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New Album Drown in Ash By Black Metal Band ETERNAL HELCARAXE Out Now!

Eternal Helcaraxe is a black metal band from Cavan, in the Republic of Ireland.

Eternal Helcaraxe has released their 3rd studio album Drown In Ash.

Listen to the single for this album ‘Where Dead Things Roam Free’ here:

This album is about the dark and emotive battle with depression, feelings of desolate bleakness and loss.

Our new album is release by Naturmacht Productions –

Track Listing:

  1. Withered Strands Of Existence
  2. Drowned In Ash
  3. Where Dead Things Roam Free
  4. None Of It Mattered
  5. Ice Cold Winds
  6. Cease
  7. In Dark Woods And Dreams

Helcaraxe” is a place in Middle Earth from Tolkien‘s The Silmarillion. In Elvish, it means “The Grinding Ice”.

Band Members:
Praetorian – Guitars, keys and vocals
Oceans -Bass and vocals

Eternal Helcaraxe online:

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