COLOURMIND Have Pulled Out The Stops In ‘Perfecting Failure’

ColourMind Are:
Jimmy Watson – Vocals/Guitar Jonny Essiech – Backing Vocals/Guitar
Tristan Chopping -Backing Vocals/Bass
Matt Wenke – Drums

Perth’s ColourMind is set to drop their highly anticipated album, “Perfecting Failure,” in October 2023, and they’ve unveiled their latest track, “Endless.” The band’s music is an explosion of melodious intensity, igniting with colossal riffs and thunderous percussion. The vocals emanate a sound that’s truly captivating. ColourMind’s music is a visceral manifestation of unadulterated authenticity, delving deep into the realm of relentless metal fervency.

Much like the anthems “Trust” and “Fight For My Life,” their latest single, “Endless,” keeps the fires of rock and pop-punk burning brightly within the band’s repertoire.

“Endless” showcases the quartet’s ability to craft yet another irresistibly contagious musical gem. The track boasts the quintessential components of rock, featuring vigorous drumming that resonates with every heartbeat.

This song also carries the unmistakable essence of pop-punk, with lyrics that are both catchy and anthemic, practically begging to be sung and shouted at the top of one’s lungs.

The accompanying video for “Endless” is a whimsical and captivating experience, weaving elements of magic and mystical rituals, ultimately culminating in a riveting live performance by the band. Its sure to entertain!

With each listen, ColourMind’s allure deepens, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s musical consciousness.

Despite the weighty themes explored throughout the album, ColourMind’s music remains infused with an unwavering sense of hope and positivity. The band’s unwavering commitment lies in sharing their profound message and music with the widest possible audience.

Perfecting Failure, the debut album from alternative Aussies ColourMind, has been a long time in the making. Jonny first started writing and composing the songs on the album when he was just a young teenager and the band has been working tirelessly to bring these songs to life in the studio. The album was recorded by Jay Huxtable at Oracle Sound in Perth and is set to be released in October 2023.

The album tackles a range of important themes, including social and political issues that are close to the hearts of the band members. The album’s title, Perfecting Failure, refers to the human race’s tendency to make mistakes and cause destruction, particularly through the actions of corrupt politicians and greedy bankers who prioritize their own interests over the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants.

Despite the heavy themes addressed on the album, ColourMind’s music is infused with hope and positivity. The band’s focus is on sharing their message and music with as many people as possible, and they are excited to get their music heard as well as played on radio stations, reaching a wider audience. With their catchy melodies, powerful lyrics, and energetic performance, ColourMind is sure to make a lasting impact on the pop punk and metal music scenes.

01. Ouroboros
02. Fight For My Life
03. Neglect
04. Perfecting Failure
05. Wish It Was
07. Into The Forest
08. Say Goodbye
09. Friends With Enemies
10. Something To Me
11. Endless
12. Last Words
13. Perfecting Failure (Acoustic)

Perfecting Failure Release Date October 10th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records.

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick

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ENBOR ARNASA’S New Self Titled Thrash, Death Metal Album Out February 14th Via Sliptrick Records

ENBOR ARNASA Shows Thrash And Heavy Influences On His Self-Titled Album

Enbor Arnasa is the self-titled album from the Basque Country heavy metal project. Innocence, the desire not to complicate the listener and a lot of magic imbue the adventure of the album and above all metal. The thrash and heavy influences are obvious, after the many years of contact with these genres. There is also a touch of death metal and rock. Enbor Arnasa’s sensitivity and velocity in the guitar solos are a strong feature in the tracks and very importantly, the songs are sung entirely in the Euskara language. It is an approach to the Basque world, from its nights, its mountains, its forests, its farmhouses…

The album was created during confinement due to the pandemic and recorded, mixed and mastered by the singer and instrumentalist Iñaki Espartza (technician and producer at Geure Gogoa Recording Studio).

This is the first course of, what will be, the following albums by Enbor Arnasa. The sound is defined here. The way is started here!

Track Listing

1. Bihotzez

2. Onarpena

3. Berpiztu

4. Arratsaldetan

5. Eguzki bila

6. Sekula ez dut ahazten

7. Izar hori gara

8. Sortzen

9. Zer moduz

10. Eginahalak

11. Ogi txingar

Enbor Arnasa | Released February 14th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

Enbor Arnasa is:
Iñaki Espartza – Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | On Sliptrick

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Greek metal group ARTIFICIAL SUN Joins Sliptrick

Artificial Sun are:
Kostas Lolis – Vocals | Stamoulakis Bouris – Lead Guitar | Giannis Synodinos – Bass | Kostas Tsifopoulos – Drums

Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records:

Artificial Sun (GR) Groove Metal | Metalcore

Artificial Sun started in Athens, Greece until recently originally being known under the name Trigger. After several line-up changes, as well as changes in their musical style, the band moved to a five piece line-up. With the plethora of musical tastes and backgrounds of each band member, ranging from different genres of metal, they are showing no limitations with their writing ability and style. Artificial Sun manage to create their metal sound through an osmosis of collaborating ideas between each member, that is manifested seamlessly under their own terms.

The group are constantly searching to explore new musical elements to implement in their sound, thus making the experience an expanding journey for the band and for the listener as well. The musical fundamentals of Artificial Sun are diverse elements that lead to the creation of a characteristic and unique sound that can be heard on their long awaited upcoming debut album The Giants Collapse.

Just as the natural Sun gives life to Earth, Artificial Sun gives life to their music!

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick

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MINDLESS HOPE Reveal The Depths Of Our ‘Mental Truancy’

Mindless Hope is:
Matt Grosse – Lead/Rhythm Guitar | Mark David – Vocals | Travis Ebner – Drums | Frank Neill – Bass | Rob Covello – Rhythm/Lead Guitar

US progressive metal group Mindless Hope new album Mental Truancy is released on CD via Sliptrick Records on January 17th, 2023. The group is made up of five unique personalities that bring their eclectic influences to every song. Soaring, multi-part harmonies combined with a driving progressive metal sound, best describes the group.

The band feel the defining message of Mental Truancy is that everyone goes through stuff. We all go through something. Everyone responds differently to those experiences, and some may persevere, and others may succumb. The point is, we all individually go through this emotional rollercoaster of life and may respond differently to similar situations, but we all collectively should be able to have the empathy to relate to each other’s individual experiences.

Mental Truancy was recorded, engineered, mixed, produced, edited and mastered by Matt Grosse and was co-produced by Mark David and Travis Ebner. The album Art is by Brittany Sutherland AKA OpalAcorn.

01. A Bleak Scenario 02. F.Y.I
03. Paradigm
04. Detachments
05. Eugenics
06. Passive Defiance 07. The Blind Bleeding the Blind
08. Infinite Blue
09. Close Proximity
10. Suffer the Pain 11. Void
12. Closing July

Mental Truancy | Released January 17th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick