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The Magic of Sepsiss. An Indie Band Thats Making Their Mark in The Music Scene

The staff at Metal Lair would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Melissa Wolf, front woman of the metal act Sepsiss.

Indie music isn’t just a genre—it’s a movement within the music industry. Indie is short for “independent,” referring to autonomous Independence from big corporate establishments. Indie music originated during the late ’70s as a haven for alternative rock, emerging metal and punk artists to record music and some have been quite successful.

Sepsiss is an independent band that does their own thing, free from the construct of corporate music industry standards. They handle everything in house by employing a large staff that handles pretty much everything in order to function independently. They often take to social media to choose other independent artists to work with. They are creating quite a buzz online. They use live streaming, content creation and product promotion to finance their music.

Sepsiss have amassed a large following and dubbed their fan base swarmies. They book their own shows, film their own videos, do their own press and are producing their own album. They have seemingly cut out the middleman. The band has authentic and original content that generates organic reach on social media. William Savant explained to me that their band is a movement and music revolution meant to empower independent bands and teach them how to become self sufficient in the music industry. “We offer a unique solution for bands to succeed,” says William.

Sepsiss will be hosting Melissa Wolfes birthday party and celebrating the release of their new single, Bleedlines April 14th at Nashua Garden 121 Main Street Nashua NH 03060. They will be sharing the stage with Hero and The Horror and Carpathia.

Their new album Take The World By Swarm is mixed and mastered by award winning producer/engineer/mixer Glen Robinson based in New York City.

Here’s what the band had to say about their upcoming album:

Album 2 is a landmark in development for the band peeling back new personal layers and moments in the music and sharing their passion and determination with their fan fueled mission trajectory.
Take the word by Swarm is a monument of discipline that renews the band’s momentum and techniques, fine tuning their unique approach to sonic possibilities with out abandoning their peer reviewed tradition. Sepsiss continues to break the rules with multi genre skills sets, Razor blade guitars chops and crushing drums. Melissa’s voice and Message is fresh and full of growth, painting broad visual landscapes, exploring her talent and passion that truly reveals the bands true love and value for culture and people.

Birthday Bash For New Englands Fan Favorite Band Sepsiss

Here’s what Melissa Wolfe, vocalist for the band had to say about their up-coming album.

Everything began all the way back in 2010 with one dream; to create a metal band and see how far we could take it. I had looked everywhere for the right people who would share this dream with me. Then finally, I stumbled upon William Savant’s ad on Craigslist. It had seemed that we shared some similar influences, so I gave him a phone call and set up a tryout. After meeting up with him in Manchester, NH, and going over the ropes, we made a pretty solid fit. There was another girl who was supposed to show up for a tryout that same day, and she never showed up. So maybe that helped my odds a bit at the time. Either way, I landed the part. He sent me home with some tracks to listen to, and the next day I came back with some lyrics written. We had a few songs created by the time we started searching for other band members. We were building it piece by piece. Things were starting to look up as we were playing some of our first shows, and then William made it known that he was on the run at the time. The US Marshall’s had caught up with him and found him, landing him in prison for about a year. I was only about 17-years-old at the time, so this actually gave me the time I needed to finish up high school and get things rolling. I went to visit William while he was in prison, and we wrote out a lot of our ideas using nothing but napkins. We went over our stage plots and how it was going to look. We discussed things like our logo and designs, wardrobe, etc. In the meantime, the entire band quit on us. So we waited out the year, and hopped back on the horse as soon as William got out. He would write out a lot of our songs using an acoustic guitar first, before it ever got recorded as a heavy metal track. We practiced a lot this way, just him and I. This allowed me to improve my skills as a vocalist over time, training my ears and learning to hit a note. Let’s face it…we weren’t very good back then.

Now, years later, we finally have the lineup we have always dreamed of. But it took us going through about 29 band members to get here. We finally released our first full-length album in 2020 through pavement entertainment, right in the middle of everything that was going on at the time. We were shelved by our label and we are now working on a second album which we plan on releasing independently. To me, success is what you make it out to be. If you ever think you’ve “made it”, then I guess that’s it for you. I don’t believe there’s ever an end unless you give up. I don’t want to “make it”, because we are constantly learning and growing. For me, there’s always more to learn.

We have ups and downs peaks and valleys Here .. we do think it’s important and entertaining to talk about more than just simplistic or transparent life events . We do want to tell our full story and remain as authentic as possible to encourage others to over come and share there stories and music.

Check Out Sepsiss’s New Song Bleedlines

Sepsiss Online:

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