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Black Metal Italian Duo AD OMEGA’S “Aphelia Ascent” Out Feb 10th 2023 Via Drakkar Productions

The second AD OMEGA full-lenght. “Aphelic Ascent” is centered on concepts related to anticosmic satanist linked to Chaos-Gnosticism; the escatological end of times within western and eastern traditions (Pralaya); the thought of Nitzsche, Frank Giano Ripel and Austian Osman Spare.

“Aphelic Ascent” encloses eight ritualistic hymns, whose aim is to reconnect with the most destructive and instinctional energies so to enforce the deification of the self, as well as to ascend to states of consciousness beyond all laws.

Track Listing:

1) Dysangelium
2) Profane Mystic Crown
3) Solvet Cosmos In Favilla
4) Aphelion (interlude)
5) Stellar Heritage
6) The Bitterest Heart
7) Triumph Of Void
8) Cosmic Demise

Durata totale: 43:38

Digipak CD
Limitato 300 copie

Violent, obscure and triumphant: “Aphelic Ascent” it’s the manifesto of what the band has been able to develop throught the years: and extremist and dissonant Black Metal, well balanced by wide dilated and sulphurous passages that reveal industrial-ambient suggestions.

FFO: Svartidauði, Deathspell Omega, Akhlys, Misþyrming, Funeral Mist, Emperor.

A dynamic and mazy style with a strong chaotic element;
Sinister and anticosmic lyrics;
Available on ODIUM NOSTRUM (YouTube) on February 10th 2023
Released by DRAKKAR PRODUCTIONS (Watain, Deathspell Omega)

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