Metal Lair’s Seven Deadly Songs of The Week

Welcome to our “Seven Deadly Songs” series where we find out how deep the rabbit hole really goes and explore metal both past and present. Enjoy the trip!

1. Swedish powerhouse metallers In Flames, ‘End The Transmission’ off their new album Forgone via Nuclear Blast. This song takes you on a journey into another realm of a bleak existence of hopelessness that seems to uncannily run parallel to current times. Fantasy or existential crisis is the real question. Musically this song is a beast and happily dances around in my head on repeat. The band proves to be a champion heavyweight contender in the metal scene by taking no prisoners.

2. Coming in second is Arch Enemy with their theatrically stunning rendition of Poisoned Arrow off their new album Deceiver via Nuclear Blast. Renaissance meets metal in this dramatical production. The lyrics are a well written roadmap of a relationship gone awry and the female heroine has been stabbed in the back by a poison arrow. The song itself is full of rich layers and tones textured with Alissa’s signature death metal growls. The song is well written and the video is well done. This is what really great musical art looks like by professional musicians. Bravo!!!

3. Coming in third is Distant with their new song Heritage via Century Media featuring the multi octave extraterrestrial guest vocals of Lorna Shore’s Will Ramos singing the chorus. The song has a very dark lyrical theme ranging from memories of past abuse that soon morph into something sinister. The band pummels through your speakers with the ominous force of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. This is a band to pay close attention to.

4. Suicide Silence, Dying Life off their new album ‘Remember…You Must Die’ via Century Media. The lyrics ‘under a dying sun’ speak of a dying planet. This is a recurring theme among many artists who are very vocal about the cataclysmic effects of climate change and the desire to create awareness so we may make the necessary changes. I applaud them for using their platform for change. Eddie Hermida’s vocals are powerful and you can hear the passion and anger behind the message. Keep up the good fight guys!

5. Symphonic Deathcore giants Downfall of Mankind hailing from Portugal comes in at number 5 with this absolute beast of a song God of Nothingness via Lacerated Enemy Records. The lyrics ask an age old question and the vocals and band deliver a searing assault to your senses. The material produced by this band are extremely impressive. Downfall of Mankind is ferocious and I suspect we will be hearing quite a lot from them in the future.

6. UK death metal titans Memoriam, Rise To Power via Nuclear Blast. This is a super group founded by former Bolt Thrower singer Karl Willetts and Benediction bassist Frank Healy. The formula works very well and the music speaks for itself with these incredibly talented death metallers. Rise To Power reaches a level of new styles and moods weaved in to create a beautiful piece of music. This is the bands fifth album release. Feast your senses with Rise To Power and thank me later.

7. Last but not least, heres our seventh deadly pick of the week. Portuguese death doom band Oak have released Disintegrate off their new album titled the same via Season of Mist. Its haunting melodic intro leads into a plumage of deadly riffs, thought provoking lyrics and machine gun style beats. You can hear the classical influences in the featured song and thats what makes it so beautiful. Its a 44:28 minute escape from reality.

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