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US death/thrash force Evil In return with Age Of Immortal Darkness!

Almost exactly a year on from the release of their debut EP, An Ethereal Force BeyondEvil In have returned. This time multi-instrumentalist Charlie Murphy has been joined by drummer and bassist Steffen Banas of No Coffin and together they have carved out six malicious tracks, along with a nerve-shredding intro and haunting outro, that make up the Evil In debut album, Age Of Immortal Darkness!

Age Of Immortal Darkness takes us back to the ravaged earth of An Ethereal Force Beyond, where an infestation of demonic powers has shattered human society and torn our world to pieces. This realm of darkness and pain has been brought to horrific life by flesh-ripping riffs, wild solos like bursts of forked lightning, a relentless drum battery and a harsh, twisted narrating voice. Following in the footsteps of the early thrash and death metal pioneers by bringing their own unique feel, character and sound to their music, Evil In stand apart from the hordes of duplicate bands with their identical approach, interchangeable artwork and standard issue production – they are a reminder of the days when every band brought something different to the table. From the idiosyncratic riffing and raw, blistered sound to the characterful artwork created by Jois Cabe (GravestalkerJaded Black etc), Evil In are a band that walk alone. With songs like the rampaging ‘Merciless Ancient Evil’ and the sinister ‘Demon Grave Robbers’ Evil In will lead you into the shadowed badlands of death/thrash metal.

The new alliance between Murphy and Banas has brought an added dimension of twilight terror to the Evil In sound and opened doorways of potential yet to be explored. All fans of death and thrash, all disciples of the night be ready. This latest chapter in the Evil In story has been unveiled July 29th and you are cordially invited to follow them into the Age Of Immortal Darkness.

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