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With a chorus like scream for me, bleed for me cry for me die for me You know you’re in for a ride.

Wednesday 13’s new video has been released just ahead of spooky season and it does not disappoint. If you’re into visual torture and gore this is for you. Its a sadist’s wet dream. It was filmed and directed by Vicente Cordero (Room 37 – The Mysterious Death of Johnny Thunders) a feature film director, music video director and editor who showcases his artistic talents very well.

The video begins in a secluded building that has malevolent dungeon vibes. It’s occupied by 2 victim’s being simultaneously seduced and brutally tortured by the deranged cast of Wednesday 13, while crying and begging for their lives, the camera pans down to a tray of surgical tools gleaming in a sickly red glow reminiscent of an episode of Dexter all for your viewing pleasure with a side of seriously tasty metal. If you’re a fan of horror and heavy music this will satiate your appetite.

Following up on the album’s addictive first single, “You’re so Hideous”, today, WEDNESDAY 13 has revealed what is likely one of, if not the heaviest track of his career, entitled “Insides Out”. The gory track – accompanied today by an equally gruesome video – boasts a colossal main riff before roaring with a searing chorus featuring slithering vocals and hair-raising guitar effects.

WEDNESDAY 13 says about “Insides Out” “Our latest single ‘Insides Out’ is a very heavy song, so it only made sense to make a video to match the sound! Torture and violence is the main theme of this song, and we continue along the lines of the last music video with another horror movie theme here too.”

Wednesday 13 states: “The last three releases have seen the band explore new ground with heavier songs, drums, and vocals. Coming out of the COVID crisis, I promised I would not release a sad, depressing record. I wanted to make a fun, horror themed rock record that would be reminiscent of the first few WEDNESDAY 13 records. The new album is a fun, fast-paced, thriller!”


Album art by Jonny Bush

“Horrifier” track listing:

01. Severed
02. Insides Out
03. Exhume And Devour
04. You’re So Hideous
05. Good Day To Be A Bad Guy
06. Return To Haddonfield
07. Horrifier
08. Hell Is Coming
09. Halfway To The Grave
10. Christine: Fury In The Night
11. The Other Side

Watch it now!:

Tour Dates:

10 – Ft Smith, AR – Temple Live/sphinx Club
11 – St Louis, MO – Red Flag
13 – Indianapolis, IN – Emerson Theater
14 – Cincinatti, OH – Riverfront Live
16 – Charlotte, NC – Amos Southend
17 – Knoxville, TN – The Concourse
18 – Greenville, SC – Radio Room
20 – Richmond, VA – Canal Club
21 – Virginia Beach, VA – Elevation 27
22 – Baltimore, MD – Soundstage
23 – Teaneck, NJ – Debonair Music Hall
24 – Mechanicsburg, PA – Lovedrafts
25 – Stroudburg, PA – Sherman Lite
26 – Philadelphia, PA – Milkboy
29 – Atlantic City, NJ – Bourne
30 – Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Meadows

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