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Epictronic Records Signs STORY ABOUT ILLUSION and Announces Release of the Album “Perfect Equilibrium”

Epictronic Records is excited to announce the signing of the newest sensation in the rock scene, Story About Illusion. The band, heavily influenced by the 90’s metal and punk scene, is set to release their album “Perfect Equilibrium” on March 3rd, 2023 and it’s guaranteed to turn heads and rock the music world.

The band’s mastermind and songwriter recounts his journey to creating Story About Illusion, “As long as I can remember, my passion has always been creating things. I was the kid who spent hours in his room drawing cartoons, while others played football. At 15, I discovered my love for music, particularly the drums and guitar. I was mesmerized by the Nu Metal and alternative music that dominated the late 90s.Bands like Korn, System of a Down, The Offspring, and Green Day left a lasting impression on me. This eventually led me to songwriting and forming a band. The ability to transform emotions into chords and melodies was a whole new dimension for me.

Years went by and as an adult, the band’s founder was occupied with work and other responsibilities. But, in 2018, he found himself at a point in life where he questioned his history and reflected on his youth. This moment sparked a new wave of inspiration and in a short period of time, he had enough material for a full-length album. Story About Illusion was born.

In 2022, the band got in touch with Epictronic Records and the rest is history. “Perfect Equilibrium” is a continuation of the band’s story, one that is sure to capture the hearts of rock fans everywhere.

Check out STORY ABOUT ILLUSION on Spotify: and stay tuned for more information on the upcoming album release.

“Perfect Equilibrium” cover & tracklist

1. Time to Sleep
2. Story About Illusion
3. Echo
4. Automatic Machine
5. No Morality
6. Bury It
7. Paradigm
8. The Apostate
9. The Real Scrooge
10. The world is against me
11. Guardian
12. Obsolete
13. Bandages

Check out the album’s teaser here:

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