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German Heavy Metal Outfit Vulture Unleashes “Realm of the Impaler” Video / Single

Photo by Evil Live Photography

L. Steeler – vocals
S. Castevet – guitars
M. Outlaw – guitars
A. Axetinctör – bass
G. Deceiver – drums

Sentinels Full-Length Nears Release On Metal Blade Records

Watch VULTURE’s “Realm Of The Impaler” video HERE

German heavy metallers VULTURE will unleash their fourth album, Sentinels, upon the masses on April 12th via Metal Blade Records. In anticipation of the release, today the band drops the fiery new single, “Realm Of The Impaler.”

If there is one band that combines a classic approach with fresh ideas and an expansive joy of playing to honor their ancestors from the likes of early ExodusMetallica, or Slayer, then it is VULTURE

Blabbermouth once hailed the band for breathing, “fresh life into the peerless sounds of the ’80s metal underground,” adding that, “while there are countless bands taking a similar approach, very few of them have either the songwriting chops or the inarguable conviction that this band keep delivering in massive, choking quantities.” Defenders Of The Faith Metalconcurred, “Their musical chops are such a force to be reckoned with; if they wanted to, they could form a traditional/prog metal band on the side, but they won’t. They’ll continue to subtly incorporate elements of such without losing their way.”

On SentinelsVULTURE proves once again that tradition and further development are not mutually exclusive, but on the contrary can lead to something extraordinary that leaves no headbanger untouched.

In direct comparison to the last album, Dealin’ Death, we’ve picked up the pace again noticeably,” says guitarist Stefan Castevet. “We’re bolder and a bit wilder again. It was important to us to be catchy and to include choruses that stick. Of course, we’ve basically retained our style, but we’ve defined the framework of the songs more clearly.”

VULTURE again recorded with Marco Brinkmann in his Hellforge Studio where there were also some innovations. “We had a clearly structured daily routine, a normal working day with set goals in which we could focus purely on recording the songs. Our previous recordings were a bit less organized which resulted in working overtime for everyone involved at the end. This is one of the reasons why Sentinels is the best sounding VULTURE record to date!

Comments Castevet on the band’s latest single, “‘Realm Of The Impaler’ shows our musical roots in classic heavy metal. Lots of twin guitars and melodies paired with driving drums and a dark atmosphere. The song proves that we are much more than a typical ‘hit it’ thrash band. Lyrically, the song deals with the infamous figure Vlad Tepes: His name a curse, his tongue a whip!

Watch VULTURE‘s “Realm Of The Impaler” video at THIS LOCATION.

Watch VULTURE’s previously released video for “Unhallowed & Forgotten” HERE.

Sentinels will be released on CD and digital formats as well as vinyl in the following color variants:

Crystal Clear w/ Black Smoke (US)
180g Black (EU)
Blood Red & White Splattered (EU – Ltd. 200)
Bright Red White Marbled (EU – Ltd. 700)
Special Edition Bundle w/ 12″ (Midnight Blue Marbled), 7″, Patch, Photo, Poster (EU – Ltd. 500)

Find pre-orders at:

3/14-17/2024 Underground Resistance Festival – Göteborg, SE
4/11/2024 Don’t Panic – Essen, DE * Record Release Show
4/12/2024 Bambi Galore – Hamburg, DE * Record Release Show
4/13/2024 Hühnermanhattan – Halle, DE * Record Release Show
4/26/2024 SWR Festival – Barroselas, PT
5/10/2024 Huginns Awakening Fest – Ostende, BE
5/30 – 6/1/2024 Muskelrock Festival – Alvesta, SE

A devastating Teutonic speed attack forged in the blazing fyres of the Ruhrpott!” — Yorck Segatz, Sodom

VULTURE strikes again! From technical finesse and fast-paced riffs to catchy choruses and laid back groovers, Sentinels delivers forty-one merciless minutes of electric ecstasy straight in your face! A refined and perfectionized successor to 2021’s Dealin’ Death that strikes with unchallenged power!” — Max Mayhem, Evil Invaders

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