Final Coil Will Release Their Highly Anticipated Third Album, The World We Inherited, On January 16th

Final Coil Are:
Philip Stiles – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Lead Guitar/Synths | Jola Stiles – Bass Guitar | Richard Awdry – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals/Synths

“Chemtrails,” the latest offering from Final Coil’s new album “The World We Inherited” under Sliptrick Records, stands out as a formidable and weighty composition. Undoubtedly the heaviest track on the album, it showcases a remarkable evolution in Final Coil’s sonic palette. Drawing parallels to Killing Joke, Philip Stiles astutely captures the nuanced influences that shape this powerful piece.

From their earliest roots, Final Coil has been a purveyor of music with substance, seamlessly blending inspired musical imagination with profound lyrical depth. “Chemtrails” exemplifies the band’s ability to craft compositions that resonate with deep wells of thought and emotion. As a sonic edifice, each release from Final Coil serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to musical artistry.

Hailing from Leicester, United Kingdom, Final Coil positions themselves as an alternative, hard rock force. Their new album, “The World We Inherited,” not only delivers the heaviest track in “Chemtrails” but also showcases the band’s versatility and variety. Ideal for both new listeners and longtime fans, the album unveils a rich tapestry of sounds, firmly establishing Final Coil as a band capable of navigating diverse musical landscapes with finesse.

At long last, the concluding, climactic chapter of Final Coil’s magnificent Persistence Trilogy is here. Six years after the story began with debut album Persistence Of Memory, four years since the groundbreaking The World We Left Behind For Others challenged our preconceptions of genre and form, Final Coil have once more reached new heights with every aspect of their uniquely brilliant music. The World We Inherited is a breathtaking affirmation of everything Final Coil have ever stood for – musically, creatively, intellectually – a remarkable conclusion to an exceptional beginning and an enticing gateway to an exciting and unpredictable future.

As it heralds the future for Final Coil, The World We Inherited also gazes into the future of human society, drawing listeners into a dark and frightening world of conspiracy theories, vicious authoritarianism and isolation. Inspired in part by a long, night-time conversation between song writer and lyricist Phil Stiles and Killing Joke’s Jaz Coleman, in part by the dystopian fiction of George Orwell and in part by simple observation of our relentless tumble into collective madness, The World We Inherited is an all-encompassing listening experience.

Speaking about the bleak reflections that run through the new album Phil Stiles said:“We live in an era of unprecedented threat. Flashing headlines, endless conflicts both inter and intra-civilisational in nature, and the swirling voices of social media have coalesced to create a cold and unforgiving world. We heard freedom’s call, but we failed to keep it within our grasp.”

Musically, The World We Inherited is every bit as profound, enthralling and affecting as it is lyrically. The unmistakeable blend of grunge, prog rock and post metal that characterises the Final Coil sound has been sculpted and caressed into even more bewitching and surprising forms. Each song is a beautifully textured, multifaceted gem – exquisitely crafted and emotionally charged. From the grinding power of ‘Chemtrails’, via the aching fragility of ‘By Starlight’, to the sonic splendour of ‘End Of History’, these songs, without exception, represent new peaks in the Final Coil canon and will stay with you for years to come.

Recorded at Parlour Studios with the globally renowned producer Russ Russell (Amorphis, The Wildhearts, Napalm Death etc.), who also mixed and mastered the album, The World We Inherited sounds spectacular. And in keeping with the preceding chapters of the trilogy it comes adorned in the artwork of Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art (Flotsam And Jetsam, Rock Goddess, Mordred, etc). Everything is in place, including a new deal with international label SlipTrick Records, who will release The World We Inherited on January 16th.Be ready for the return of Final Coil!

Track Listing:
1.The World We Inherited
2.Wires 04:26
4.By Starlight
5.The Growing Shadows
6.Stay With Me
8.Out Of Sorts
10.End Of History


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Aeons release their dark metallic take on ‘Gollum’s Song’, from the soundtrack to The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers

Never a band to shy away from a challenge, for their latest release the Isle Of Man’s most exciting musical export – Aeons – have taken on a song that the band themselves describe as “one of the most mournful songs ever written”. ‘Gollum’s Song‘ is taken from the soundtrack to the incredibly popular film, The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers and was written by Howard Shore, with evocative lyrics by Fran Walsh. Performed for the soundtrack by Icelandic singer/song writer Emilíana Torrini as a quietly haunting and sombre lament, Aeons have transformed ‘Gollum’s Song’ into a darkly desolate progressive metal masterpiece, that still retains the original’s sense of aching loneliness and despair. The band have delivered their customary stunning level of individual performance as they pay homage to a piece of music possessed of an incredible emotional power.
Return once more to the world of Middle Earth as the Shadow rises again and explore the complex emotions of one of J.R.R. Tolkien‘s most intriguing and tragic creations…Gollum

“Where once was light
Now darkness falls
Where once was love
Love is no more…”

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The Crawling unleash ‘Thy Nazarene’, the first single from their upcoming album – All Of This For Nothing

After five long years Northern Ireland’s premiere exponents of soul crushing doom/death metal have returned! Today, June 16th, The Crawling present their new single and video – Thy Nazarene! This bitter beast of a track is taken from the band’s third album, All Of This For Nothing, which will be released by Grindscene Records on August 4th. Thy Nazarene is a perfect example of the desolate and devastating sounds to be found on the new album, which is sure to lift The Crawling to new heights.

You can watch the video for Thy Nazarene now at The Crawling YouTube channel:

Pre-sales for All Of This For Nothing have also opened to today, in conjunction with the release of Thy Nazarene, so head to The Crawling Bandcamp page now to secure your copy:

Draped in the cold, despairing artwork of Travis Smith (Death, Nevermore, Opeth etc) All Of This For Nothing will arrive like a frostbitten prophet of doom on August 4th. Prepare yourself for its unforgiving edicts of damnation!Connect with the online presence of The Crawling here
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Ofnus release ‘Fading Dreams’, the second single from their debut album, Time Held Me Grey And Dying

As the inexorable march towards the release of their debut album, Time Held Me Grey And Dying, continues, Ofnus have revealed a second single from its web of haunting melancholy. Fading Dreams is the track chosen to entice you further into the shadows and with its combination of magnificent power and all encompassing sorrow filled atmosphere, your fate will be sealed. Forgo resistance and immerse yourself in Fading Dreams here:

Time Held Me Grey And Dying will be released through Finland’s Naturmacht Productions (Grima, Isegrimm, Olde Throne etc) on June 30th, featuring the nightmarish, visionary artwork of Robert F Pangborn. Blessed with a deep and textured sound that enhances its undeniable stygian majesty, the album was recorded at Woodcraft Audio (Brutality Will Prevail, The Drowning etc) and Necroshroud Studios (Black Pyre, Entität etc). Already word of Time Held Me Grey And Dying’s sorcerous power is spreading…
“This has Album of the Year written all over it.” – METAL TALK
“Fading Dreams…a blackened beast of a track, packed with superb driving riffs and topped with haunting leadwork…” – A CERTAIN TASTE

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Watch The Stunning New Video From THE WOLVES OF AVALON The Shining Company Off Their New Album Y Gododdin

In late November of last year The Wolves Of Avalon released their latest album, Y Gododdin, a thrilling ride acorss the battlefields of ancient Britain. One of the album’s standout tracks is ‘The Shining Company‘, which features guest appearances from Thurios of Drudkh and Nico Millar of Aklash.The band have now released a stunning video to accompany the song, blending band performance with breathtaking images of winter forests and evocations of battle. Step back into the past and join ‘The Shining Company’ here:

The Wolves Of Avalon’s Y Gododdin album is available now from Godreah Records and has been showered with plaudits by the music press…
“… a beautifully tailored composition. Faultless.” – ROCK QUEEN REVIEWS
“… power and intensity but still maintains a sweeping melancholy throughout…” – MOSHVILLE TIMES
“… a true work of art.” – UBER ROCK

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Visceral Explosion – Malevolent Dismemberment Of Entire Putrefacted Gastrointestine South Korean Brutality on Brutal Mind


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The ravens soar across vast landscapes formed from the broken bodies of the tortured. They lie in tumbled heaps, hang from hook and branch with every intimate secret of their inner workings torn out and displayed for all to see, while an impossible flicker of agonised life remains within their hopeless eyes. The Extricators walk amongst them with billhook and blade, silent and diligent in their work, leaving no skin unbroken, no piece of flesh unturned, no vein or vessel hidden from the ravens’ curious gaze. There was no beginning, there will be no ending to the fields of torment, there is only now and always, knee deep in blood forever…

There is no gradual build up, no warning, no introduction to Malevolent Dismemberment Of Entire Putrefacted Gastrointestine, the new EP from South Korea’s Visceral Explosion. The silence is shattered in a sudden eruption of violence that then rages through four tracks of immeasurable savagery, precision dissections and unhinged beatings before it ends just as abruptly, leaving the listener breathless, bloodied and bewildered. From ‘Unanesthetized Hypothalamotomy’ to ‘Asphyxiation by Malignant Neoplasm of Oropharynx’ this is brutal death metal of the most fiercely focussed and unremittingly battering kind. Yet each track is executed with exquisite skill, each one bearing the cruel scars of a wicked, spiralling riff or a heart-stopping rhythmic shift. The drumming courtesy of Kim Yu Jong is staggering throughout and Ryu Gun’s vocal work beyond bestial. Despite the relative brevity of Malevolent Dismemberment… there is so much to hear and appreciate within the furious blood storm, so many cruel twists and malicious nuances to please the ear of the dedicated disciple of death. Quite simply, Visceral Explosion have carved out some of the most effective and decimating brutal death metal you will ever hear.

Following on from their acclaimed Human Meat Distribution Process album of 2022, Malevolent Dismemberment… raises the bar for Visceral Explosion in every way. From the superlative playing and impressive song writing to the recording, mixing and mastering from the band’s own Ryu Gun – a defining exercise in how brutal death metal should sound. Even the EP’s artwork is a statement piece of horror and warped imagination, which was created for the band by Daemorph Art (Aborted Fetus, Avulsed, The Black Dahlia Murder etc). Released through Brutal Mind on January 23rd in digital format, with a physical release to follow, Malevolent Dismemberment of Entire Putrefacted Gastrointestine is an essential release for all fans of extreme, malignant brutality!

Ryu Gun – Vocals/Guitar
Lee Kyeong Won – Bass
Lee Seok Ho – Guitar
Kim Yu Jong – Drums

Genre: Brutal Death Metal
For fans of: Guttural Disease| Beheaded | Unfathomable Ruination | Posthuman Abomination

Further Information:

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HYL present ‘Into The Unknown’, the first single from their forthcoming debut album on Odium Records

Hyl are a new Italian/Polish atmospheric black metal entity featuring the talents of guitarist/bassist Rick Costantino(DeathworkKrigere WolfSchizo etc), vocalist Shadow (Black AltarOfermodKriegsgott) and drummer Krzysztof Klingbein(ex VaderBelphegor live).The band will release the frozen majesty of their debut album, Where Emptiness Is All, this April, through Odium Records. Now they offer up a first taste of the windswept, icy atmosphere that they have captured in their music with first single ‘Into The Unknown‘. A perfect introduction to the inspired sounds of Hyl that will take the listener on an introspective journey that explores the human condition and mankind’s relationship with the natural world, a lyric video for ‘Into The Unknown’ is streaming now at the Odium Records YouTube channel. Enter the world of Hyl here…

The dark sounds of Hyl were captured by Dionysis Dimitrakos(Burial HordesEnshadowed etc) and ex-Marduk bassist Devo Andersson (ProtectorFuneral Mist etc) while both the lyrics and chilling artwork were created by Claudia Sanza of Elysivm Art (Krigere Wolf).

For fans of Ruins Of BeverastVemod and Mgla this will be one of the most eagerly anticipated albums of 2023. Prepare yourself for the cold to come…

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UK Doomlords Elderseer Release Their Momentous Debut Album, Drown In The Shallowness Through Meuse Music Records

On the banks of the serene, silver river and in the shadow of the gnarled and knotted oaks that have borne witness to the passing of centuries. Below the broiling, tumbling clouds that race at the cold wind’s behest across the heavens and on the worn steps of stone that jut from the buttress cliffs, overhanging the assailing seas far below. Wherever my feet touch the earth I feel the threads of life that run back through eternity, connecting my soul to the beginning, binding my heart to the fox, the eagle, the raven and the mouse – every flickering candle of life that burns upon this island with me. They lift my ailing spirit in their claws, hold my head above the waters of grief that seek to drown me…

Since their story began in 2017 England’s Elderseer have infused their momentous, melodic doom metal with a deep rooted love for the natural world and a spiritual connection to ancient pagan beliefs. Their hearts lie far from the tumult and chaos, the greed and blind self-obsession of human society and their music is inspired by the empty spaces where wild nature clings with fading strength to a once beautiful world. Drown In The Shallowness is the band’s debut full-length album, which combines the four outstanding songs from their limited edition 2018 EP, Bind Us As One, with four brand new pieces of epic, majestic melancholy. The songs are bound together seamlessly, united in their atmosphere of sorrow and otherness. Elderseer are a band that stands apart and their songs call out to kindred spirits, offering a path to connections that run deeper than most will ever understand. From the soaring solitude of ‘Gilded Shackles’ to the measured thunder of ‘She Is The Ocean’, the beautiful, searching melodies of ‘This Aesthetic Life’ to the deeply wounded ‘The World Is Your Cloister’, each perfectly, passionately crafted track on Drown In The Shallowness offers up moments of true magic. A creation of substance and value in a world of transience, this is an album that ignites the imagination and offers solace to the aching heart. Now featuring the superlative guitar talents of current Thunderstick and ex-Pagan Altar guitarist Vinny Konrad, Elderseer are ready for the next chapter in their story to begin.

Drown In The Shallowness will be released by renowned Belgian label Meuse Music Records – home to the likes of EvadneHellightOphisSomnent and Rise To The Sky – on February 3rd, complete with evocative cover artwork created by photographer John Cartwright. Be ready to embrace this towering edifice of strength and separation, this cairn of remembrance built of weathered stone. Elderseer stand watch through the setting of the sun, the starlit night and the breaking dawn – bearing witness to all that is lost – and the sights and sounds of their vigil are captured in their songs.

Meuse Music have released a first single from Drown In The Shallowness – the magnificent ‘This Aesthetic Life’ – which can be found now at the Meuse Music bandcamp page

Barry Copestake – Vocals/Guitars
Vinny Konrad – Lead Guitars
Freddie French – Bass
Darren Huckfield – Drums

Genre: Gothic Doom Metal
For fans of: Amorphis | Woods Of Ypres | Anathema | Paradise Lost

Further Information:

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Brutal death metal force Nemesism unleash their world-burning self titled debut EP

Hailing from Las Vegas and featuring band members with experience in the ranks of Guttural Secrete and Cerebral IncubationNemesism are a brand new brutal death metal strike force looking to push the limits of the genre. Combining complex, creative song writing and deft technical dexterity with brain melting extremity and bone shattering power, Nemesism strive to deliver the ultimate in challenging, all consuming brutality. 2023 begins with their first, self titled EP and the bar has already been set for the months to come…

The Nemesism EP comprises five tracks of shocking intensity, beginning with the raging thunder of ‘Mindful Abomination’ and concluding with the devastating detonation of single ‘Delusions Of Morality’. Each element of the band unit plays a vital part in creating the magnificent, malignant maelstrom that is the Nemesism sound – the intricate bass lines that writhe and twist between the juddering earthquake guitar riffs, the stunning drum work that switches between rhythms and tempos in the moment between one breath and the next and the barbaric, primal roars of violence unleashed. Nemesis will drag you, screaming, into a metallic maze of shadows, populated by monsters, from which there is no escape. The nightmare ends when they say it ends…and until then you’ll just have to hang on and hope.The masterful songs that make up this first EP have been given visceral, vivid blood and muscle by the expert recording, mixing and mastering skills of Ryan Wechta (Cerebral Incubation, Guttural Secrete, Invirulant etc) and the artwork which provides the enticing gateway to this realm of madness has been created by Bahrull Marta (AsagraumCentinexIlldisposed etc) – making Nemesism a complete and flawless payload of death. Feed your unending hunger for the extreme on January 31stwhen Nemesism emerge from the darkness, armed with an arsenal of weapons that take the brutal arts to a whole new level.

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Winds Of Tragedy Are Releasing A Haunting New Album Hating Life Through Meuse Music Records and Tragedy Productions

Winds Of Tragedy are releasing a new album, Hating Life. The proprietor of this one man band is a machine. He’s releasing album after album. Apparently he’s taking the philosophy of writing down your pain to release your demons seriously.

The single Living A Lie starts out beautiful, then gets very angry. I interpret the progression change as a musical metaphor for a beautiful lie that suddenly rears its ugly head. The lyrics are riddled with pain.

The music and lyrics were written and performed by Sergio González Catalán. The drums Emidio Alexandre. The mixing and mastering by Filippos Koliopanos. The vocals and instruments were recorded in Sergio’s castle in Santiago,

Winds Of Tragedy are a phenomenal sounding atmospheric blackened depressive doom metal band. If you’re a fan of these genres you’ll love this artist and you must definitely follow up and listen to the rest of his music. Each album is an auditory treat with something different for your listening pleasure. ~Metal Lair 

The restless, tormented creativity of Sergio González Catalán is never silent. 2022 brought us two albums of majestic melancholy from his atmospheric doom/death project Rise To The Sky and an album and an EP of soul-searing depressive black metal from Winds Of Tragedy. With 2023 still crawling from the ashes of its predecessor Sergio is back to drown any futile notions of hope at birth. The most vehement and agonised outpouring of desperate grief to howl forth from the bleeding lips of Winds Of Tragedy, Hating Life is an album to drag the rising sun back below the horizon.

As the days, weeks, months and years pass the black flames of Sergio’s personal mourning seem to burn ever more fiercely. The passing of time brings no relief from pain and his rage and despair at this injustice have been channelled into the fearsome sounds of Hating Life. This album is a stark statement of enduring loss, a viciously intense assault on the emotions – ugly in its agony, beautiful in its honesty. A ragged grandeur, a grey nobility stands astride a raging, uncontrollable torrent of black metal fury. From the caustic ‘Living A Lie’, through the melancholic madness of ‘I Choose To Die’ to the heart shattering conclusion of ‘Remember We Died’, Hating Life is the epitome of atmospheric, depressive black metal at its raw, tear-streaked, bloody best.

With a production, mix and master that grasps the essential heart of the music, courtesy of Filippos Koliopanos (Ocean Of Grief, Rise To The Sky), emotionally charged and powerful drumming courtesy of Emidio Alexandre and bleakly brilliant cover photography from Tatiana Lebedeva, Hating Life is complete in every sense; the perfect representation of the perfect hell of loss. Released on February 17th through Meuse Music Records and Tragedy Productions, Hating Life will cast long, cold shadows over the months to come; this year is doomed before it even begins…

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Track Listing:

1 – Living A Lie
2 – I Choose To Die
3 – Hating Life
4 – No Reason To Go On
5 – Wake Me Up From This Act
6 – Death Love
7 – Remember We Died

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Concrete Age unveil their new ethnic metal masterpiece – Bardo Thodol on January 6th

Formed in the North Caucasus region in 2011 by Ilia Morozovand relocating to London in 2014, Concrete Age have always been a band who follow their own path. By taking the ancient, primal sounds of ethnic music from around the world and blending them with the visceral power of extreme metal they have created songs that engage the heart and the mind and speak to the soul. Over the course of eight studio albums, numerous EPs, singles and live releases, along with stunning live performances with legendary names like MardukVaderHate Eternal and Korpiklaani, Concrete Age have honed their skills and refined their shamanistic magic – all of which has lead to new album Bardo Thodol.

Exploring the teachings of the Tibetan Book Of The Dead and the worlds of wisdom and warning that lie between the states of death and rebirth, Bardo Thodol sees Concrete Age realising all the remarkable potential and ambition that was displayed on their previous releases. The ethnic instruments and influences have become one with the metallic riffs and raw aggression in a perfect symbiosis. The songs flow into each other creating an enthralling journey of staggering depth and scale. Bardo Thodol thrills, bewilders, transports and challenges – an album of true value and substance that stands in awesome opposition to society’s increasing fascination with fripperies and foolishness, its devotion to emptiness and abasement before the altar of the meaningless.

As the New Year dawns Concrete Age will light a fire upon the mountain tops, a blaze that will call out to those who search for truth. A challenge will be proclaimed to all albums that will follow throughout 2023. On January 6th open your mind to the gifts of Concrete Age and embrace the mysteries of Bardo Thodol. Begin the year on a path of discovery.Enter the on-line realm of Concrete Age here
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Odium Records sign the atmospheric black metal entity HYL for a 2023 debut album release!

Italian/Polish atmospheric black metal entity HYL have signed with Odium Records for the early 2023 release of their debut album, Where Emptiness Is All. HYL was summoned into life by Rick Costantino (Deathwork, Krigere Wolf, Schizo etc) and he has been joined vocalist Shadow (Black Altar, Ofermod, Kriegsgott) and drummer Krzysztof Klingbein, known for his live work with Vader, Belphegor and Hate. Where Emptiness Is All radiates a freezing atmosphere as the music takes the listener on an introspective journey that explores the human condition and mankind’s relationship with the natural world. The dark sounds of solitude were captured by Dionysis Dimitrakos (Burial Hordes, Enshadowed etc) and ex-Marduk bassist Devo Andersson (Protector, Lord Vicar, Funeral Mist etc) while both the lyrics and chilling artwork were created by Claudia Sanza of Elysivm Art (Krigere Wolf).

For fans of Ruins Of Beverast, Vemod and Mgla this will be one of the most eagerly anticipated albums of 2023. Prepare yourself for the cold to come…

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