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Necrofier Drive Deeper into Darkness on ‘Burning Shadows in the Southern Night’

Bakka – Vocals, Guitar
Semir Ozerkan – Guitars
Dobber Beverly – Drums
Mat Valentine – Bass

Burning Shadows in the Southern Night is the new album from American black metal band Necrofier.

“The goal going into the new record was to start setting ourselves apart from our contemporaries”, says drummer Dobber Beverly. To create that gap, Necrofier decided to go back to doing things the old-fashioned way. Together, all in one room at Brooklyn’s Studio G, surrounded by a vintage Neve interface and a trove of Telefunken and Neumann microphones, the band recorded all day and all night for 10 days straight. Maybe that sounds like overkill. But how else are you supposed to capture the throat-slitting leads of “Whispers That Burn in the Dark”?

It doesn’t hurt that the album was produced by Joel Hamilton, who’s been nominated for multiple Grammys. Necrofier are from Texas, but Hamilton brought out a devilish glimmer in their guitar tone that you typically don’t get from black metal. “Destroying Angels” is the exact kind of road anthem that you want to hear come on the radio when you’re out looking for a night of debauchery, muscled along by a riff so nefarious that it sounds like you’re being dragged through the gates of hell.

Granted, Necrofier are big gearheads, too. Christian Larson is a maniac when it comes to collecting effect pedals and while people often recognize him from Oceans of Slumber, Dobber was also behind the kit for grindcore legends Insect Warfare.

01. The Fall from Heaven (03:24)
02. Total Southern Darkness (05:43)
03. To the Wolves (03:54)
04. Forbidden Light of the Black Moon (05:20)
05. Destroying Angels (05:09)
06. Whispers That Burn in the Dark (04:40)
07. The All Seeing shadows (04:44)
08. On Wings of Death We Burn the Sky (03:50)
09. Call to the Beyond (04:29)
10. Burnt by the Sacred Flame (06:00) [WATCH]
Total Running Time- 00:47:12

Deep within the scorching cauldron of Texas, the alchemists of Necrofier have brewed another potent dose of American black metal with their sophomore full-length, ‘Burning Shadows in the Southern Night.’ The Houston four-piece honors the time-tested virtues of traditional black and heavy metal, even taking an organic sonic approach, tapping seven-time Grammy-nominated producer and engineer Joel Hamilton (Unsane, Tom Waits, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, etc.) to lend his magic touch for a natural sound.

“The goal going into the new record was to start setting ourselves apart from our contemporaries,” explains Necrofier drummer Dobber Beverly. “One of those ways was changing what the record sounded like. Moving away from the clinical and sterile nature that most productions suffer from and back into a real room with real instruments and performances. Our friend and esteemed producer/engineer Joel Hamilton had expressed interest in venturing back into the metal world and offered to make the record with us at his facility, Studio G Brooklyn. With a full vintage Neve front end and a host of Telefunken and Neumann microphones we tracked a record the old way, mostly. The results will speak for themselves hopefully, as this record breathes and spits fire wherever it’s played.”

“Joel is one of the world’s best engineers,” adds Necrofier guitarist and vocalist Bakka. “Dobber and Joel have become good friends since they recorded the last Oceans of Slumber album with him. After that, Joel wanted to record something heavy, so we made the trip to New York City to record in his legendary studio. It was an amazing experience in a great studio; besides having all the gear, he also created an environment where we challenged ourselves and brough everything up to the next level.”

‘Burning Shadows in the Southern Night’ doesn’t just simply pick off where Necrofier’s debut album left off, but displays a conscientious effort to double down on the elements that made ‘Prophecies of Eternal Darkness’ successful. The solos are more plentiful and intricate, the hooks are more anthemic, and the overall musicianship is bolder and more daring. Speaking of the band’s evolution, Bakka explains, “I think this collection of songs represents us very well. We have grown together as a band and it shows in the new songs. Also, for this record we flew to NYC and recorded all day long for 10 days straight. I love recording this way because it captures a certain magic. The whole band is immersed in the process and it’s all we would think, do, live and breathe during the process.”

Another core facet of Necrofier’s allure is being a black metal band from Texas. “Where you live always helps shape someone,” says Bakka. “It helps shape our style and tone in ways, it’s hot most of the year, so as we burn, it gives us warmer tones and more of a heavy metal influence than when compared to our brothers from the North. Also, Texas has a style all of its own; everything is heavier, louder and we are always trying to outdo the rest of the world.”

To that avail, Necrofier isn’t your typical black metal band, and so this isn’t your typical black metal record as there’s a healthy amount of traditional metal influences, particularly within the guitar work. While conceptually, the band doesn’t heavily rely on Satanic themes, exploring deeper human philosophies and the occult like burning for your dreams or spiraling out on a psychedelic trip and exploring the beyond. “While there isn’t overt satanic worship in the lyrics, I would still say that he is a friend of ours,” Bakka cheekily says. “There are Occult themes on this record, but at the same time, it does take a philosophical approach.”

Further illustrating the influence of their environment, Necrofier also heavily explores one of Southern America’s most fabled myths. “The new record touches on selling your soul at the crossroads,” adds Bakka. “I like to take a different approach and touch on the elements of the esoteric world and dive into the forbidden or hidden that surrounds us in our lives every day.”
As the Texan black metal outlaws saddle up for record two, they are leading the charge as one of the contemporary purveyors of black metal revivalism. ‘Burning Shadows in the Southern Night’ is certain to elicit a sense of nostalgia for those who dare to lay ears on this vicious new offering.

Guest Musicians:
Cammie Beverly (Oceans of Slumber) – Vocals on “The All Seeing Shadows” and “The Fall From Heaven”


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