“Rhythms of Destruction: Cattle Decapitation and Fallujah’s Electrifying Brisbane Performance” A Concert Review

Photo by Becky DiGiglio

Written By Tom Alan

It seems like an eternity has passed since Cattle Decapitation graced our shores at The Tivoli in Brisbane on February 13, 2020. In the time that has elapsed, we’ve witnessed a world grappling with afflictions, natural disasters, conflict, and scarcity, and I’m not just referring to their album “Terrasite.” Art indeed imitates life’s trials and tribulations.

Fallujah delivered an exceptionally polished performance, showcasing Kyle Schaefer’s remarkable stage presence, which exuded a natural charisma. A notable departure from conventional band arrangements saw the bassist, Evan Brewer prominently positioned alongside Kyle, a departure from the typical rhythm guitarist placement. This unusual setup allowed for engaging bass solos, demonstrating Evan’s exceptional prowess. The clean vocal elements, while a subject of personal preference within the metal genre, were executed with finesse and artistry.

Cattle Decapitation, in contrast, provided a truly captivating experience. The proficiency of the sound engineering team must be acknowledged, as they successfully replicated the band’s studio sound, lending credence to the bands prowess. The frontman, Travis, displayed an unparalleled showmanship, characterized by his genuine enjoyment and frequent smiles throughout the performance. His unique on-stage antics, such as the unconventional act involving spitting into the air and catching it, along with audience engagement, added an intriguing dimension to the show.

Throughout the evening, Travis expressed his fondness for performing in Australia, emphasizing the enthusiastic response of the audience. The collective chant of “ONE MORE SONG” and the subsequent encore performance of “Kingdom of Tyrants” served as a testament to the crowd’s appreciation. The band’s rendition of tracks like “Scourge of the Offspring” and “Bring Back The Plague” ignited intense moshing, fostering an atmosphere of unbridled fun.

Unlike typical concert experiences for me, fatigue failed to set in as the night progressed. The room pulsated with a palpable positive energy, indicative of the profound connection the Brisbane audience shares with Cattle Decapitation. It’s apparent that the band enjoys widespread adoration, as evidenced by the unanimous passion among metal enthusiasts, who consistently express their unequivocal affection for Cattle Decapitation.


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