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Out Next Week: Out of the Mouth of Graves – Shrines to Dagon

A uniquely suffocating brand of dissonant cavernous death metal that refines and perfects the style developed on the band’s debut.

An otherworldly offering of complex atmosphere laden death metal that will please fans of Portal, Ulcerate and Impetuous Ritual.

Out on Vargheist Records on April 10th.

Artist: Out of the Mouth of Graves
 Shrines to Dagon
Release Date: 
April 10th, 2023
 Cavernous Dissonant Death Metal
Formats: Compact Disc, Digital
 Vargheist Records
 South Carolina, United States
$12 Compact Disc, $6.66 Digital

Album Credits:

Justin Vølus: Vocals, Lyrics, Concepts, Art Recolor, CD Inlays
Nicholas Turner:
 Lead Guitars, Mixing, Mastering, Intro & Outro
Jared Moran:
 Drums, Bass, Main Rhythm Guitars
Front Cover Artwork: Kumislizer Design

Track Listing:

1. Visions of the End (01:11)
2. Shrines to Dagon (03:25)
3. The Depths of Unseen Psychosis (03:38)
4. The Void Staring Back (03:49)
5. Tendril Veins Escaping to Claw (03:45)
6. Injected With Mania (03:54)
7. Paralytic Gaze (03:46)
8. Requiem Inversion (04:25)
9. Signal Deception (03:22)
10. Swarmfeeder (04:09)
11. The Eye of Perdition (01:02)

Out of the Mouth of Graves returns with their 2nd full length album “Shrines to Dagon”, lovecraftian death metal from the abyss. Featuring members of Vølus, Nothing is Real and Filtheater. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.

About the Album

Out of the Mouth of Graves is what you would refer to as a dissonant death metal supergroup. Its three members have been part of numerous high-profile acts such Psionic Madness, Acausal Intrusion and Maggot Crown to name just a few.

The trio come together once more to deliver their second album and what is arguably their finest release to date. With each album these rising underground stars release together the quality and cohesion of their work becomes slightly more elevated and polished. However with Shrines to Dagon the improvement from the band’s first album is both substantial and noticeable.

The band have really refined their sound, shifting further away from their sister project Psionic Madness. The technicality on display has improved and yet become more subtle in its complexity. The atmospheric elements have become richer and more enveloping, as the overall sound moves slightly away from the debut’s soupy/swampy quality and towards a more esoteric and otherworldly essence. Most importantly though the production is absolutely stellar, each element really shines in the mix and yet that cavernous, raw quality that initially drew fans in remains just as powerful.

The album offers fans of dissonant death metal eleven tracks of expertly crafted death metal that puts an equal focus on atmosphere, raw aggression and technicality. Each member performs their role to perfection. Jared Moran sounds more powerful and commanding than ever, Nicholas Turner presents us with an endless supply of strange, complex riffage and Jared as always blurs the line between man and machine on the drums.

If you appreciate complex and powerful extreme metal then do not sleep on Shrines to Dagon.

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