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Metal Lair’s Bands Of The Year 2022

You are going about your day to day when you hear a song playing that immediately pulls you in and grabs your attention. You turn up the volume and want to explore who it is so you descend down the rabbit hole.

You experiencechills and excitement as anticipation builds. You’re experiencing a heightened sense of euphoria which triggers a release of dopamine to the brain while you think, “wow, this song is fucking amazing!” Thats what really good music does for me, Ive always felt it very intensely. The lyrics speak to me as the crescendo builds. Music has the magic to in a sense take one back to a certain point in time and, for a few moments, allow one to experience memories, feelings, and emotions.

The term artist isn’t used lightly when describing your favorite band or musician. Musicians are creating profound and unforgettable pieces of art that will live on forever. They have the power to give you an escape. They become the sound track of a happy occasion or help someone get through a difficult situation. Music speaks to each of us in many different ways. The significance of music is unfathomable. This is why I do what I do to celebrate music in all its forms.

There are bands and artists you come across that leave an indelible mark that stays with you. We are very fortunate in that we have the privilege to work with and feature many extraordinary artists.

Those of us that work behind the scenes do so in order to help the bands get seen and experienced. To share their art with the world. We do this out of adulation and passion for music.

We have compiled a best of list of the top artists we have worked with this year. This is Metal Lairs inaugural best of list for the year 2022. Without further adieu, here they are in no particular order…


Leading the pack is the band Voraath. This is a modern metal band you should know about. They are a hidden gem because they are fairly new on the scene but they are rapidly gaining traction. They have their own unique brand of scifi, horror, experimental death metal music. The band features Brad Parris (Nile) on vocals and guitar, Joshua Nassaru Ward (Xael, Rapheumets Well) on drums, vocals and keys, along with Paul McBride (Implosive Disgorgence, Sweet Blood) on bass, and guitarists Daniel Presnell and Tylor Kohl.

Their music is both production wise and artistically grandiloquent. Each song takes you on a caliginous journey. Collectively this quintet work together like a well oiled machine bursting with creativity. These guys are visionaries. Their live shows are an immersive experience. This is definitely a band to keep on your radar.

Their latest music video is not just a visual background for their music. Its a cinematic adventure that can be described as chiaroscuro and noir. The video Amon The Judge is theatrically stunning. The song follows the hunters return, their trauma of loss, the brutal reprisal upon the remaining soldiers, and the final judgement of Edgar. Their journey explores the mental complexities of trauma and under what circumstances will good people commit heinous acts.


NE OBLIVISCARIS are a five-piece Australian progressive metal band from Melbourne. They just released a new song, Equus off their up-coming album Exul. They have announced that they will release their latest album through Season Of Mist on March 24. At the same time the quintet have announced European and UK tour dates for May and June with Andoran prog metallers Persefone, with support for the first part of the tour coming from Italian prog metallers Asymmetric Universe and the second half with fellow Australian proggers The Omnific.

This band is next level. Their sound is a fusion of classical, jazz and metal with complex lyrics and superior riffing.

The song Equus is the first new material in over 5 years and it comes with a very powerful message from the band. Heres what they had to say.

“‘Equus’ is dedicated to the lives lost during the lethal bushfires that scarred Australia in 2019-2020. Alongside the people who died or were affected, many millions of animals were killed or displaced from their natural habitats, the enormity of this is something that will never be forgotten, and should not be ignored. It is also a warning that the world we live in is changing from the damage we as a species have contributed to. Within this video, the dancer represents a scorched Mother Earth, from horror to humanity, ever in tune with the heart and flow of the song (and world), and ultimately aware of the inevitable and ever growing destructive cycle we are in.”


Wednesday 13 is a band that combines metal and horror which is a perfect matchmade in hell. They break barriers and create unique, theatrical experiences. One specific example is the addition to their body of work, Insides Out from the album Horrifier. With a chorus like scream for me, bleed for me cry for me die for me You know you’re in for a ride. The music video is like watching a really scary horror film with a colossal main riff, roaring with a searing chorus featuring slithering vocals and hair-raising guitar effects.


ATROCIFER has dropped their debut animated lyric video ‘No One,’ from their up- coming EP Devour The Yellow Heart. Atrocifer has seemingly appeared out of no where but boy does this song pack an existential punch!

Atrocifer is a progressive rock solo act out of West Palm Beach, Florida. All music for Devour The Yellow Heart was written and arranged by Joe Evin. Ending guitar solo performed by Shaun Rosario.

Progressive music happens to be one of my absolute favorite genres and this song has that in spades. You can hear musical influences from Opeth, The Beatles. Pink Floyd and Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree coming through. The lyrics are thought provoking, the orchestration is grandiose and the production is immaculate. I cant wait to see what comes out next!


What we have here is a fusion of Djent, death core, sci fi synth and progressive with odd time signatures. Polyrhythmic dual action guitars by Lee McKinney and Nick Rossi. Steady machine gun drum action from Cameron Loesch. The dexterity of Ronnie Canizaro’s vocals stand out and provide the icing on the cake. Joe Buras is a masterful composer on the keyboards and provides backing vocals, almost making it feel like a band with two vocalists.

Born of Osiris are still one of the most influential bands in the scene. The members are extremely talented and their song writing abilities are mastered and refined. They constantly reinvent themselves and love to surprise the listener with unexpected soundscapes.


SahilThe DemonstealerMakhija in my humble opinion is a criminally underrated, next level musician. Every project Demonstealer is involved in provides the impetus for success.” He’s best known for his work with Demonic Resurrection as well as Reptilian Death and various collaborations and solo projects.


Accept are German American heavy metal legends from the town of Solingen, formed in 1976. They are dubbed The AC/DC of Germanic metal. The last remaining original member is Wolf Hoffmann. Their beginnings can be traced back to the late 1960s, when the band got its start under the name Band X.

Their last album Too Mean to Die is full of music thats overflowing with sharp, crisp guitar work with in your face attitude. ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ is one such track, a storming opener that will pump you up. The zombies aren’t the horror movie kind, but rather Mark Tornillotakes aim at people addicted to their phones and social media.


Hungarian Atmospheric Black Metal Duo WitcheR have made this list. Lélekharang – meaning ‘soul bell’ – is the third album from duo and its steeped in the folklore and ancient beliefs of their homeland. The album artwork is dark and dreamy, their music is hauntingly beautiful. The last track on the album, Moonlight Sonata Op. 27. No. 2. I. Adagio Sostenuto cover blows my mind. Their dark and melancholy interpretation is stunning. The whole album is a brilliant fusion of classical meets ambient black metal. Most of the songs begin with a capella piano sections introducing the main motif before the drums, bass, guitar and vocals join the party.


Knim are Andrew Mawer (vocals/keys), Dennis Berry (guitar/keys) and Peter Nicholson (drums).

In the spring of this year Knim stepped from the shadows of their West Yorkshire home and presented their new music to the world. Their masterful new album When A Star Falls is an epic adventure both musically and lyrically, touched with magic. It opened a portal into another world with its entwining of progressive rock and grandiose metal. Since its release everyone has been captivated by its fresh, exciting sounds.

The title track off their album When A Star falls, conjures images of sorcery, castles and fairytales. The vocals seamlessly flow with the enchanting music. The lyrics take you on a journey into realms from ancient times filled with adventure, choppy riffs, atmospheric sounds and fantastical lyrics. This is a gorgeous album with impressive sound thats sure to engage you into a transcendental state filled with ensorcellment.


Instrumental metal bands aren’t usually my flavor. With that being said I was pleasantly surprised by CYDEMIDE’S new album The Descent. This album really pulled me in! Its a gorgeous symphony of metal meets classical. Its music for refined taste.

Olivier Allard’s doctorate degree violin performance is hauntingly beautiful alongside Camille Delage’s artful Phantom of The Opera stylings on the piano. The skilled hands of drummer Alexandre Dagenais blend perfectly with the other musicians and provide the backbone. Nico Damoulianos deep frequency pitch bass playing maintains a steady rhythm. Last but not least there’s Kevin Paquet’s guitar work with melody lines, instrumental fill passages and melodic motifs mixing classical and metal riffs. Although all the musicians contribute to the writing process, the main writers are Oliver Allard and Kevin Paquet. The bottom line is the music is brilliant and intriguing.


Greek metal titans ROTTING CHRIST formed in 1987. They are noted for being one of the first bands responsible for creating the signature Greek melodic black metal sound within this region as well as a premier act within the European underground metal scene. During their rehearsal era in the late 1980s, the band began as grindcore, but quickly shifted to playing black metal with a distinctive touch. Despite the band name, as a plot twist their music has evolved into a more “mystic” path. They utilize elements such as clean melodic baritone vocals, doom, gothic metal and industrial music traits.


Ohio’s gore, death metal break out band made up of Guitarist Cameron Boggs, vocalist Devin Swank, bassist Ced Davis and drummer Cody Davidson. They are the most hyped band in modern death metal today.

Despite just releasing their debut album Tortured Whole a few months ago the founder Cameron Boggs has stepped away from the band to focus on other things in his life and we support his decision, “said the band. Below is a video “Necrosexual Deviant,” their first effort without guitarist Cameron Boggs.


CHAOSEUM band hails from Switzerland. Described as a nu/metal-core band they have their own unique sound and theres always a different flavor found in each song. They constantly reinvent themselves while simultaneously reviving the nu-metal sound of the nineties with modern flare.

CHAOSEUM’S new album The Third Eye is definitely worth checking out. Theres talent here. The production is on point and you can hear the intensive hard work and detail they put into every song. The members are technically in synch and stay on tempo. Maybe what adds to their success and sets them apart is they have a strong bond of friendship and enjoy what they are doing. The Third Eye is a monster of an album, every track is full of adrenalin. For me the stand out song is the title track the Third Eye. I was very impressed with the way they juxtaposed middle eastern flair and vocals to classic nu metal instrumentation. Dance On My Grave, Welcome Home, My Wonderland and Sanctum Cinerem have thick, monumental sound characterized by distorted guitars, extended guitar solos and emphatic beats that aptly produce a recurring chaotic theme. The verses on Welcome Home are incredible but then the chorus kind of throws you off. The bridge on Satctum Cinerem is extraordinary and reminds me of The Hating by Korn. Unreal has very dark lyrical content with hidden messages. I’m still digesting it. Their music is showing why there’s an upsurge in their ever growing fan base in the metalcore scene.


L-R – Corey Wharton (Bass), Bradley Trivett (Guitar), Daniel Beavington (Drums), Stephen Atkey (Vocals)
Photographer Credit – Bradley Trivettj

If you’re tired of listening to the same old bands over and over again look no further. Its time to get excited about music again! Hunting Giants is a breath of fresh air! They are keeping the metal alive with their euphonious sound. Stephen Atkeys mellifluous vocals are exquisite. The band hails from Canada where a lot of hot new acts are burgeoning onto the scene. Every song off their new album, Mythos is incendiary and this album is a must have in your music collection.

Hunting Giants’ new album “Mythos” is the crowning achievement of many years of musical work, writing, and recording. The members of Hunting Giants all came from, and are inspired by elements from prog and grunge metal bands. The album’s goal is to grab listeners and amaze them with intricate woven stories, energetic riffs, and distinctive vocals. The album is meant to be an adventure, with each track having its own flavour and setting; the songs are worlds unto themselves.

Celestial Wizard

Comprised of guitarist Nick Daggers, bassist Dahlia McAluney, drummer Tim Gillman, and vocalist Amethyst Noir. They have a construct of authentic compositions and fantasy-based lyrics. Celestial Wizard is comprised of Formed in late 2017, Celestial Wizard brings a mix of fantasy and heavy metal. Theres elements of melodic death metal and traditional, power metal. Their music boasts of mostly clean Swedish death metal style growls vocals, cool riffs and killer beats. They have procured a sound thats both modern and retro at times. They have released their sophomore album winds of The Cosmos which has received wide spread praise and is fun to listen to.


RuinThrone are:
Vocals: Haedus
Drums: Francesco Comerci
Guitar: Nicolò de Maria
Guitar: Luca Grossi
Bass: Alessandro Finocchiaro
Keyboard: Giorgio Mannucci

If music has a medieval theme with a castle as a back drop and you throw in a dash of anything Tolkien you immediately have my attention. Powermetallers RUINTHRONE really broke the mold when they created the video for “I Am The Night.” Its exquisitely pulchritudinous and bewitching. The video is a visual and auditory peregrination.

Vocalist Haedus does an excellent job from start to finish. His singing is confident and powerful. He carries the song with charisma. The chorus is an epic maelstrom and the band works well together with skilled surgical precision. 

When you’re listening to them you’re immediately transported into another realm filled with magic and mythology touched with stardust. This band has the goods to go very far in their music career and I very much enjoyed the song ‘I Am The Night.’


Midwest brutal death machine Casket Robbery hail from Monroe, Wisconsin. Their music is filled with a barrage of thick riffs, double bass, atmospheric and solo vocals, memorable choruses, crushing guitar and booming drums with demonic speed.

Their music video Post-Mortem from the album Rituals Of Death was filmed in the “Autopsy Room” at the historic Brodhead Manor, a well-known haunted schoolhouse. Brodhead Manor was built in 1906 as the first High School in Brodhead, Wisconsin. In 1939. The video has high creep factor and gore. As a a fan of horror film I thoroughly enjoyed this video.


“Indigenous black metal from the solitude of the Adirondack wilderness”, so goes the description of newcomers Blackbraid on their Bandcamp page but it does little to capture the authentic and unique experience of this new brand of black metal.

With most black metal you get the obligatory satanism and pagan rites but with Blackbraid you get stories of Native American history in a parallel to Alien Weaponry’s exploration of Maori culture. Blackbraid evokes the majesty and ferocity of classic Scandinavian black metal whilst infusing folk twists that create a sense of scope befitting an act that catapulted to the top of the Bandcamp charts.


Victoria K are an Australian Symphonic Metal band.

Symphonic metal bands tend to get a bad rap. Most people assume as soon as they hear the genre they are all going to sound like 90’s symph metal clones. With Victoria K this is definitely not the case. Their sound is very different. Good different.

The band is led by the super-talented vocalist Victoria Knight, who also wrote and arranged all the music for their new album Kore. Also with the help of music composer and producer Lee Bradshaw. Guitarist Troy Downward, drummer Gerry Pantazis and bass player Craig Newman. Kore really stands out for its strong folk influences and orchestral arrangements scored by Bradshaw which forge their prodigious and appealing sound.

Victoria was also nominated as ‘Best Vocalist’ in the awards named amongst the best vocalists of the symphonic metal genre.


Calgary-based, progressive space rock opera style band Arcana Collective. With a narrative spanning multiple albums, Arcana Collective blends sci-fi, mythology, and a study of human action in the face of adversity.

I had privilege of promoting this band on the website recently and was pleasantly surprised. They are very different from everything else out there. I love the pretty atmospheric, ambient sound and the vocalist has a very unique voice. Its one of life’s pleasures to enjoy really good music and this band fits the bill.


Wolves of Avalon are a haunting blend of timeless storyteling, evocative folk influences and rampaging black metal. Their videos are stunningly cinematic. The Wolves’ passion for their island’s history infuses every note of their songs. The band effortlessly captivates and transports the listener to ancient times; times of untarnished natural beauty, times of strength and honour but also times of blood and hardship.

Final Coil

  • Final Coil is Phil Stiles, Vocals, Guitar
  • Richard Awdry, Vocals, Guitar
  • Jola Stiles, Bass

When Im listening to music or searching for something new I scan through almost every genre as I have extreme eclectic taste so when I come across a band that constantly reinvents themselves in almost every song my excitement builds which brings me to this band.

Combing elements of post rock and progressive Final Coil produces groove riffs paired with melancholy harmonies. Some of their music is fused with a doomy, melodic, ambient sound. When watching their video Lost Hope you can tell the band are perfectionists as the end result is quite interesting. Everything in their body of work has a unique sound which I find very refreshing. This is definitely a band you want to check out.


Epoch of Unlight is a melodic death metal band from Memphis, Tennessee. The band formed in 1990. They are comprised of jason Smith, vocals, guitar, joe Totty, bass, Tino LoSicco, drums and john Fortier, guitar.

The wrath that is Epoch of Unlight is mighty. This band has put out several albums all of which received praise. They play a complex black/death metal mixture, fusing a bit of the Gothenburg melodic death metal feel with a very high degree of technical musicianship, with a technical, dizzying drum performance. Their latest release, At War With The Multiverse which is dubbed a comeback album did not disappoint and is seeing critical success.



Melissa Wolfe- vocals
Johnny Impact-bass
Cam Loud - guitars
Joe Mercy - drums
Mr. Goodbarz - keys
William Savant - vocals, guitars

Sepsiss is a multi Award-Winning female-fronted Hard Rock / Metal act from New England. The main focus is on the dynamic duo power couple Melissa Wolfe and William Savant. Melissa is a fusion of a modern day Betty Page, and a tamer version of Gen of the Genitorturers with the vocal range of Amy Lee. William Savant provides extreme backing vocals, growls and guitar. The two are often seen sharing a microphone during sultry renditions. The band as a whole perform very well together. Every member provides intricate balance and talent in their own right.

William Savant describes them as a modern day band and social media influencers that love to perform and show their fans a great time. They have a large fan following and a decent body of work. They also have an honorary member, Lexi who went from merch girl to growl trainee they plan on using in future endeavors. Sepsiss is a force dujour.

Sepsiss has a new album in the works. I got a sneak preview and its going to be a total banger. Stay Tuned!


Chris Stoz Storozynski – Lead Vocals
Andy Songhurst – Guitars
Kieron Rochester – Bass and Vocals
Chris Bone – Guitars
Kev Rochester – Drums

The inimitable Forged in Black is a heavy metal outfit from Essex UK. They are in the extreme metal arena. Since their inception in 2007, they’ve taken huge strides musically and carved out a niche with a sound all their own. They play old school heavy metal with a modern twist. They have skilled precision, technicality and production. This band should be a staple in your music archives as they dont disappoint.


L-R – Sinnery- Saar Tuvi (Bass), Alon Karnieli (Guitars and Vocals), Idan Kringel (Lead Guitar), Matan Carlos Mandelbaum (Drums)
Photo Credit – Or Shankerman

“Forged by the love for metal and hatred for anything else.”

Sinnery is an Israeli four-piece blackened thrash band. You can hear multiple influences play and these guys are very talented players. The band has released their second album Black Bile. Their songs are complex with multiple flavors going on. With impressive beats, relentless riffs and aggressive and abrasive lyrics.


Brandon Bauer (guitar), Cameron Kellenberger(vocals), Brent Nimz (drums), Jamie Damrow (lead guitar), Steve Sheppard (bass guitar)

Rock certainly isn’t dead. As you groove to CARBELLION’s new single ‘Listen For Ghosts,’ Their high octane number rips through your speakers and gives you feel good vibes reminiscent of days gone by when the rock genre was on top and the moniker of rockstar actually meant something. Cameron Kellenberger’s vocals are powerful and melodic as he belts out catchy well written lyrics. Both the guitar and bass playing by Jamie Damrow and Steve Sheppard provide skillful rhythm and flow that make you want to jam the air guitar and head-bang. The precision percussions blasting out from Brent Knimz hands that are seemingly on fire pull everything together. I highly recommend pre-ordering their new album Weapons of Choice!


Kansas City’s Dreams in Peril are a five-piece groove-driven and dynamic death metal/hardcore act out of Kansas City. Combining crushing grooves with cinematic soundscape melodies, the band brings a huge dynamic that has been captured on the upcoming album ‘Ascending’.


Rachl ‘Raxx’ Quinn – vocals
William Lloyd Walker – guitars
Aaron Robitsch – guitars/keyboards
Luci Rae – bass
Bones – drums

The Sacramento-based quintet GRAVESHADOW deftly mix symphonic/gothic metal with elements and influences from a variety of styles to create something epic, progressive, melodic, and powerful.


Hailing from the Emerald Isle and based in the hills of Co.Donegal these Irish Viking Metal/Norse Pagan Rockers, REN MARABOU AND THE BERSERKERS, deliver their own take on this powerful genre with a high energy stage show and anthemic, contemporary stylings. The band’s new album ‘Tales Of Rune’ was released on July 1st, 2022.


Solitary are a thrash metal band with atmospheric black metal themes. They are from the United Kingdom and formed in 1994. They’ve been delivering the high thrash energy for over 3 decades and continue their reign of terror in the metal scene.


Consecration is a Serbian rock band from Norwich. Their unique sound incorporates elements from various musical genres earning them a growing fan base in the region.


Depressive Witches are a band from that sound like mix of black’n’roll, heavy metal, and classic rock. Their new album Distant Kingdoms has s theme which is focused on epicness, battles, and exploration of new worlds.


Violet Blend is branded an Italian alternative metal band however I hear traces of symphonic metal. They reign in Florence, Italy. The band is made up by Giada Celeste Chelli (vocals and piano), Ferruccio Baroni (bass) and Michel Agostini (drums).

Giada Celeste has an incredible voice. The orchestral composition and lyrical content are good as well. They are a young band but I see the potential for them to mature and grow in time. With Giada at the helm the skies the limit. I can see this band flying high in the future.


L-R: Korrosive Lineup | Carlos Rodriguez (Bass) | Kaveh Afshar (Drums) | Rad Zarei (Vocals) | Jack Neila (Guitar) | Derek Solomos (Guitar)

Korrosive is an unapologetic, and high-octane headbanging unit that has crushed many mosh pits around their hometown of Toronto, ON Canada. They are known for pushing the boundaries with roots in thrash and meshing elements from more extreme metal such as death and grind to break down wall after wall that enters their path.


L-R – Stretch (Guitar), Jesse (Vocals), Corey (Bass), Tylor (Drums)

Dead Velvet is a Nu-core band from Montreal Canada. They are a fresh new band that blends a bouncy, contagious, genre-crossing sound with a heartfelt poetic retelling of personal experiences.

I hear echoes of obvious musical influences, yet they are original. More importantly, I hear passion and love of music flowing throughout this impressive composition. I’m looking forward to hearing a lot more from this band…this is exciting stuff!


Féleth, from northern Norway. They are a provocative sounding band best described as melodic death metal with a healthy dose of technical death metal added in. The lyrical themes are often inspired by things that vocalist Espen Dagenborg finds massively wrong such as politicians waging war, being greedy, and also how humans can be extremely hateful against others. Then again there are also songs that are somewhat purely fictional, mostly showcasing his lyrical style.


Members: Dallas Toler-Wade, Ed Rhone, Phil Cancilla, Chris Dupre, Sterling Junkin

Albums: Delirium Tremens, Narcotic Wasteland

Narcotic Wasteland founded by ex-Nile guitarist Dallas Toler-Wade long-standing 18-year member of the brilliantly Egyptian-themed metal band, Nile. Dallas started Narcotic Wasteland while he was in between tours with Nile. For Toler-Wade, who is the primary songwriter for the band, the main goal is to give the listener music and lyrics that are deeply emotionally charged. Anger, sadness, and triumph are put to music the best way he knows how.

Inspired mostly by thrash metal and classic metal, Narcotic Wasteland is becoming more thrash and speed and less death metal and they write material that is meaningful and powerful.


L-R – David Kupisz – Rhythm Guitar, Colin Ryley – Lead Guitar, Marlee Ryley – Vocals, Scott Degruyter – Bass

Canadian thrashers HYPERIA are a melodic thrash/death metal band known for their wailing vocals, shredding guitars, and fast, heavy songs fused lyrical storytelling. Narratives of darkness and horror that hint at deeper underlying themes haunt the listener. Husband and wife team, Colin (guitars) and Marlee (vocals) Ryley form the core of the band.


Band Lineup:
– Dmitri Alperovich – Guitar
– Eren Basbug – Keyboards
– Davidavi Dolev – Vocals
– Jure Lopatic – Bass
– Grega Plamberger – Drums and Percussion

Seventh Station is a progressive metal band based in Slovenia, led by Israeli Guitarist Dmitri Alperovich and Turkish Keyboardist Eren Başbuğ. Constructing their sound by fusing progressive metal with contemporary classical music. The band is formed between the Academy of Music & Dance in Jerusalem and Berklee College of Music in Boston.


The ocean is a vast, unforgiving world where things can go horribly awry. This is the topic of Eaten By Sharks’ latest single “Dead Weight” off the upcoming album “Eradication” – a technical death metal horror story that takes a deep dive into the gruesome possibilities that can result from daring to enter the untamed sea.

Eaten By Sharks new album which is a first Person horror experience, is a diverse combination of songs pulling from their influences in groove, death, tech, and thrash metal. Each song has something different from the next while remaining true to metal.


Line-up: Rachelle “Rocky” Moreau, Johnny Moore, Lance Hicks, and of course Kent

Dali Van Gogh is a female-fronted Hard Rock band from Halifax, Nova Scotia founded in 2008z They are known for their showmanship, originality, and musicianship, and have performed across Canada for over a decade.

With a sound that has been consistently called uniquely their own, Dali Van Gogh‘s influences are eclectic and varied, ranging from the hard rock origins of the grunge movement to the classics of musical theatre to the hard-core punk and metal of more modern times.


Nova Spei is a francophone progressive metal band that was formed in 2012 by Dany Soucy (guitar) (Dook, Legion) and in 2014 Nicolas Dumais (bass) and Dany Duplessis (vocals) joined the lineup. Stéphane Filion (guitar) joined the band in August 2018 while Julien De Carufel (drums) arrived in August 2021.


Foul Body Autopsy, from Leicester, United Kingdom are a band made up of of sole member and composer Tom Reynolds. FBA has been a part of UK’s extreme metal scene for over a decade now. The music is a fusion of symphonic black metal with blistering death metal elements. The music is adventurous, raw and a total triumph. His latest effort shows exploration into something deeply personal in a sea of despair. Check out the video below.


Vancouver, Canada’s OpusArise is an orchestral metal ensemble that brings together classical strings and metal rhythms to create luscious soundscapes to dissonant chaos. The quintet is Influenced by prog, neo-classical, and even extreme genres like black and death.


Line up: Wayne Allison – vocals, Justin Ruesch- guitars, Justin Keane- guitars, Alex Smick- bass

Malus Dextra hails from St. Louis, MO. where guitarist Justin Ruesch (former D-Railed/Brutal Harmony) resides, formed in 2017 after recruiting vocalist Wayne Allison (former A Strand of Fate/Victims of Life) with the intent to bring the world music that was not limited to boundaries of genre and subgenres. Although the core of the band is metal the music speaks to the masses for fans ranging from Killswitch Engage to Slayer to I Prevail.


Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Nihilist Death Cult is in-your-face punk rock that combines angry riffs. Bassist/vocalist Nick Sagias writes most of the music, but takes in input from his brother, drummer John Sagias and guitarist Ethan Bolduc. Those that get to witness Nihilist Death Cult play live can expect seasoned veterans going up on stage and putting on a show to match the energy of the music.


Norwegian one-man thrash band Tonic Breed was established in 2006 as a full-on thrash quartet that abruptly disbanded in 2019. With much thought by founding member Patrik K. Svendsen, he decided to take the reins to reinvent the band and keep its candle burning. The outcome is now a one-man thrash army led by Svendsen with support from metal friends to give metalheads raw, energetic hard-hitting thrash, with melodic and groovy elements.


Shores of Null stand out from their contemporaries with their ability to blend seemingly disparate elements into their sound, overwhelmingly heavy and soothing at the same time: blackened aggression stands alongside gothic-doom sections without either sounding out of place. Their music can be both melancholic yet majestic, made of chorale-like guitar textures across the instrument’s entire range, sustained by a powerful rhythmic section and punctuated by a refined mixture of clean and growled vocals, along with extensive use of pleasing vocal harmonies which have become the band’s trademark through the years.


After Evolution is a gothic, alternative symphonic metal act from the Czech Republic. The members are, Nikolette Olsson, (singer, composer) Michal Matzner (guitar), Adam Bittó (bassguitar), Vic Janas (drums)

Nikolette’s voice is velvety smooth, melodious and lyrical. The band is a symphony of metal sounds The blend of vocals and instruments are dulcet to the ears. Nikolette’s vocal stylings are reminiscent of Evanescences Amy Lee yet younger and hauntingly beautiful.

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