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Norway’s Féleth Now Streaming Their Technical Melodic Death Metal Album “Divine Blight” (Mixed and Mastered by Christian Donaldson(Cryptopsy)

Féleth, from northern Norway, is now streaming their second album “Divine Blight”, which they see as a solid step up from 2020’s “Depravity”. They take on real-life events and put them to provocative music best described as melodic death metal with a healthy dose of technical death metal added in. The lyrical themes are often inspired by things that vocalist Espen Dagenborg finds massively wrong such as politicians waging war, being greedy, and also how humans can be extremely hateful against others. Then again there are also songs that are somewhat purely fictional, mostly showcasing his lyrical style.

As Féleth was the continuation of a former thrash metal band, IronBound, it’s natural to say that they started out as a thrash death band. As the then-young boys started to discover the joys of death metal the sound evolved more toward that. Along with the newfound joy came the struggle, for death metal wasn’t easy to play. After finally mastering the ways of death metal and having released “Depravity” disaster struck. The now not-so-young boys had developed a taste for technical death metal and big hooks. When the time came to work on “Divine Blight” they already had a handful of finished songs to choose from, each one a work of art – melodic, technical, brutal art. The band comments:

“After getting signed with our new label “Rob Mules Records” and playing some pretty sick gigs at both Buktafestivalen and Tons of Rock, we’re super stoked to release our new album “Divine Blight”. It was a long and tedious process of selecting, practicing, and recording, but the result will speak for itself. Our best album thus far. It’s a collection of stories based on the dystopian path humanity is set on. We felt that throughout this new journey of an album we’ve refined our songwriting and successfully achieved a style that’s not only ass-whoppingly brutal, but also more complex emotionally and lyrically. It is clear that we’ve got multiple influences and styles throughout the album which all contribute to a massive sonic package. It’s definitely a death metal album with some subtle takes on some of its many subgenres. Two and half years after our debut “Depravity” we’re ready to present ‘DIVINE BLIGHT’.”

The album was mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy)and the album artwork was done by Kahinienn Graphix. The Northern Norwegian technical death rock is recommended for fans of Fit For An Autopsy, Inferi, and Soreption.

The album “Divine Blight” comes out on November 11, 2022, and can be heard in full before its official release on Metal-Rules HERE.

Music Video – Majesty –

Visualizer – Avarice –

Lyric Video – USA ft. Petter Carlsen –

Track Listing:
1. Majesty – 03:46
2. Caretaker – 03:58
3. Riven – 03:51
4. En Elskovsdans – 03:10
5. The Serpent – 03:32
6. Casanova – 03:35
7. Deadlands – 04:26
8. Absence – 04:09
9. USA – 05:32 ft. gust vocals Petter Carlsen
10. Avarice – 05:33
Album Length: 41:37

Album Credits:
All songs performed by Féleth
Guest vocalist Petter Carlsen on USA
All songs written by Féleth
Produced by Féleth
Mixed and Mastered by Christian Donaldson
Assistant Engineer Jonathan Mazzeo
Album Artwork by Kahinienn Graphix

Live and Album Lineup:
Espen Dagenborg – Vocals
Thomas Nyvoll – Guitar
Alexander Stamnes – Guitar
Brage Ingebrigtsen Westgaard – Bass
Aleksander Alsen – Drums

For more info:

““Majesty” is an exciting introduction to the differing styles and techniques that Féleth intertwine in their songwriting, drawing together ingredients from technical and melodic death metal in a white-hot rush that nevertheless is home to some bone-smashing grooves. “Avarice” puts those genre ingredients on display again, but expands the musical palette and makes the song an even ore multi-faceted and atmospheric experience. With no room to gasp a breath, the song explodes in a flurry of fleet-fingered, fret-leaping guitar work, neck-cracking drumming, and flame-throwing vocal intensity. But groaning chords and shrill, eerie melodic overtones also create dark and deleterious moods, building tension and fear. While the vocals are utterly unhinged in their madness (and doubled in the chorus for extra intensity), squirming guitar arpeggios create a different dimension of insanity, coupled with agony, and martial drum patterns and a misery-steeped closing solo add to the song’s relentless dynamism. On top of all that, the song also punches like a heavyweight fighter.” – No Clean Singing (Divine Blight 2022)

“Feleth is gaining a name for itself despite only being around for a couple of years. They are developing their sound and their technical ability rapidly and this release shows that development, especially in songwriting where they bring different elements in to add color. An excellent example of melodic/technical death metal and worth anyone’s hard-earned cash.” – My Global Mind (Divine Blight 2022)

“Depravity the newest album from Feleth is one brutal album full of riffs and hooks to keep even the most particular entertained. Feleth mix the roots of the Norwegian metal scene, with the death metal tone they strive for to create some well crafted blackened death metal, similar to that of Shadow of Intent.” – Metal Injection (Depravity 2020)

“With a melting pot of ideas, yet rooted in delivering a head-smashing and neck-destroying style of metal, Féleth are aggressive newcomers to a scene that constantly looks to surprise… Féleth deliver heavy and extreme noise so very well.” 9/10 – Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life (Depravity 2020)

“straight up heaviness and brutality, tech offerings and melodic atmopsheres, and enjoyable groove.” – Dead Rhetoric (Depravity 2020)

“Féleth: Transcends the traditional limits of the genre…” – (Depravity 2020)

“9/10 “Féleth offer an edge-of-your-seat experience that is both fresh and captivating.” – Metal Inferno (Depravity 2020)

“Féleth does death metal fast and aggressive, reigning in their impressive technical chops for maximum impact, keeping their riffs (and songs, for that matter) relatively short and to the point. They strike a pretty even balance between chunky chords and caustic melodies, most of which are designed to coax headbanging than to impress with virtuosity. The album is front-loaded with catchy bangers, saving the more technical and weird bits for the latter half.” – Tolet Ov Hell (Depravity 2020)

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