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MISCREANCE Shares Mind-Bending Song, “No Empathy”

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Old school technical death metal revivalists MISCREANCEwill be reissuing their debut album, ‘Convergence,’ via Season of Mist on May 19, 2023! The album was originally self-released by the Italian newcomers in in September 2022. The band is now offering another taste of their debut record; listen to “No Empathy” at THIS LOCATION.

MISCREANCE comments: “The song’s about losing any kind of emotion ever felt, and while trying to change this chosen path, to start feeling something again, that sensation of emptiness grows more and more, letting you feel no joy, no sorrow and… No Empathy.”

‘Convergence’ will be re-released on three different colored vinyl as well as CD formats. The record is now available for pre-order HERE while you can stream it across all digital platforms HERE.

Artwork: James McCarthy

1. Flame of Consciousness (04:10)
2. Fall Apart (04:49)
3. Incubo (04:44) [LISTEN]
4. No Empathy (04:47) [LISTEN]
5. The Garden (04:03)
6. Alchemy (03:59)
7. My Internment (03:38)
8. Requiem for Sanity (01:27)

29 Apr 23 Belgrade (SER) Jugosped
30 Apr 23 Szerencs (HU) ExtremeNoiseFest
02 May 23 Prague (CZ) Modrá Vopice
03 May 23 Kassel (DE) Goldgrube
04 May 23 Aalborg (DK) 1000fryd
05 May 23, Copenhagen (DK) Youth House
06 May 23, Amsterdam (NL) The Cave
07 May 23, Geleen-Sittard (NL) Cafe’ de Meister
08 May 23 Hamburg (DE) Gangeviertel
09 May 23 Antwerp (BE) Kid’s Rhythm ‘n’ Blues Kaffee
11 May 23, La Sarraz (CH) La Bille
12 May 23 Turin (IT) Ziggy
13 May 23 Milan (IT) Black Inside
28 July 23 Pula (HR) GoatHell fest

Genre: Old School Technical Death Metal
FFO: Atheist, Pestilence, Death (mid/late-era), Cynic (demo-era), Obliveon, Hellwitch, Nocturnus, Chemical Breath

Though many have tried, few bands have successfully replicated the mind-bending technical death metal formula that was established during the genre’s advent by the Godfathers of DEATH. That is until Italy’s Miscreance entered the ring in 2022 with its debut full-length, ‘Convergence.’ Unlike tech death contemporaries who are known for speed and extremity, Miscreance artistry lies within its carefully executed precision, underscoring the focused discipline behind the music’s eloquent complexities.

Miscreance is a project reborn from the ashes of Atomic Massacre. As the former band’s members decided to change the course of their stylistic direction, they felt it was time for a rebirth, changing the name as well. In 2018, the band released its first demo, ‘From Awareness to Creation,’ which was originally co-produced by Red Wine Rites records in Switzerland and limited strictly to 100 copies.

Shortly after the demo release, the band ceased their search for a singer upon realizing that drummer Andrea F. was exactly what they were looking for, so they exhumed three songs from the pre-demo era and recorded a split with death metal grind-crushers Vile Apparition (AUS), released in late 2021.

In 2022, Miscreance made its debut with its first full-length, ‘Convergence,’ which took almost five years to complete. The offering quickly garnered the attention of Season of Mist, who formed a union with the emerging band and is now reissuing the full-length for worldwide distribution as the old school tech death revivalists prepare to unleash a sophomore offering onto the masses.

Recording Line-up:
Andrea Feltrin: Drums/Vocals
Andrea Granauro: Guitars
Tommaso Cappelletti: Guitars
Emiliano Zinà: Bass

Guest musicians:
Marco Scattolin: Keyboards/Synth
Todd Wilson: Spoken Words

Current Line-up:
Andrea Granauro: Guitars
Jean-Claude Rossignol: Bass
Andrea Feltrin: Drums/Vocals
Tommaso Cappelletti: Guitars


Mixing + Mastering: Marino De Angeli

Recording studio: Bridge Produzioni Audio & Studio, Susegana (TV), Italy

Stream here:
Pre-order here:

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