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New Video Premier ‘Voices In My Head’ By VIOLET BLEND Out Now!

Award winning Violet Blend are an Italian alternative metal band, featuring awe-inspiring female vocals, rich sonic power, and unbridled energy. Founded in Florence Italy during 2014, they are critically acclaimed worldwide.
Since releasing their second full-length album in April of 2022, the band have returned with a new single and music video entitled Voices In My Head. The song is about insecurity, fear and doubt of not being up to something. It’s a furious urgency to get rid the chains that hold us back and thoughts in our heads which prevent us from living freely. Are you ready to be free?

“Our music video portrays the lonely and delusional life of a woman admitted to a mental health center,” says lead vocalist and composer Giada Celeste Chelli. “The fear, delirium of a life lived in chains, and the fluctuating flow of time, are all key concepts in the song and video, especially as it runs faster and more erratically. In the video, she is terrified of the passage of time and the situation is getting worse because she knows when the time is up, she will never be able to be sane again. The doctor and nurse are completely indifferent to her needs, ignoring her. Instead, their presence and lack of action add more negative voices screaming in her head. The room is covered with all the words that she hears, so she writes everything on the walls to exorcise her fears to alleviate the pain. The empty white and bright room represent a sense of abandonment, anxiety, and pressure in a world that doesn’t care about her. The written words repry day to introduce ourselves to one another.They also represent the inner struggle that we carry out every day to make room for ourselves in the world, seeking affirmation.”

The new single Voices In My Head by Violet Blend is an inner conversation that screams instead of whispering. The song is about insecurity, fear, and doubt in yourself. Sometimes you feel like time is slipping away and all you hear is the voices in your head that are trying bring you down. It’s a furious urgency to get rid of all those chains that prevent you from living freely and accomplishing your dreams. The blindfold on Giada’s eyes that we can see in the music video and cover art for the single, represents the blindness to which we are induced when we allow negativity to overwhelm us.

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Violet Blend discography
Demons (LP) – 2022
White Mask (LP) – 2018

Violet Blend lineup
Giada Celeste Chelli (vocals, piano), Ferruccio Baroni (bass), Michel Agostini (drums)

Giada Celeste Chelli (lead vocals, piano & orchestration), Alexi Robert De Medici (guitars), Ferruccio Baroni (bass), Michel Agostini (drums & vocals)

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