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Otep Releases New Single “Ostracized”

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OTEP are back with a new single, “Ostracized,” from their forthcoming album The God Slayer.

Nu metal icon Otep Shamaya and her band will be releasing their new record on September 15. This is the second single released from the forthcoming album, the first being her cover of Billie Eilish’s “You Should See Me in a Crown.”

“This dynamic musical masterpiece was forged in the fire of unadulterated rage, with an edge sharpened by an ear-shattering blend of high screams, death growls, and guttural vocals, galvanized by gritty guitar, pounding drums, and a face-melting solo, courtesy of Vigil of War guitarist Kiki Wong.”

Presave The God Slayer here, and preorder the physical album here.

Preorder the physical:

Track list:

1. My Violent Appetites
2. Ostracized
3. Good 4 U
4. Exit Wounds
5. You Should See Me In A Crown
6. The Way I Am
7. California Girls
8. Pet
9. Territorial Pissings
10. Star Shopping
11. Purity
12. God Slayer

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