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Fixation – Norwegian Metallers Drop New Single, Flat Earth

Photo by: Anine Desire

Fixation is:
Jonas Hansen – Vocal
Martin Selen – Guitar
Tobias Østerdal – Guitar
Martin Gravdal – Bass
Ola Dønnem – Drums

With exceptional vocal performances, heavy guitar riffs, electronic elements and an incredibly catchy chorus; Norwegian metalcore act, Fixation release their brand new single “Flat Earth”. This captivating track showcases a more pop-oriented sound compared to their previous releases, while it remains true to their signature hard-hitting and atmospheric essence.

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Fixation’s unique blend of electronic elements, stadium rock, and post-metal, combined with their emotionally charged and thought-provoking lyrics creates a rollercoaster of melancholic aggression that leaves audiences wanting more. They made their first appearance in 2020, and has since then positioned themselves as one of the most promising new international acts. Garnering high praise from notable media outlets like Kerrang Magazine and BBC Radio 1 they have earned a reputation for their raw talent, and impactful music.

Fixation will be releasing their highly anticipated debut album “More Subtle Than Death” September 8, as well as appearing at festivals such as QStock (FI), Download (UK) Raumarock (NO) and Rock Imperium (ES). In addition to festival appearances, Fixation joined forces with acclaimed musician Devin Townsend on his European tour earlier in 2023. In October, Fixation is set to join Annisokay on tour, on what will be their second European tour in 2023.

“It`s a huge sound from a band that’s going to be absolutely massive” Kerrang! Radio

Fixation states:
“Flat Earth is a track that delves into the minds of people who persuade themselves into believing conspiracy theories. People that are so centered around their own perception of the truth that they refuse to see it any other way. The lyrics sums it up: Even if they see it, they probably won’t believe it.”

Watch the video here

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Norwegian metalcore act Fixation first appeared in 2020 and quickly made a name for themselves with the release of their debut EP “Global Suicide”. The EP received high praise from media, and Metal Hammer Norway stated: “Sounds like a million dollars. There is so much talent here that it is almost touching, and what an amazing vocalist this band has in Jonas Hansen! It is simply a revelation. Wow!!”

Their next single “Stay Awake” was released in 2021 and it managed to capture the attention of notable international media outlets such as Metal Hammer (DE), Kerrang! Magazine (UK), Kaaoszine (FI) and BBC (UK).

In 2022, they continued to build their reputation with the release of “More Alive” and “Claustrophobic” and performances at notable festivals like Tons of Rock (NO) The Great Escape (UK), Summer Breeze (DE), as well as tour dates with well-established acts like Leprous, Smash Into Pieces and Djerv, continuing to receive praise from media.

“It’s super-hooky well-crafted modern rock that pulls in metalcore, post-hardcore and stadium rock, and will tick all the right boxes that fans of Bring Me The Horizon, Thrice and Thirty Seconds To Mars will connect with immediately” – Kerrang! Magazine

“Jordan from Bring Me The Horizon texted me and was like what band was that, what was that song called? Says a lot!” Daniel P. Carter / BBC Radio 1 Rock Show.

In 2023 Fixation will continue to solidify their position as one of the most promising and rising bands in the rock and metal scene, and there is a lot on the agenda. Fixation will be releasing their debut album as well as appearing at festivals such as Eurosonic (NL), Download (UK) Prognosis (UK and NL) and Rock Imperium (ES). To add to the already impressive year, Fixation are currently on a massive European tour with the highly acclaimed musician Devin Townsend, which began in in February.

Touring with an act like Devin Townsend is a significant accomplishment and an indication of their rising popularity. Fans will have the chance to witness the raw talent and energy of Fixation and the legendary musicianship of Devin Townsend live, in what promises to be an unforgettable tour with high-energy performances and exceptional music.

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