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Domination Campaigns New Album ‘A Storm of Steel’, Out January 12, 2024

Jason Peppiatt – Vocals, guitar, bass
Joe Haley – Drums, recording, mixing and mastering

Album Artwork By Jason Peppiatt

The returning Australian death metal duo, comprised of Psycroptic’s Jason Peppiatt and Joe Haley, are in fine (and punishingly heavy) form on their sophomore full-length. Domination Campaign has retained the thematic core of their debut album, ‘Onward to Glory‘, with tales of the real world tragedy of warfare and conflict, rejecting sensationalist narratives and focusing on the devastating human cost involved.

The second DOMINATION CAMPAIGN album picks up where their debut left off – in fact, the writing and recording for A Storm of Steel was largely complete by the time 2021’s Onward To Glory was released. The brainchild of Psycroptic vocalist, Jason Peppiatt, DOMINATION CAMPAIGN are back and flying the flag for Tasmanian death metal once again.

Having enlisted Psycroptic bandmate Joe Haley for Onward To Glory, the winning formula was retained when work began on A Storm of Steel. Jason laid down vocals, bass and guitar tracks, whilst Joe took care of drums, recording, mixing and mastering. Whilst they’ve not strayed too far from the core death metal sensibilities of their first ride out, A Storm of Steel is a more melodic affair featuring guitar harmonies (and even a guitar solo), whilst simultaneously being heavier overall.

Lyrically the album is inspired by tales of war, but unlike other bombastic war-themed albums out there, DOMINATION CAMPAIGN don’t seek to glorify battle. Instead they depict the atrocities experienced – both on a grand scale and the more personal, intimate terror of conflict. The artwork by Jason continues this theme, bringing a visual element to the dirty, gritty reality of life in the trenches.

Uniting old school death metal values with modern production, DOMINATION CAMPAIGN have crafted an eight-track heavy metal odyssey that follows in the footsteps of the likes of Bolt Thrower, Sinister and Deicide. With more than two decades of experience under their belts, DOMINATION CAMPAIGN have refined the art of bringing fetid tales to life in the great tradition of death metal.

PREORDER DOMINATION CAMPAIGN’s A Storm of Steel via Prosthetic Records HERE

Track Listing:

1.Time To Die
2.The Iron Beast
3.Winds Of Death
5.Storm The Lines
6.Pit Of Disease
7.141 Days Of Terror
8.Death Landing

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