Metal Lair Interviews Travis Everett of Witchgrinder

Tom Wilke of Metal Lair recently had a chat with the Frontman of the Melbourne based Industrial Metal band Witchgrinder, Travis Everett.

During their lively conversation, they delved into an array of captivating subjects, including the band’s current tour, the release of their latest album, “Nothing Stays Buried,” the creative inspiration behind their latest video, “Queen of Sin,” and the fervent debate surrounding the casting choices in the upcoming film “The Crow.” Emotions ran high as they explored differing opinions on the decision to recast Brandon Lee’s iconic role with Bill Skarsgård.

You can watch the full interview here:

Get Your Copy of Nothing Stays Buried Here

1.My Exorcist
2.Dead by Dawn
3.Queen of Sin
4.Upon Cursed Ground
5.Inject The Venom
6.Left for the Rats
7.You Bury Your Own
8.Nothing but Fire

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Music News

PAIN Share New Video “Revolution”

PHOTO CREDIT: Agata Nigrovskaya



Today, PAIN release their brand new song “Revolution.”

Stream “Revolution” here.

Watch the video for “Revolution” here.

Peter Tägtgren comments, “We wrote this song together, me and my son Sebastian. He wrote all the music and I did the lyrics. And it turned out great. We are very proud of this song. The lyrics are about false information on social media and news, and for a normal person, it’s hard to understand what is right and what is wrong.”

PAIN also confirmed their set for Wacken Open Air next year.

PAIN, known for high-energy live performances, are thrilled to announce their “I AM” European/UK Tour. With 17 countries and 33 cities on the itinerary, this tour promises an unforgettable experience for fans throughout Europe and UK. Prepare to be captivated by the raw energy and intensity of PAIN’s performances as they take the stage. Don’t miss out on this epic metal adventure!

PHOTO CREDIT: Alibi Assylkhanov


PAIN is an industrial metal project created by Peter Tägtgren, a Swedish musician, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. If you want to hear this story from him, it would be short and straight to the point: “PAIN was just me f*cking around in the studio, and it grew into becoming a band.”

Started as a one-man project with all the vocals, instruments parts, and production made by one person… Well, it still is, but not only. It also became a prominent touring group that today consists of, apart from Peter, his son Sebastian Tägtgren (drums), Jonathan Olsson (bass), and Sebastian Svalland (guitar).

Nevertheless, a long time ago, in 1997, when the debut album of the project was released, there was nobody but Peter. By this time, he already had four successful albums with HYPOCRISY — and also had some ideas that wouldn’t go with the band’s style.

That’s how the story of PAIN began — the story where eight albums are known and loved for such smashing hits as “End Of The Line,” “Shut Your Mouth,” “Same Old Song,” “Follow Me,” “Coming Home,” and many more. This story also contains strong lyrics, rich arrangements, solid melodies, unflagging energy, killing live shows, and big plans for the future.