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OUT NOW! ‘Endangered Pieces” by THE LAST REIGN

Just Too Darn Loud and It’s Dangerous to go Alone:
Brian Platter – Guitar/Songwriter/Founder
Joe Maggio – Bass
Adam Svensson – Vocals
Vince Mayer – Drums

Flexing their creative muscles, THE LAST REIGN are preparing to unleash a thrilling new album that pushes compositional and heavy boundaries. Endangered Pieces is the eclectic collection of new music, cover tracks, and chip tune reimagining of songs from the debut full length, Expulsion from Paradise

“The Endangered Pieces album is a collecting of our last three EPs including It’s Dangerous to go Alone (2019), Just Too Darn Loud (2021) and Sands of Fate (2022). The latter is a collaboration with vocalist, Jesse Isadore (DESIGN THE VOID). The idea was to release one new original song which will also appear on his debut solo album under the moniker ‘Isadore’ and have each of us choose one cover song. He chose “Good 4 U” by OLIVIA RODRIGO and our pick was “Ravenous” by ARCH ENEMY. Endangered Pieces will also be the first time these EPs are available on physical media.”

Opening with the powerful new original track, “Sands of Fate”, THE LAST REIGN deliver a huge, intense sound. Demonic vocals and raging rhythms are accompanied by melodic leads in a fury of heaviness. Bringing thundering metal instrumentation and a multi-textural vocals performance of aggressive harsh and gloomy spoken parts, “Good 4 U” has received a dramatic transformation. The upbeat energy of the original is metamorphized into intense anguish and high-speed rhythms through the medium of THE LAST REIGN’s ’90s inspired melodic death sound. WHAM!’s “Careless Whisper” opens with serene cleaner guitar tones, and sees a gradual build up of distortion and gutturals. Exploding into ludicrous speed, the iconic riff has been given a vicious overhaul. HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS’s “The Power of Love” takes on a raucous sound with driving guitars and thrashing percussion. Segueing into an array of chip tune tracks, these alternative versions of THE LAST REIGN’s early works showcase their speed and intricacy in a new light. 

THE LAST REIGN have produced an intriguing album in Endangered Pieces. Dragging rock classics and modern pop kicking and screaming into the dark realms of metal, the outfit’s distinctive edge has converted the originals into something unhinged. Chip tune tracks introduce a new perspective take on the band’s music, while the brand new “Sands of Fate” gives an insight into THE LAST REIGN’s future releases.

Track Listing:
1. Sands of Fate (New Original Song)
2. Good 4 U – (OLIVIA RODRIGO Cover)
3. Ravenous – (ARCH ENEMY Cover)
4. Separate Ways – (JOURNEY Cover)
5. Never – (MOVING PICTURES Cover)
6. Careless Whisper – (WHAM! Cover)
7. Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream) – (THE ICICLE WORKS Cover)
8. The Power of Love – (HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS Cover)
9. It’s Dangerous to go Alone – (VIDEO GAME MEDLEY Cover)
10. Final Decree (Insert Coin)
11. Renovatio (Press Start)
12. Sacrilege (Game Over)
13. The Gray Agenda (Continue?)

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