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Metal Sensation Disillusive Play Signs With Wormholedeath and Announces “Songs for the Non-Existent”


Vocals: Antigoni Kalamara
Lead guitar: Jim Knikos
Rhythm guitar: Fotis Trivizas
Bass: Michalis Mytilinis
Drums: Aris Dolianitis

You don’t have to wait for it anymore! It’s a fact!


Disillusive Play is excited to announce the signing with Wormholedeath label for the distribution and promotion of their second full album entitled “Songs for the Non-Existent”, which will be released in Spring 2023.

The album will include 11 songs.

For Disillusive Play there were never strict limits on the music style. The different influences of every member are put together and the final outcome can be described as hard/heavy rock with a metal attitude and some progressive nuances. However, if some influences should be mentioned, these would be bands like Queensrÿche, Conception, Marillion, King Crimson, Pendragon, and also more modern bands such as Halestorm, Stone Sour, Avenged Sevenfold and many, many others.

After a very hard working and tough period, Disillusive Play is coming back with some very strong inspirations that deal with several aspects of society, everyday life, and feelings. A wide range of thoughts is revealed concerning criticism, racism, inequality, persistence, weakness, unfulfilled dreams, family, past relationships, life choices, suppressed souls, despair, and hope.

Music is unity! This is the motto that also unites the members of Disillusive Play. A no-destination journey with the sole goal of writing and producing the music of their hearts and communicating it to our fans, pure, unfiltered, and full of energy in every live. Disillusive Play is a band based in Athens, Greece that has been together since 2014. Disillusive Play music can be considered Melodic Progressive Metal.

Disillusive Play has a strong presence in the local live scene with many lives together with well-known artists and bands such as: “Gus G”, “Newman”, “La Tulipe Noire”,” The Silent Wedding”, “Meden Agan” and many more, together with a powerful presence in local music festivals (Ladies of Metal Festival, etc) and club gigs.

“Open Arms” is Disillusive Play’s first full release. The album is featuring Johnny Thermos of “The Silent Wedding” on keyboards. The 9+1 compositions have a modern metal sound with progressive parts and nuances. “Open Arms” has been released in 2018 and is available for purchase and streaming on all major digital music platforms as well as in physical form.

The Band will release their new full studio album near the Summer of 2023.

The new album, entitled “Songs for the Non-Existent”, will feature Marios Karanastasis (The Silent Wedding) on the duet of the album, Bob Katsionis (ex. Firewind) on Keyboards, Iliana (Enemy Of Reality) in backing vocals, and guest appearance of bass player Panagiotis Bourazanis in one track.

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