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Finnish Dark Acoustic, Prog Folk Band Nobody released a new Father of Lies EP

Promo pic by: Mikke Strandberg


Tuomas Kauppinen – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric bass, accordion, congas, electric guitar, contra bass, keyboard, djembe & triangle

Finnish one-man dark acoustic prog folk rock band Nobody released a new EP Father of Lies. This four track EP is once again released in cooperation with Inverse Records.

Listen to Father of Lies single on steaming services:​

The man behind Nobody, Tuomas Kauppinen comments the EP and tracks:

“The Father of Lies violates us every day of our lives, feeding us with hatred and fear, rewarding acquiescence with even more brutality. The further we give in to his reckless demands, the further he will tear our souls apart. He is a psychopathic god who will never stop, unless we say “no”. And we will say “no”, eventually. It will not be a revolution of guns and bloodshed that will liberate us from his grip, but a revolution of our hearts.

The Divine Marquis

The marquis de Sade was a deranged bastard, without doubt. He bound up sex workers, whipped them bloody and imprisoned them in his chateau, forcing them to watch as he masturbated on religious icons. But this was not the reason why the status quo locked him up for the greater part of his life. The reason was that de Sade wrote about what the upper classes did in their free time, how they raped and tortured vulnerable people for their pleasure. Napoleon Bonaparte, that pitiful midget who thought he would grow bigger by enslaving Europe, saw de Sade as a threat because he wrote what he saw. And if you think that times have changed, that no longer truth-speakers are persecuted for speaking out, you are fatally mistaken.

Chain of Events

Karma means reaction. For every action there is a reaction. Bear that in mind the next time you bitch at a clerk in the supermarket, just because your boss made you feel like shit at work. What are you doing in a workplace that makes you feel like shit anyway?


Love is impossible to describe. We all want it, but it takes sacrifices beyond what most of us are willing to make. Love easily destroys you, too, if you make too many sacrifices, in the wrong ways. Then love will rot and turn to hate. Every goddamn poet writes about love, but have they taught you anything about it, in the truest sense of the word? If they have, let me know. I still can’t describe love.

House Uphill

My home country is filled with depressed, suicidal and even murderous souls who can’t have access to help except in the form of pills that numb their minds, make them fat, deprive them of their sleep, make them impotent, psychotic, incoherent and disagreeable in infinite ways. No real help is available, unless you kill someone or almost kill yourself, at which point it’s too little, too late. We are nothing but cattle to the Father of Lies, and he doesn’t care about our well-being as long as we keep making him profit. This is the story of one of those animals who never had a chance, was never given a chance, and who was buried among the rest of the discarded livestock, without a flower on their grave to ease their decomposition.”

Cover art by: Don Satyr Max

Track list:
1. The Divine Marquis
2. Chain of Events
3. Alliance
4. House Uphill


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