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The Hu Live At Glastonbury’ Out June 7 Plus Live Video of “Tatar Warrior”

The Hu is a Mongolian folk metal band that blends heavy metal with traditional Mongolian throat singing and instrumentation. The band’s style is called “hunnu rock”, which is inspired by the Xiongnu, an ancient Mongolian tribal confederation.

 THE HU have engaged audiences worldwide with their unique brand of “hunnu rock’ since their formation in 2016. The unparalleled group combine traditional Mongolian throat singing and ancient native instrumentation with contemporary western hard rock. 

THE HU have dominated the charts, including two #1 spots on Billboard’s World Album and Top New Artist Albums charts, sold-out headlining tours across the globe (including Australia, the U.S., Europe and U.K), and appearances at some of the world’s biggest music festivals such as Download, Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Glastonbury

THE HU have announced the digital and CD release of their live album, 
The Hu Live At Glastonbury
, recorded from their groundbreaking performance at the legendary Glastonbury festival in Somerset, U.K. in 2023

Due June 7 via Better Noise MusicThe Hu Live At Glastonbury features 11 songs, including the band’s RIAA Gold-certified hit “Wolf Totem,” which to date has received 98 million video views, as well as popular tracks from their 2019 breakthrough debut The Gereg and its follow-up album Rumble Of Thunder (2022). It also includes the track “Eseerin Vasahina,” which The Hu wrote for EA’s Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game. 

A limited-edition vinyl release of The Hu Live At Glastonbury was released exclusively via Record Store Day (April 20) which included seven songs from the upcoming full-length live album. 

Pre-order/save The Hu Live At Glastonbury
on CD and digitally now at

The Hu have shared the live shot performance video of their marching, chant-inducing single “Tatar Warrior” filmed during their recent U.S. co-headlining tour with British rockers Asking Alexandria

Watch “Tatar Warrior” here

“During our performance at the Glastonbury festival in 2023, the crowds were extra lively and energetic, so in turn we were bursting with energy,” collectively states The Hu. “We are delighted to be sharing that live performance recording with you. Check out the track ‘Tatar Warrior’ that caused a massive crowd surf and got everyone chanting.”

1. Shihi Hutu (Live at Glastonbury) 
2. The Gereg (Live at Glastonbury) 
3. Shoog Shoog (Live at Glastonbury) 
4. Eseerin Vasahina (Live at Glastonbury) 
5. TATAR Warrior (Live at Glastonbury) 
6. Upright Destined Mongol (Live at Glastonbury) 
7. Black Thunder (Live at Glastonbury) 
8. Through The Never (Live at Glastonbury) 
9. Yuve Yuve Yu (Live at Glastonbury)  
10. Wolf Totem (Live at Glastonbury)  
11. This Is Mongol (Live at Glastonbury) 

Here’s some praise from critics of their Glastonbury 2023 performance:

There aren’t many bands causing excitement in the metal world right now that are anything quite like The HUWithin seconds of the band lurching into ‘The Gereg,’ heads across the field are banging, smiles are spreading across faces and it becomes immediately clear that Glasto is set to be the latest territory to fall under the Hu’s spell.” –METAL HAMMER (6/26/23)

This band are powerful…one of the most creative and exciting sets for heavy music lovers in 2023.”
– KERRANG! (6/26/23)

The Hu are an Ulaanbaatar-based eight-piece – some of them in ceremonial dress, some in leather dusters – who play a mixture of modern and traditional instruments, guitars rubbing up against tovshuurp pop horsehead fiddles. Their songs follow suit, resembling Black Album-era Metallica if James Hetfield had more of a penchant for Tuvan throat singing.” – The Guardian (6/25/23) 

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