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SludgeDoom Band AZKEN AUZI Signs With Italian Powerhouse Label Argonauta Records. New Self Titled Album Out January 13th!

Hailing from Toulon, France, Sludge Doom force AZKEN AUZI announces the signing with Italian powerhouse label Argonauta Records.

It was in the Spring of 2021 that Ludo, Laurent & Fred decided to explore an even darker and more tormented side to their understanding of music, emerging out of the remnants of MANIAC(death metal) and TOM IS FAT(noisy rock), AZKEN AUZIcombines doom/sludge but also more atmospheric passages.

Rapidly things took form, one composition and concert after another, until it was decided to record a first demo single “I Hate You” which received a very positive feedback.

It was just a matter of time before the band should decide to studio record their first album.

FFO: Electric Wizard, Acid King, Weedeater, Alice In Chains, Sleep, Celtic Frost, Yob, Darkthrone, Monolord, Beherit, Mayhem

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