Kataklysm Releases New Formidable Track “Die As A King” Off Their Up-Coming Album Goliath

Die As A King,” the latest single released by the illustrious purveyors of melodic death metal, Kataklysm, is a powerful track that showcases the band’s signature intensity and musical prowess. “Goliath” is set to be released on August 11th, 2023. This song sets high expectations for whats to come.

Die As A King” emanates an unyielding and thunderous sonic tapestry, expertly woven by the virtuosic musicianship of Kataclysm. From the very outset, the song ensnares the listener with its scorching and relentless energy propelled by the resolute and thunderous rhythm section orchestrated by the indomitable bassist Stephane Barbe and the percussive dexterity of Max Duhamel. Their cohesive and precise playing intertwine seamlessly, driving the song forward with an inexorable momentum.

Guitarist Jean-Francois Dagenais delivers a barrage of razor-sharp riffs and searing solos that exhibit the technical mastery of his instrument. His playing is an arsenal of scintillating and incisive riffs, igniting a pyre of fury that blazes with technical craft. 

The vocals of Maurizio Iacono is nothing short of awe-inspiring. His delivery of ferocious growls and impassioned screams, exudes a commanding presence, endowing the lyrics with venomous and resolute conviction. 

Sonically “Die As A King” is a testament to Kataklysm’s meticulous attention to detail, boasting a pristine production that impeccably balances the raw aggression of their sound with a crystalline clarity. 

In its entirety, “Die As A King” stands as a tantalizing glimpse into the sonic majesty that awaits within the realms of Kataklysms forthcoming album, Goliath. 

Vocalist Maurizio Iacono shared the following:

‘Die as a King’ is the prequel to the first single ‘Bringer of Vengeance,’ the song shows the fall of King Richard I ‘Lionheart’ and the message is one of standing tall for your convictions until the end, even when facing certain death. The song embodies some of the KATAKLYSM melodic trademarks with a brutal undertone and groove-ladened rhythmic section that intertwined with each other.

As the band’s 15th studio effort, Goliath was produced and engineered by J-F Dagenais, though Chris Clancy and Colin Richardson mixed and mastered the entire thing. The album will feature 10 new tracks in total.

1. Dark Wings Of Deception
2. Goliath
3. Die As A King
4. Bringer Of Vengeance
5. Combustion
6. From The Land Of The Living To The Land Of The Dead
7. The Redeemer
8. Heroes To Villains
9. Gravestones & Coffins
10. The Sacrifice For Truth

Goliath will be released on August 11 via Nuclear Blast Records, though you can preorder and/or presave your copy today.


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