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Brazil’s AS THE PALACES BURN “Into Emotions w/ New Music Video Off New Album “Drowning Into Shadows” Out Oct 2023 Via Rockshots Records

In the dynamic landscape of Brazilian heavy metal, the band “As The Palaces Burn” has carved a distinctive niche with their balanced fusion of aggression and technical finesse. Drawing from a diverse spectrum of influences encompassing traditional Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, and nuanced hints of Progressive and Modern Metal, the band’s sonic identity is as diverse as it is powerful.

Signing with Rockshots Records, the band is presenting their new album“Drowning Into Shadows” to follow their EPs “Offer To The Gods” (2022), “All the Evil” (2020), and 2019 debut full-length “End’evour”. Those releases pushed forward the band’s growing recognition in their home country along with earning them nominations from Roadie Crew Magazine’s “Best of the Year” awards in both 2019 and 2020.

The band’s new offering “Drowning Into Shadows” features their lead single “Into Emotions” to set the tone for the epic 9-track modern metal album that encapsulates their journey and growth.

“Immerse yourself in the chaos of ‘Into Emotions,’ where life’s cycle converges with relentless circles. As the symphony climaxes, a world veiled by deception and enmity unravels, daring you to stand resolute against the fall. This metal masterpiece beckons As The Palaces Burn fans to witness its raw energy, culminating in an electrifying video that mirrors the music’s intensity. Engulfed by shadows, yet emerging stronger, the song’s journey is a testament to perseverance against despair, echoing on and on, an unyielding tribute to resilience.” adds guitarist Diego Bittencourt.

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“Drowning Into Shadows” is a mesmerizing second full-length that will be a blazing odyssey through a sonic realm of pure metal mastery. With production helmed by Adair Daufembach and co-produced by Gilson Naspolini at IMGN Studios in Brazil, and then masterfully mixed and mastered by Adair Daufembach at Daufembach Studios in the heart of Los Angeles, the album’s sound is an intoxicating brew of power and precision.

Under the musical visionary and guitarist Diego Bittencourt’s guidance, who crafted all the music and lyrics with a fierce passion, the album emerges as a testament to the band’s indomitable spirit. Alyson Garcia’s vocals pierce through the melodies like a sonic battlecry, while André Schneider’s bass sets the foundation for the musical onslaught. Diego Bittencourt, also lending his commanding vocals, showcases his prowess on guitars that ignite the soul of the album, while Gilson Naspolini’s drums provide the heart-pounding pulse that propels the tracks into pure metal euphoria.

The highlights are “For The Weak”, “Into Emotions” and the last single, “Obbey”. The album is also graced by the captivating track “Some Of Them Died”, a tribute to metal legends that have left an indelible mark on the genre’s landscape. The song is a homage to icons like Children Of Bodom, Nevermore, Dio, Van Halen, Rush, Pantera, Slayer, Death, and Depeche Mode, woven into the very fabric of As The Palaces Burn‘s essence.

The album’s intense artwork by Carlos Fides and the band’s own captivating photo by Eduardo Köenig serve as visual preludes to the sonic journey within. “Drowning Into Shadows” beckons all metal enthusiasts to immerse themselves in its relentless rhythms, soaring melodies, and an unrelenting spirit that resonates through each note. As The Palaces Burn has undoubtedly crafted a masterpiece that stands as a shining testament to the might of heavy metal.

With their music resonating across digital platforms, As The Palaces Burnbeckons fans of diverse metal flavors to experience their unique fusion. As they continue to evolve and make their mark on the Brazilian metal scene, their story unfolds with a promising horizon ahead.

Mandatory listening for fans of In Flames, Soilwork, Avatar, and Evergrey, As The Palaces Burn’s new album “Drowning Into Shadows” due out on October 31st, 2023 via Rockshots Records is available for pre-order at and digital pre-save –

Track Listing:
1. Lord Underrated – 3:49
2. The Hive – 3:28
3. Obey – 3:57
4. As Deep As A River – 4:13
5. Into Emotions – 3:49
6. For The Weak – 4:11
7. Last Ride – 3:44
8. As The Palaces Burn – 2:57
9. Some of Them Died – 8:38
Album Length: 38:51

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