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American Airlines Loses $20,000 of Nekrogoblikon Gear, Offers Luggage As Compensation

Have you noticed the current state of air travel? It’s quite a frustrating experience, isn’t it? You invest a significant amount of money to reach your destination, only to have inexperienced individuals mishandle your belongings, resulting in either loss or damage. What’s even more exasperating is the airline’s minimal acceptance of responsibility for their negligence. This very scenario unfolded recently for the renowned goblin metal band known as Nekrogoblikon when they embarked on their journey to kick off their midwest tour.

According to the band, their flight with American Airlines led to the destruction or disappearance of musical equipment valued at over $20,000. In the digital era, dissatisfied customers often resort to airing their grievances on platforms like Twitter, and Nekrogoblikon followed suit by publicly criticizing the airline. They directed the entirety of the blame towards the individuals responsible for mishandling their equipment.

Let’s hope that Nekrogoblikon receives adequate compensation for their losses and that the airline, a massively wealthy corporation benefiting from government subsidies, takes appropriate measures to make things right. It’s only fair that they fulfill their obligations to rectify this situation.

The band wrote on social media:

“Thanks American Airlines for damaging and losing over 20K of our gear! Let’s hope we can still play our shows this week you negligent pieces of shit.”

The group then shared their interaction with the company, who initially replied with message saying:

“Goodness, we’re sorry to hear this. Please send a DM our way with your trip info and more details on this.”

After messaging the airline as per their original request, the group anyway didn’t find any help, going against a standardized reply that directed them towards another department for assistance.

Later, Nekrogoblikon updated their fans with the pathetic offer for compensation that the airline had given them:

“So after we filed a proper claim for the damaging of THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of our gear, American Airlines has offered to compensate us with…free luggage bags? Go fuck yourselves”

You can find the full exchange below:

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