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Mayhem Festival Set To Announce Their Return Next Week

Rumors are circulating about the potential return of the Mayhem Festival sometime during the week of May 27. In the realm of hard rock and metal, this hints at a resurgence in popularity for these genres.

The Mayhem Festival, a traveling heavy metal festival held in the summer, debuted in 2008 and subsequently became an annual fixture throughout the United States. Occasionally, a lone date in either Montreal or Toronto, Canada, was added to most editions.

The festival’s Instagram story recently featured an intriguing image of a Skeletor-esque face alongside the caption “Announcement Next Week,” accompanied by Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth.” The original post has sincevanished.

While speculation about its return has surfaced over the years, no concrete plans materialized until a brief reprise in 2020, when Ash Avildsen and the Sumerian Records team took on the challenge of resurrecting the festival, alongside managing other events like The Summer Slaughter Tour.

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