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Hallowed Be Thy Train

From Ed Force One to Train 666, Iron Maiden does things in grand fashion. IRON MAIDEN played a sold-out concert on its “Legacy Of The Beast” tour in front of 61,867 fans at the football arena Ullevi in Gothenburg, Sweden on July 22. A joint venture between MTRX and Warner m music provided a special event train service for fans from Stockholm to Gothenburg where each of the 244 passengers received a special gift bag filled with limited edition Maiden merch for 244 lucky passengers including an Eddie mask, a special 12-inch vinyl single and the train was decorated inside and out in full Maiden regalia.

Darren Edwards, international product manager at Warner Music explains in a video released by SVT. “Sweden has always been important to Maiden, so we thought they deserved us to go an extra 110 percent, and we wanted to put on an experience and event for their fans,” the whole band flew in early. Steve’s playing football the day before the show, as he often does when he’s in Sweden, Nicko is probably playing golf, so there’s just this special connection. They love Sweden, and they know the fans are really special over here.”

The coolest part? According to Sweden’s Trainspotting Channel on YouTube, the train continues to operate with its new make over as Train 666.

Check out some photos from Train 666 courtesy of Iron Maiden’s official Instagram below.