gods of a Dead World” is a dark and heavy exploration of war, suffering, and demise. It is recommended for fans of Gojira, Septic Flesh, and The Design Abstract.

Listen to “The Voiceless” via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

“Gods of a Dead World” is due out May 26, 2023 via Abstrakted Records.

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Lyric Video – Seeds of Hatred –

Track Listing:
1. Overture to Annihilation (1:35)
2. The Faceless (2:59)
3. Seeds of Hatred (3:44)
4. The Art of Ruination (2:48)
5. Psychosomatic Suicide (2:59)
6. Decay (Interlude) (0:46)
7. Return to the Void (3:34)
8. The Brown Stone Spire (2:32)
9. Gods of a Dead World (5:49)
Album Length: 26:50

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