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LanzerRath Post Full Stream of “Nebular Collapse: The Dissolution of Order and Meaning”

LanzerRath is:
I – Lyrics, Vocals
II – Music, Vocals, Production
III – Vocals
III I – Vocals
III II – Art, Design
III III – Vocals, Mellotron
III III I – Vocals

The full 20-minute version of the new song from black metal horde LanzerRath is now streaming.

“Nebular Collapse: The Dissolution of Order and Meaning” is a 20-minute journey into darkness that can be found on the band’s split release with Shroud of Despondency, out May 10 on Northern Spire Productions.

LanzerRath’s “I” comments on the song, “The song is a cosmic odyssey that traverses the depths of nihilism and the search for meaning in a universe indifferent to our existence. With a backdrop of the sun’s enduring flame and the decay of mortal coils, the lyrics challenge us to find significance in the fleeting moments of life.

“It’s a journey through time, space, and consciousness, where the ultimate liberation lies in embracing the cosmic explosion—the final release from the erosion of eternity. This song is not just a musical piece; it’s a philosophical inquiry into the essence of being, a tesseract of thought nestled in the infinite expanse of oblivion.”

The split is now streaming in its entirety via Metal Insider. Listen now at this location.

Order the split now at

In 2018, founding members “I” and “II” created LanzerRath. A grassroots vision that pays homage to pioneers of black metal through four albums of pure energy and raw emotion. Now in 2024, LanzerRath brings us their magnum opus on cosmic nihilism.

Using their signature metal maelstrom to convey the insignificance of human life among the vast vacuum, ensorcelled by chaos, LanzerRath delivers it all. Compelling atmospherics, aggressive riffing, blast beats, and scathing vocals produce a uniquely dynamic soundscape. With themes of madness, misery, and mystery propagating their almost Lovecraftian universe. If that wasn’t enough, they’ve also paired up with the northern black metal act Shroud of Despondency to round out the split.

Shroud Of Despondency/LanzerRath Split Tracklist:
Shroud Of Despondency:
1. The Source of Multiversal Degradation
2. Celestial Venom
3. Nebular Collapse: The Dissolution of Order and Meaning

Stream previous LanzerRath releaseson Spotify.

Northern Spire Productions


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