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LIVE NATION Ends Artist Merchandise Cuts Nationwide

Live Nation’s latest initiative, “On The Move Once More,” has hit the stage in collaboration with the iconic Willie Nelson to champion emerging artists and the dedicated teams that bolster their careers.

At the heart of live music, emerging artists grace the intimate stages of clubs, a rite of passage for nearly every musician. In a realm where small venues account for approximately 70% of annual shows in the United States, their significance cannot be understated, as noted by Pollstar’s live music charts.

Yet, as touring expenses continue to soar and fluctuate, these hardworking artists bear the brunt of the impact. While the music industry enjoys unprecedented growth, Live Nation is unwavering in its commitment to further fortify the careers of these gifted performers and the tireless crews that labor behind the scenes.

Willie Nelson, a living legend, emphasizes the importance of supporting fellow artists: “Touring is crucial to artists, and if we can extend a helping hand to others, we should. This program will touch the lives of thousands of artists this year, making the journey a tad smoother.” Remarkably, Nelson has generously lent his iconic track, “On The Road Again,” as the program’s anthem.

Throughout the year’s remainder, the “On The Move Once More” initiative aims to inject tens of millions of additional dollars into the pockets of club artists and their crews by:

Live Nation’s clubs will invest in emerging artists by offering $1,500 in travel and gas allowances for each performance, in addition to regular performance compensation. Moreover, these clubs will waive merchandise selling fees, ensuring artists retain 100% of their merch earnings. Recognizing that travel costs often devour artists’ nightly profits, Live Nation’s support will alleviate this financial burden, enabling artists to continue captivating audiences in cities across the nation.

The initiative extends its gratitude to the unsung heroes behind the scenes—the local promoters, tireless tour reps, and dedicated venue crew members. “On The Move Once More” acknowledges their relentless efforts with financial incentives, embodying the essence of grit and dedication that drives the industry. Additionally, the initiative pledges $5 million to Crew Nation, offering a lifeline to industry crew members facing unexpected hardships.

Michael Rapino, president and CEO of Live Nation Entertainment, underscores their core mission: “Championing live artists is our foremost objective. As the live music industry thrives, our commitment to supporting artists at all stages of their touring journey remains unwavering, especially those emerging talents in clubs. In the words of Willie, this is about making it a bit easier for thousands of artists to continue pursuing their passion: performing for their dedicated fan base.”

“On The Move Once More” is a collaborative masterpiece, drawing from Nelson’s extensive experience on the road and insights gathered from touring artists, their teams, and venue operators. Importantly, all the benefits stemming from this initiative are derived directly from the venues’ existing earnings, with no impact on consumers.

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