An Interview With Polands Masked Anti religious Crusaders HOSTIA

Hostia means “host” in Polish

Hailing from Warsaw, Masovia Poland, Hostia is a Death Metal/Grindcore trio that was established in 2017. Hostia are a band thats lyrical themes are anti-religious and anti-Christian. They sing about war and dull social constructs. Who are Hostia really? They are a band that goes by the names of dead popes. A band that veils their identity so people focus on their music. They are also a band that writes music thats somewhat controversial but extremely honest. They keep it real. The music is in the arena of extreme metal. They are inventive, creative and enjoy making music for the masses. Read further to learn more about Hostia in our interview.

METAL LAIR: Tell everyone that isn’t familiar with your music about the band, how did you all meet, what made you guys decide to form a band together.

St.Anacletus: Mission from Satan to play the most brutal music we can and dominate the world! With no doubt, Hostia is a new quality on the metal scene. A fresh look at playing the mix between grindcore and death metal, with brutality, precision, heavyness, and a reasonable dose of catchy grooves

METAL LAIR: Lets talk about your music. Who or what inspired you all to write it?

St.Anacletus: The sect of christian church is never ending inspiration! However the are a lot of fucked up things going on around us so playing music was and is the great safety button for me – to keep myself sane (laugh).

METAL LAIR: What was the deciding catalysts that made you guys want to work together and form a band?

St.Anacletus: Oh we’ve never decided we want to create music for living, in fact we all do other things for living that gives us great freedom to do only what feels right with Hostia.

METAL LAIR: How many different instruments does everyone play?

St.Evaristus drums and guns, St.Xyxtus bass and some guitar, St.Sixtus his throat and some drums, and myself guitar and some bass. And I guess all guitar kind of stuff.

METAL LAIR: What is your creative process? Who writes the lyrics? Where do you draw your inspiration from and who writes the music?

St.Anacletus: I used to collect ideas and record them as demos at home with programmed drums. Then I show them to the rest of the band and we pick the ones everybody is happy with and work on them together in rehearsals. Then St.Sixtus worked on vocal lines and lyrics. However some lyric ideas or titles can be earlier.

METAL LAIR: What is everyones favorite bands?

St.Anacletus: Oh that’s way too many to count here. Great bands like Megadeth, Paradise Lost or polish Acid Drinkers. For sure we are metal, hardcore, punk fans, but I guess all of us listen a lot of other music as well.

METAL LAIR: Who created the album art?

St.Anacletus: From day one – all Hostia designs are made by Łukasz “Pachu” Pach – Pachu

METAL LAIR: Can you describe the metal scene in Poland?

St.Anacletus: There are so many great bands to count, so I hope no one will hang me if I mention only couple like Antigama, Hate, Terrordome, Mentor, Frontside, Trup, Masachist, Distruster, Grieving, cause I guess you already know Vader, Behemoth and Decapitated (laughs)

METAL LAIR: In my research of the band there’s something about the band hiding their identity and wearing masks on stage. Can you ask the band to explain why they use this approach?

St.Anacletus: The idea was to make people focus on our music. Our identities aren’t important in that case. When we recorded the first album and we had the cover art with two dead popes – it became obvious that showing us does not fit. So we took the names from other dead popes and it stayed that way. But – actually – we don’t play covered onstage. Sometimes only for entering the stage but that’s all. So we are not too orthodox about it but still – just go listen to the music, enjoy the cover arts, no need for our faces.

METAL LAIR: Whats in the future for the band?

St.Anacletus: We have some great festivals coming, and hopefully there will be more live shows in front of us!

METAL LAIR: Do you have any last words for your fans?

St.Anacletus: Take Hostia to your hearts and burn with us in hell!

HOSTIA just released their album “Nailed” via Deformeathing Production Records (which is also home to a handful of known Polish acts such as Christ Agony) and the band is making quite a lot of waves in their home country and beyond – with one of the vinyl versions of the new album selling out ahead of release day. Their recurring themes are religion, establishment and the boring status quo.

Track Listing:

1. Ceremony 01:47
2. Stone In The Throat 01:26
3. Religion Of Love 01:21
4. Nailed 01:19
5. The Return Of The Living Dead 01:34
6. Little Priests 01:21
7. Dad’s Stew For Two 01:22
8. Afterlie 01:47
9. Fake It 01:22
10. The Vampire Of Barcelona 02:03
11. Polish Black Metal Makes Me Sleepy 01:37
12. Siberian Werewolf 01:46
13. Sister Bernadette 01:24
14. Zajebię Cię 01:46
15. Poison Leader

Music by St. Anacletus & Hostia
Lyrics by St. Sixtus except “Poison Leader” by St. Anacletus

Recorded at by Paweł “Janos” Grabowski.
Mix: Haldor Grunberg “Satanic Audio”

Artwork & design: Łukasz ‘Pachu’ Pach

Hostia Online:

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