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Symphonic Metal Wonder BELLE MORTE Release “Exorcism” Ft. Ulziisaikhan Horoldamba Single & Video

Line up
Belle Morte – vocalist, lyric/music author
Sergey Butovsky – bass guitar, arrangements, sound producing
Maria Shumanskaya – keyboards
Ilya Rogovoy – guitars
Ilya Petrashkevich – guitars
Rostislav Golubnichiy – drums

When a piece of music crosses my path that sounds like this, I get chills which some researchers have dubbed ‘skin orgasm’ and excitement builds. Thats when inspiration hits me to write a review. Exorcism is in the category of symphonic metal but its more of an auditory vacation! This song is opulent, and beautifully layered with exquisite Eastern inspired soundscapes.

As the intro begins, the curtain falls and your journey commences. Vibrations from the strings transmit and reverberate in waves producing rich, brilliant tones. The bands stunning rendition of Exorcism shows off their artistic talents in many ways.

Belle’s smooth vocals are the perfect accompaniment for the symphonic excursion into lands far away. She serenades the audience with melancholy and danger. You can hear the melodrama of the lyrics enacted in her vocal performance which is no easy feat.

The unique and skillful instrumentation of a bowed stringed instrument called mornin khuur and subtle khuumei (throat singing) in the backdrop both performed by Ulziisaikhan Khoroldamba are nothing short of next level musicianship. Ulziisaikhan’s much welcomed addition to this composition brings this piece to a melodic climax and quantifies the brilliance with imagination.

Its both exhilarating and impressive when bands experiment with different sounds and constantly reinvent themselves. Belle Morte proves to be a force of nature with all their creative endeavors. I for one cant wait to hear whats next. ~Metal Lair

“Exorcism” continues Belle Morte’s international collaborative series and takes listeners on a journey far East, to the grassy steppe of Mongolia. This single features a traditional Mongolian bowed stringed instrument called mornin khuur and khuumei(throat singing), both performed by Ulziisaikhan Khoroldamba .

Stream/buy “Exorcism” HERE

Download the MP3 HERE (for radios)

Check out the visualizer video here:

Belle Morte is a musical project from Belarus, Minsk, playing dark symphonic metal with a gothic/progressive flavor and melancholic vibe. The debut band’s EP “Game On” was released in 2018. In 2021 the band signed a deal with Italian label Wormholedeath to release their full-length conceptual album “Crime of Passion” inspired by John Fowles’s “The Collector”. Album tells a coherent story that started as an unhealthy obsession and stalking and resulted in murder, both from the side of the murderer and his victim.
Currently, the band is working on a series of songs in collaboration with musicians from different parts of the world. The first single from the series is “Fallen Idol’ featuring Finnish tagelharpa parts by Tero Kalliomäki, the second one, “Krew” features Ukrainian bandura by Yaroslav Dzhus and the third one features Mongolian morin khuur and throat singing performed by Ulziisaikhan Khoroldamba .
The idea behind Belle Morte is playing on contrasts – in music, lyrics, and visual imagery. It’s about seeing its own beauty in disturbing things, ugly things, and, vice versa, seeing the bad side in nice things which might not be that obvious at the first sight.

By Metal Lair

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