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MØRKE OG LYS releases first video for debut album Lethal Sphere

If you’re into underground ambient dungeon synth then this band is for you. MØRKE OG LYS’s new video Tanacetum Vulgare (Tansy) is like stepping through a looking glass back in time. The video is filmed in iconic black and white which adds texture to the renaissance theme. Recorded in 2022 at Hellas (Greece) by Hildr Valkyrie and shot at Parnitha mountain in Attica Greece.

The first official video by MØRKE OG LYS features the second track (Tanacetum Vulgare – Tansy) from the debut album Lethal Sphere.

The Sorceress Èrkyna, is hunting for rare herbs to gather for increasing her powers by making magical potions to use for her Sorcery. After the gathering of the herbs she is making an ancient Rite to thank the old Gods and Goddesses for their gifts of nature using the same knife that cut the herbs to gain more energy from the steel. Lying down at the roots of a very old tree to rest her mortal body and continue her journey to the magical path of Sorcery of darkness and light…

Dark Age Productions – America’s oldest dungeon synth label is pleased to announce the debut cassette album release of ‘Lethal Sphere’ by Mørke Og Lys (darkness and light).

This one woman dungeon synth project is based in Greece and was founded by Hildr Valkyrie. She is known from her many collaborations during the years as session vocalist in black metal and dungeon synth bands such as: Emyn Muil, Elffor, Helrunar and many more.

The debut album features 11 hymns where each track is named for a plant species known for it’s use in witchcraft.

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