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OAK Shares Music Video for New Song, “Disintegrate II”

Photo by Catarina Rocha

Portuguese death doom duo OAK is now presenting a blistering new music video for “Disintegrate II,” which is the second single from their upcoming full-length, ‘Disintegrate.’ ‘Disintegrate II’ is an extraction taken from the full album, which in true doom metal form, consists of one devastating 45-minute long song. The clip can be found at THIS LOCATION.

The band’s choice to incorporate fire and ash into their video is to represent one of the earth’s most devastating and cleansing elements, contrasting their choice of snow used in the clip for “Disintegrate I.” ICYMI: The clip can be found HERE.

OAK comments: A circle of fire surrounds a pillar of blood that dissipates into the air. The red ashes float lightly and scatter the soul across the flames. This excerpt “Disintegrate II” explores the darkest emotions in a violent, earth-shattering approach.”

Pre-sales for ‘Disintegrate are now live HERE while the album can be pre-saved on streaming services HERE.

The artwork for ‘Disintegrate’ was created by Belial Necro Arts and can be found below along with the tracklisting!

01. Disintegrate (44:48)
Running time: 44:48

Genre: Atmospheric death doom metal

With the birth of their first full-length album ‘Lone’ in 2019, atmospheric death doom duo OAK emerged from Portugal with a slow and steady force, like roots breaking concrete. After four years of slumber, the band has awakened like the old gods, ready to release utter suffering and devastation onto the masses with its sophomore effort, ‘Disintegrate.’ For nearly 45 unforgiving minutes, this mournful maelstrom drags the listener asunder, while tormented growls and agonizing riffs echo deep despair within the atmospheric abyss. 

OAK’s path was forged by two kindred musicians; the mysterious pair recognized that they were an unstoppable force together when it came to creating painful, emotionally driven music. “We always wanted it to be a duo because of how fluid our jams have always been and this freedom we get when writing for OAK is really one thing that drives us,” explains the band.

The writing process took place under the cover of darkness, setting an intimate mood for the record’s creation. The pair worked with a totally clean slate, writing everything organically in their sessions together rather than coming with prepared compositions or ideas. As project took shape and began to come into its own identity, it yielded OAK’s agonizing and ferocious sound.  “We can have clean guitars, clean vocals, distortion, deep grunts, whispers, slow beats, blast beats, ghost notes and all this glues together nicely,” says OAK of the project’s many textures and layers.

Thematically, ‘Disintegrate’ tells the epic tale of a Titanic Giant who seeks to be unburdened from carrying the weight of the world, demonstrating that even the strongest have a threshold for just how much pain and heaviness they can endure.

However, the story doesn’t end here as this is only the first chapter of the Giant’s tale. “We are continuing our jam sessions and writing more and more. We will grow further with each release in the attempt of making our sound almost visible/cinematic. We need to tell the story of this giant’s burden and liberation through our music and lyrics. We feel like there is much more to be told.“Lineup:
Guilherme Henriques – Vocals/Guitars
Pedro Soares – Drums

Recording line-up
Guilherme Henriques – Vocals/Guitars
Pedro Soares – Drums
Lucas Ferrand – Bass

Recording studio: Stone Sound Studio
Producer/Mixing engineer: Ricardo Oliveira
Mastering studio and engineer: Stone Sound Stydio by Ricardo Oliveira

Cover Artwork: Belial Necro Arts

Photo credit: Catarina Rocha



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