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BLOODBATH Release New Video “Putrefying Corpse” feat. Barney Greenway of Napalm Death!

The international death metal supergroup BLOODBATH have released a new video for the track Putrefying Corpse off their latest album via Napalm Records: “Survival of the Sickest” featuring Barney Greenway from NAPALM DEATH. The new album does not disappoint and as one fan posted on their social media page describing the track Putrefying Corpse, “I wish my wife was as filthy as some of the riffs in this song”.

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Track listing:

01. Zombie Inferno
02. Putrefying Corpse
03. Dead Parade
04. Malignant Maggot Therapy
05. Carved
06. Born Infernal
07. To Die
08. Affliction of Extinction
09. Tales of Melting Flesh
10. Environcide
11. No God Before Me

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