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Rob Zombie’s ‘The Munsters’ Premieres Sept. 27 on Digital and Blu-Ray Before Heading to Netflix

Rob Zombie‘s movie reboot of the classic 1960s sitcom “The Munsters” will be made available on Blu-ray/DVD on September 27. You can also purchase your own digital version that same day. The Blu-ray will include lots of bonuses that won’t be available on the version that will come to Netflix the same month, such as over 60 minutes of extra footage with a making-of documentary about the movie’s production.

On Wednesday (July 20), Rob took to social media to clear up rumors that the film was originally going to open in theaters, possibly with a simultaneous release on Peacock, and he shot down reports that “The Munsters” had a $40 million budget.

“How the hell did everyone get the idea that The Munsters cost 40 millions dollars?” Rob wrote. “Fuck, I wish I had that kind of budget.

“To put a little perspective on it all if you add up the budgets of Halloween 2The Lords of Salem313 From Hell and The Munsters all together it wouldn’t even add up to 30 million.

“Also the movie was never going to theaters or Peacock or Paramount. It was always being made for Netflix which is fine since it is the largest of the streaming services. This was done way before I ever got involved in the project. I have no control or say over this type of stuff. This is a Universal deal. But the internet loves to invent rumors which somehow turns to facts so the fans can get all bend out of shape.

Zombie‘s film reboot of “The Munsters”reportedly began filming in May 2021 and will feature Zombie‘s wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, cast as Lily Munster, and Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Munster. The cast will also include Daniel Roebuck co-starring as Grandpa MunsterRichard Brake (“31”, “3 From Hell”) is playing Dr. Henry Augustus WolfgangCatherine Schell (“Space: 1999”, “The Return Of The Pink Panther”) is playing “Zoya Krupp the gypsy queen.” Dee WallaceCassandra “Elvira” Peterson and Jorge Garcia will also star.

Zombie told EW that “The Munsters” is more family-friendly than his previous films.

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