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OBSIDIAN SKIES Share Their Sci-Fi Saga With 11-Minute Epic “Rebirth In The Stars” Off Upcoming EP “Saturnian”

Obsidian Skies, hailing from Colorado USA embark on a wild progressive melodic death metal journey through space, and on their upcoming debut EP “Saturnian”, share the trials, tribulations, and hope with their listeners through the concept record. The second single from this offering is “Rebirth In The Stars”, telling of humanity’s new colony established on Saturn and the emotions of those who remember those left being on a dying Earth. Riots and insurrections damage the colony, and the resulting martial law sends them into further darkness.

Musically this song has a much darker quality to it than the opening track “Celestial Age”, relying heavily on parallel minor chords. Much of the song also has a more technical feel to it, drawing inspiration from classical-era music. The harsh vocals are much faster in this track, giving many sections a very frantic feel. The tempo of the song as a whole is higher as well. The orchestra is featured heavily in this track, with a four-minute orchestral section in the middle of it. The track explores much of the thematic material introduced by the traditional metal instruments. Rhythmically, this song features many changing time signatures and some metric modulation to shift between tempos. Obsidian Skiescomments on their process:

“This is the song where we really established our sound. We allowed ourselves to explore the studio aspect of the band more than we had previously. Writing an 11-minute song wasn’t something we set out to do, but the song evolved organically. We didn’t write this song “front to back”, instead often adding parts in the middle where we felt they better fit a transition or belonged thematically. It is the darkest, most technical song of the three, and explores more of the dystopian side of the concept. We challenged ourselves in the instrumentation, and we definitely felt we became better musicians by writing and recording this song.”

Obsidian Skies’ lyrics draw inspiration from science fiction and fantasy. Each of their songs tells a story, and in this first release, all the stories take place on Saturn’s moon, Titan. Tim Watervoort (guitars/basses/vocals) writes the lyrics with Logan Dougherty’s (guitars/piano/orchestration) input. Completely collaborative, they both value each other’s input and trust each other musically. No part of the song goes into the final product without both of them in agreement on it. From their time in their previous band Endlight, they really learned how to communicate with each other.

The cinematic, story-driven melodic death metal is recommended for fans of Insomnium, Opeth, and Fleshgod Apocalypse.

“Rebirth In The Stars” can be heard via its premiere on Metal-Rules HERE

The EP “Saturnian” is being released on October 14, 2022.

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Previous single – “Home”

Track Listing:
1. Celestial Age – 6:58
2. Rebirth in the Stars – 11:19
3. Home – 5:52
EP Length: 24:10

EP Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Obsidian Skies (Logan Dougherty and Tim Watervoort)
• All songs written by: Obsidian Skies (Logan Dougherty and Tim Watervoort)
• All Lyrics written by: Tim Watervoort
• Produced by: Obsidian Skies (Logan Dougherty and Tim Watervoort)
• Mixed by: Tom MacLean
• Mastered by: Tom MacLean

EP Band Line Up:
Logan Dougherty – Guitars, Piano, Orchestration
Tim Watervoort – Guitars, Basses, Vocals


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