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Semi-Rotted Recruit Tim Yeung, Share Animated “Bloodbath” Video Feat. Corpsegrinder



Las Vegas-based metal band Semi-Rotted — which boasts a collective pedigree that also impressively spans multiplatinum chart-topping heavyweights Five Finger Death Punch and Gemini Syndrome and have tallied over five million views and streams independently — have added veteran extreme metal drummer Tim Yeung (Morbid Angel, Divine Heresy, Vital Remains) to their lineup.

Frontman Jeremy Spencer has known Yeung since 2007, when the drummer was a member of Divine Heresy.

“Getting a drummer the caliber of Tim Yeung really allows freedom when creating because you know he’s gonna add the bad ass chops to push the material over the top,” Spencer shares. “There’s nobody I wanted more than Tim, so I thought I’d reach out by chance he might be available and he was! He instantly starting taking the songs to another level when he started drumming on them.”

The band has been hard at work finishing 25 songs.

One result is a breakneck slaughter-fest called “Bloodbath,” which features Corpsegrinder of Cannibal Corpse as a guest vocalist.

Watch the “killer” animated video here.

Spencer says, “Getting to work with a legend like Corpsegrinder is more than a dream come true. He is a lord in the death metal community! One of the true badasses to ever do it and one of my personal favorites.”Like the patient zero who spawns a zombie uprising, Semi-Rotted sink their teeth into a signature style unlike anything else in heavy music. The group walks a fine line between groove, extreme, and death metal, underlining chantable choruses with mind-numbing double bass, neck-snapping guitars, and gut-churning growls. The Las Vegas, NV quartet —Jeremy Spencer [vocals], Shawn McGhee [guitar], Alessandro “AP” Paveri [bass], and Tim Yeung [drums]— boasts a collective pedigree that impressively spans multiplatinum chart-topping heavyweights Five Finger Death Punch, Divine Heresy, Morbid Angel, and Gemini Syndrome. Tallying over 5 million-views & streams independently, the band commences its sensory assault on the 2023 full-length debut, Barrage of Brutality.

“It’s our take on different genres of metal,” notes Jeremy. “We’re such huge fans, and we wanted to do our own spin on various styles together. Some of the arrangements are complex, but it’s also meat and potatoes brutality you can sing along to. First and foremost, it’s always about the song, so we wanted to make it straight to the point. Why can’t you have a chorus in a fucking extreme metal song?”

Semi-Rotted initially roared to life with the 2023 Deader Than Dead EP. Standout “Shotgun Symphony” quickly surpassed 150K Spotify streams followed by “Torture Congregation” [feat. Will Ramos of Lorna Shore] with 106K Spotify streams. In addition to plugs from Loudwire, KNOTFEST, The PRP, and more, Metal Injection hailed it as “fun, solidly done death metal.” When it came time to record what would become their first LP, the musicians opted to expand the sound again by welcoming drum god Tim Yeung behind the kit.

“The one thing missing was badassery on the drums, so we needed Tim,” Jeremy goes on. “We wanted next level shit, and we got one of the best ever. He went the extra mile on everything, which I couldn’t do without him. He just killed it. I’m grateful we’ve got this wicked band.”

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Santa is A Fan of Cannibal Corpse

George Corpsegrinder frontman of the death metal band cannibal Corpse took to his Instagram account to document gets in the Christmas spirit as he poses with Santa. He also donates to charity and gives back to the community.

Fisher previously told Hammer, “I love claw machines. It could be anything in there – it could be a cartoon character that I don’t like – and I’ll get ’em anyway. I save up quarters, and when I win we donate them for kids for Christmas time or whatever.

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George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher Releases New Music Video for “Bottom Dweller”

The new video for “Bottom Dweller” from George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher’s solo act Corpsegriner features an animated version of himself, the video takes place during a zombie apocalypse.

Corpsegrinder’s solo album came out earlier this year

Corpsegrinder, Corpsegrinder

  1. Acid Vat
  2. Bottom Dweller
  3. On Wings of Carnage
  4. All Souls Get Torn
  5. Death Is the Only Key
  6. Crimson Proof
  7. Devourer of Souls
  8. Defined by Your Demise
  9. Master of the Longest Night
  10. Vaguely Human