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Italy’s MEMBRANCE Unleashes Cannibal Butcher Video “Riva de Biasio” Off New Album “Undead Island” Via Extreme Metal Music

Membrance is:
Davide Lazzarini – Singer, Bass guitar and Keys
Gregorio Di Angilla – Rhythm and Solo Guitar
Giacomo Rusconi – Rhythm and Solo Guitar
Giovanni De Fraja – Drum and Percussions

Italian death metallers Membrance will be releasing their new album “Undead Island” due out June 2023 via Extreme Metal Music, a subsidiary of Rockshots Records.

“Undead Island” is the materialization and the channeling of all the ideas and energies expressed so far by Membrance in a unique and well-defined tangible direction. The band has partly abandoned the death n roll influences to give more space to inject black metal and has limited the progressive digressions to have more direct and compact tracks. The lyrical path of the full length is influenced by everyday life, dealing with themes not only of the band’s personal ones but also sometimes not discussed in metal music in general.

With these premises, the band is absolutely sure that their fans will appreciate this work more than its predecessors, and Membrance is equally sure that with this album they will push messages in equal measure to what they have always pushed mainly with the music.

The band adds:

“We want to offer an experience of deep anger, like being able to identify with an innocent prisoner kicking and screaming behind steel bars. We want to bring to the mind of anyone who listens to us the auspicious lagoon folklore that is fading away and to recall the times of a Serenissima that made us proud of our city but which is now almost forgotten. With this record, we want to convey our frustration and anger in our impotence and make people feel all the strength and energy we still have to fight, scream and cling tooth and nail to what we have left of our memories so as not to lose it permanently.”

Today, the band introduces the first single from the forthcoming “Undead Island”. Entitled “Riva de Biasio”, it’s a bold thrash-death track that tells the story of a kidnapping cannibal butcher.

“We decided to release this single because its crowd reaction was amazing when we played it live. Not even Chef Tony would be happier to promote such a noisy and ergonomic chainsaw!” adds the band.

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Membrance was born in Venice in 2012 from the mind of founding member Davide Lazzarini as a Death Metal and Black Metal crossover project, it wasn’t until 2014 and onwards, after several line-up changes, that the group stabilized in old-school Death Metal with blues/rock n’ roll influences, which was reinforced by the entry of lead guitarist Pietro Battiston.

After an intense period of live activity in the underground and various demo recordings, in 2017 Giovanni De Fraja joined as the drummer and Membrance decided to work more seriously on their own music. They immediately recorded and produced their own debut album “Abyss”, initially released independently it was quickly picked up by the Ukrainian label Envenomed Music.

Thanks to this first release, the group received a fair amount of approval in the Italian and European underground scene, and we’re contacted to play at Metaldays of Tolmin 2018 in Slovenia, along with the Winterdays of Metal of the same year, plus asked to be opening support for various international bands on tour in Italy such as Marduk, Brujeria, and Necrodeath.

These successes pushed the group to collaborate again with Envenomed Music and with the support of Narcoleptica Productions, Membranceproduced their second studio album “Morality’s Collapse”, which was released at the beginning of 2019 with the sound evolution of 16th Cellar Studio in Rome (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hideous Divinity, Hour of Penance), starting a path towards the Swedish old school Death sound “HM2 style”.

However, with the arrival of the Covid pandemic, despite growing approval and greater support for the international live scene such as Entombed A.D., Cripple Bastards, and Benediction, after 5 years of activity, Pietro decided to abandon the group leaving to Gregorio, the rhythmic player who just recently entered the group, the task of replacing him.

Giacomo Rusconi also entered the band as the second guitarist, the group embarked on a path of musical evolution in the following years in which it abandoned the blues influences to embrace a more black metal style and worked on texts in Venetian dialect along with lyrical influences inspired by the lagoon folklore.

During the summer of 2022, the recordings of the third studio work “Undead Island” were concluded with the support of the AudioCore Studio, which further develops the sound path started on the basis of the Swedish HM2 sound.

“Undead Island” is due out June 23, 2023.

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Track Listing:
1. Zombie Massacre – 3:33
2. Spirar nel Caigo – 3:44
3. Spetro Malcontenta – 3:00
4. 1348 – 3:51
5. Marubio – 3:07
6. Armor of Hate – 4:02
7. Riva de Biasio – 3:50
8. Sepolto in Velma – 3:40
9. Stench of Rot – 4:21
10. The Shores Crumble – 3:50
Album Length: 37:03

Album Credits:
Instruments Recorded at Mestre and Campalto (Venezia) during Spring 2022.
Recording of the vocals, Mixed and Mastered at AudioCore Studio in Parma during the Summer of 2022 by Luca “Cocco” Cocconi and Simone “Sygo” Sighinolfi.
Cover Art painted by Francesco Cagali (China on wood)
“Zombie Massacre” Solo by Jack Draven from Ulvedharr
Sample on “Zombie Massacre” from “Zombie 2” (Lucio Fulci, 1979)
Sample on “1348” from “Morte a Venezia” (Luchino Visconti, 1971)

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